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I would have liked to make this two separate entries, but don't really have time to split them out, so here it is all intermingled, gentle readers.

Obviously the biggest thing that happened in Aria's life this month was losing her Grandma Elsie on April 2, which sadly she won't even remember. But the second biggest thing was her first plane trip, to California to visit her other grandma, April 22-28. Her 21-month birthday was Grandma Bobbie's 74th birthday, April 26.

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While we were in CA, we measured her at 33" and 26 pounds. (Edited to add: Checking back entries suggests that this is the same height the pediatrician measured at 18 months, which seems unlikely, with a 1lb weight gain, which is plausible. Next official measurements aren't until her 2yr visit in July.)

20 months

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 12:11 am
chanaleh: Mama with Aria, age 18 months (aria-18mos)
Potty training! You've been warned. )

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19 months!

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 11:36 pm
chanaleh: Mama with Aria, age 18 months (aria-18mos)
[backdated a bit out of shame]

Look, a new userpic!!

I forgot to note last month that she was just starting to grow out of all the 18-month size clothes, right on schedule. Read more... )

18 months!

Thursday, February 9th, 2017 07:15 am
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A year and a half! It's already mindboggling that two years ago I was pregnant and one year ago we already had a sturdy infant in place of a tiny newborn.

Pediatrician says: height 33" (85th %ile), weight 24lb 14oz (60th %ile), head circumference 90th %ile. Everything looks good.

We are finally seeing that first real blossoming of vocabulary. food, clothes, shapes, and the requisite animal noises )

We really ought to take more video of her at this stage, but it's hard because when I bring in the iPad -- or even the regular camera -- she immediately grabs for it and wails if you hold it out of her reach.

I feel like there were some other developmental things I meant to note, but I can't think of them. She can drink water from an open cup now, when she wants to; but I only give her an ounce at a time because (a) she has trouble regulating how much to tip into her mouth without choking herself, and (b) most of the time she's more interested anyway in dumping out the water and smearing it around her tray, and/or piling bits of her food into the cup. Apparently she's our little raccoon.
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We celebrated Aria's 17-month birthday on Dec. 26 by... getting a babysitter and going to the matinee of Rogue One without her. X-) Oh well! She freaked out for a few minutes when we both went to her room at the same time with our coats on to say goodbye (rookie mistake) but did fine after we left.

Toddler progress report )

She's just about 32" tall now. Still holding to 85%ile height and 65%ile weight. Next update will probably be after her 18-month pediatrician appointment, which is not until Feb 2.
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Aria turned 16 months yesterday!

New words: Besides "Hi!" and "Bye!", "baw" (ball) and "baba" (banana), she now sometimes says "haaa" (hat), "cah" (car), "kaka" (cracker), and "Tsuts" (Church, the cat). In the last day or two we suddenly started hearing "Uh-oh!" and "Go-ga" (Coco, Grandma's goofball German shepherd who lives downstairs but bursts in up here all the time).

New skills: Besides getting better with the fork and spoon, she suddenly resists having any grooming tools used on her -- comb, toothbrush, nail clippers -- because she wants to grab them and "do" everything herself!

I am way behind on pictures, but maybe I'll try to download some stuff off the camera this afternoon.

Fifteen months old

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 09:17 am
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I've backed off the monthly updates because Aria's baby book only has month-by-month pages for the first year! but I really should try to keep some notes here.

We now have a toddler rather than an infant )

Of course, now that I'm writing, there are a hundred things that I want to note. I need to make shorter and more frequent entries. :-}

Tisha B'Av

Sunday, August 14th, 2016 01:23 pm
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The 10th of Av is Aria's Hebrew birthday. Last year, like this year, it was the observed date of the fast of Tisha B'Av since the actual 9th of Av fell on Shabbat. Last year I missed the candlelight reading of Eicha because I was at the hospital in hour 17 or so of "early" labor. (I was reliving my own version of Lamentations though.) Last night I missed it because it was competing with baby bathtime/bedtime and I just couldn't face the logistics of driving 40 minutes each way to shul and back. But it's still on my mind.

