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[Copied out of Aria's baby book in an effort to bridge a ~4-month posting gap.]

November 28 was Daddy's 46th birthday, and we went out to Kelsey's Steak House in Valpo with Grandma Elsie and [cousin] Jacob for dinner. Aria's first Chanukah was December 7-14 (the nights of the 6th-13th). Grandma Bobbie sent her a "My First Hanukkah" bib and onesie, plus a black-and-white stripey dress and pretty socks. On December 24th [since Mommy had off work] we drove out to Plainfield, IL (about an hour away) to have Christmas Eve dinner with Mommy's cousin Tracy and her family. Everyone was so excited to meet Aria and said how adorable and quiet and attentive she was! And Friday, Dec. 25th was Aria's first Christmas. We watched Star Wars (baby's first), and then on the 26th The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi [in preparation for seeing The Force Awakens the next night].

Aria at 5 months is able to sit up (supported) in the high chair for short periods of time, but she's much better at "standing" in her little car or bouncer chair. She is starting to take an interest in the dogs and cats and will reach to pet them -- then grab their fur and pull! She pulls our hair too, and will clutch the skin on your neck and dig her little nails in -- not fun. She's starting to laugh [really more like crowing] when she sees one of us come in the room, or when we play "Where's Aria?" with the blanket -- that IS fun!

Date: Friday, January 1st, 2016 01:33 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like everybody's doing well!

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