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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 12:11 am
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Potty training! I ordered a potty chair at the beginning of March, unboxed it and set it up in the big bathroom. That night, before bathtime, I coaxed her to sit on it. And she peed in it right away! The next night she did it again... but the night after that, and most nights since, she hasn't really been interested. She's either too cranky (mad about having to transition from whatever we were doing previously), or too active (wants to play and prance around the bathroom and climb up on Mama). But just the other night she sat down properly and did it again in front of Dada, who was very impressed. :-) As I said to my mom, at least she's getting the idea and gets what it's for. Anytime we go in to do a diaper change, especially if the diaper isn't terribly wet, I'll ask her "Do you want to sit on the potty?" and usually she'll respond "Potty? Potty?" even if she then resists actually sitting down for more than 2 seconds. Sometimes she even wants to sit on Mama's big potty -- which I am told is what I always found more interesting when I was this age, too.

So, yeah, we are hearing more vocabulary all the time. "Hi Mama! More hotdogs please! Thank you Mama!" OMG you could die from the cuteness. She is putting two and even three words together more often. Last night at dinner we brought her some juice and she said, with some effort, "Ap-ple juice!" and looked sort of surprised and pleased with herself. I've definitely heard "Where cups go?" when she's looking for her set of stacking cups; whereas if I ask her the same question, I hear something that sounds suspiciously like "I dunno, Mama!"

Her attachment to her favorite toys (bunny, baby, sometimes piggy) seems to be spiking at odd moments recently. She's always had a preference for the bunny, but we usually try to get her to leave it in the crib instead of bringing it downstairs so it doesn't go wandering around the house. Half the time nowadays, when you suggest putting it back in the crib, she wails and clings to it. This also happens at bedtime -- just when I think she's settling down, she suddenly whines "Bunny!" and I have to find where Bunny's gotten squashed underneath her, and then when she's got Bunny she asks plaintively for "Baby!" and then "Blankie!". Maybe a stalling tactic, but her distress seems genuine.

March 11-12 was Purim and she reprised her R2-D2 costume from Halloween. Adorable. Next year I expect she'll actually have ideas of her own about what to dress up as, which will be fascinating.

On March 18 there was a "donor appreciation event" at the Jewish Federation (I sent them $36 at the end of the year so I guess that bought us entrance to the big leagues?). We normally don't make it over to events like that, but the invitation prominently said "Free childcare available on request" so [livejournal.com profile] etrace said "We're DEFINITELY going to that one!" The Federation building (which actually shares a parking lot with our synagogue) also houses the area Jewish preschool, and that's where the event childcare was held, staffed by 8 or 9 teenagers from the congregation. (So it was nice to get a peek at the facility, whether or not we're ever going to swing enrolling her over there.) Aria was probably the littlest one there, but her best buddy Danielle, age 3, was there too, and they seemed in good hands. We only expected to stay about an hour and a half anyway, since we didn't get there til about 7:20. [livejournal.com profile] etrace went to peek at her a little after 8, and she was engrossed in the dress-up corner and didn't even see him. When we decided to bail out and go retrieve her, about 8:45pm, she turned up with a tearstained face and the teenager tending her said "I swear this just started! She was totally fine until 2 minutes ago!" So now we know we have a window of about 1 hour 20 minutes. :-)

And this past Sunday, March 26, I took Aria into Chicago again to meet up with my friend Amy, whom I haven't seen probably since she was living in NYC in the early 2000s. She's been in Chicago for over 10 years and this is the first time we've managed to get together since my moving back here. We had brunch at a delightful little Mexican cafe in Lincoln Square (I haven't had cafe de olla since my last visit to Tu Y Yo and it made me oh so very happy), and then took Aria to the playground at Welles Park where she was very adventurous and went down all the big-girl slides.
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