I'm not fasting, either, to be honest. I thought about trying, but my brain is so foggy already these days that I just can't face spending a day in the fasting zone. I need to be able to do things.

Wishing a meaningful fast to those who are observing, though.
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Right after Aria turned 11 months old, Dada was diagnosed with a slipped disc, and instructed to rest and not lift anything heavy (such as a 20-lb baby) -- so month 12 has been all about new babysitters for the afternoons. Grandma Bobbie and Uncle Rick came to visit from California for Aria's birthday, so we had a nice 4-day visit. We also started looking at toddler programs at the nearby Montessori schools, but haven't decided on one yet (Aria will be able to start in January at 18 months).

Aria is on the verge of saying actual words, but not quite yet. We are hearing more and more wordlike sounds like "haaa" for "Hi", "dah" for "dog", "shi" for shoe; they tend to appear in the right context, but still not really directly attached to their referents. She loves to walk everywhere and, suddenly, climb -- she can climb all the way up a flight of steps (though not go down yet) and all the way up the 2-step stepladder -- all with a spotter, of course. She likes to stand on her bedroom windowsill (with help!) and look out at the front yard. She has been excited to learn how the tub stopper works and likes to let out the water during her bath, then put the stopper back in! She likes to play with Dada's tablet and smartphone -- Mama's iPad less so, but it will do. (She does get excited when the Skype ringing noise starts to play.) We've started showing her "Elmo's World" in addition to the usual videos of herself; that show is like baby crack*. She waves bye-bye pretty well now, and has started spontaneously clapping her hands when she is pleased with something (like yummy food or climbing the stairs).

*I had seen a few "Elmo's World" episodes before, so I was familiar with the format. However, I never understood the seemingly random and pointless "Ask a Baby" segment. Now that I have watched it with Aria, I grasp that it is there as pure fanservice. :-)
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Shortly after she passed 10 months, Aria suddenly transitioned from "take 2 steps and fall" to "walking all the way across the patio"! so month 11 has mostly been about toddling around. Now that she is hands-free, she likes to pick up one thing in each hand -- two shoes, two books -- and walk around the room with them. She will do this for half an hour at a time, picking up two shoes, putting them down at random, walking back and picking up two more shoes.

Her first beach trip was Memorial Day weekend, to the West Beach of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We didn't go in very far (water was too chilly) but she loved it! June 19 was Father's Day, so we took Dada and Grandpa to Kelsey's in Valpo for dinner. There were several other babies there, so Aria liked that -- she likes to make friends. Grandma Elsie bought her a swing as an early birthday present, so that's hung up under the deck now, on the patio.

Her 7th tooth is about halfway in now -- the lower right. Still no real words but she does say "dah" when she sees Tank... or when she is dropping food over the side of her high chair for the dogs that are waiting there. However, she can bring you any of the following when you ask for them by name: blankie, Bunny, bottle, book, Wookiee! Her favorite "lovie" is the bunny one that Auntie [ profile] jessruth sent (pictured below; Vera Bradley, natch!), which has been officially named Bunny Foo-Foo and which she is usually clutching when she wakes up. She is obsessed with electrical cords and will make a beeline for anything with a cord on it (plugged in or not). She also likes magazines: diligently ripping out one page at a time, tearing it into little pieces, and eating them (!). Hopefully that behavior is on its way out. On the plus side, she has started taking more interest in books and will bring one over to be read, then consent to sit still in your lap for a minute or two while you read it.

She is remarkably determined. If you pick her up and physically remove her from some attractive nuisance (say, the dogs' water dish, the bark mulch under the tree, or the living-room cabinet), and put her on the ground even 20+ feet away, she will immediately toddle right back to it. No fuss, no crying, just calm focus.

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