18 months!

Thursday, February 9th, 2017 07:15 am
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A year and a half! It's already mindboggling that two years ago I was pregnant and one year ago we already had a sturdy infant in place of a tiny newborn.

Pediatrician says: height 33" (85th %ile), weight 24lb 14oz (60th %ile), head circumference 90th %ile. Everything looks good.

We are finally seeing that first real blossoming of vocabulary. A couple weeks ago she started being able to say "eye" and "ear" and "hehhhh" (head and/or hair, not clear) and "mouf" and sometimes "nose" (complete with pretend sneezes: "Choo!"). Suddenly she says "boo!" (blue) and "poopa" (purple -- although right now all colors are one of those two), and "circle" and "star" and "heart". And "shirt" and "pants", and tries to pull on her own pants. I think she's even learned the difference between "shoe" and "boot". It's unreal.

More importantly, she's not just naming things, she's able to ask for things. Even when they're not visible, she will ask for "cheese" and "otch! otch!" (orange, which has edged out banana as the go-to) and "cookie" (by which she means Town House crackers). When I pick her up to leave her room, she can wail "Baby!" or "Guck!" and I know to go back in so she can grab her baby doll (new present from Grandma Elsie) or her favorite cup off the floor. When she wants to watch Elmo videos on YouTube, she says "La la la la?" (that's the distinctive theme song, for the uninitiated)... and lately I've been showing her Peppa Pig, so she will see those thumbnails and make her oinking/snorting noise and say "Papapa".

Oh yeah, she can make animal noises on cue -- and unprompted when she sees pictures -- for cow and piggy and kitty and doggy and monkey, which is the CUTEST. I have seen other toddlers demonstrate this skill and it seemed like a weirdly random thing for them to learn, but no, it's standard toddler curriculum, apparently. Last week I turned up the box of four Boynton board books that had gone missing, and it magically contains all the things that she is suddenly taking the most interest in: Moo, Baa, La La La (animal noises), Blue Hat Green Hat (colors and clothes), and Doggies (counting and barking), as well as A to Z (animals and letters, only slightly less captivating).

She hasn't quite nailed the distinction between "No" and "Okay" (she will continue to whine "No!" while she's reaching and panting for something), but we're getting there. :-)

We haven't brought in a potty chair yet, but she is super interested in watching the "Elmo's Potty Time" video. God help me, I never realized there were whole half-hour segments earnestly addressing the toileting habits of little Muppets. But I get it now. Mercifully, it's all talking and no demonstrating. :-} I have no idea how much of the language is actually transmitting meaning into her brain.

We really ought to take more video of her at this stage, but it's hard because when I bring in the iPad -- or even the regular camera -- she immediately grabs for it and wails if you hold it out of her reach.

I feel like there were some other developmental things I meant to note, but I can't think of them. She can drink water from an open cup now, when she wants to; but I only give her an ounce at a time because (a) she has trouble regulating how much to tip into her mouth without choking herself, and (b) most of the time she's more interested anyway in dumping out the water and smearing it around her tray, and/or piling bits of her food into the cup. Apparently she's our little raccoon.
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