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President's Day weekend I had the opportunity to go into Chicago twice in three days, which is practically unheard-of.

Saturday night )

Monday afternoon )

SCOTUS' Angels

Monday, March 7th, 2016 08:48 am
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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my newest art project is trending on Facebook. :-D

I need to write up a proper (pro-)blog post about it, but for right now, let me just thank [ profile] hammercock for proposing the concept.
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Had a really nice Boston trip to [ profile] justom's family Christmas, and also managed to see two shows AND get in a lot of excellent social time with excellent people (even though I had to miss Staxmas to get my return bus the evening of the 25th, in order to be at work today). We were holed up on the South Shore with the family from Sunday night to Tuesday. [ profile] justom's little nieces are 3.5 now, and we had a great (if slightly raucous) time, especially once they figured out they could get us to give them piggyback rides all over the house ;-)

And then there was the art project I made for [ profile] justom's present, which I felt was awesome enough that I finally inaugurated my "professional blog" with a post about it. Go see!
Art Gift Project: The First Folio Panels

See also Pinterest:

Art galleries

Monday, October 29th, 2012 11:54 pm
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So this past Saturday, [ profile] hahathor was going to be in town, and proposed a get-together to go gallery-hopping in Chelsea. I have not really done this before (last winter, I went once to one gallery in Chelsea for the Demaines' origami exhibition, and as a follow-up, the sweet Jewish guy who picked me up there (!) took me out on a date to the Front Street Galleries on the First Thursday gallery walk in DUMBO... but that's it).

We fortified ourselves with brunch first at Rafaella's (quite charming, and the $14.95 prix fixe includes one brunch cocktail!), then made basically one circuit of 21st-to-22nd St. in the next 2 hours.

Highlights: cut for length; geekery abounds within )

Which we declared a good stopping point and went off to lunch at Patsy's for good measure.

I really, REALLY need to do this again.
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  • The neighborhood of Chelsea is the epicenter of the global art world.
  • You can print off daily listings of gallery exhibits, events, and openings (this is, I'm sure, a no-brainer, but I'd never been aware of it before).
  • Head-to-toe black (turtleneck, knee-length tiered skirt,tights, motorcycle jacket) plus funky shoes constitutes Artist Drag.
  • "Are you an artist?" is completely a pick-up line.
  • Especially when uttered by guys clasping printouts of gallery listings in their hands.
  • I have crossed a line since moving to NYC where the peak audience for my attractiveness is men aged 45-55. Weird, but observable.

    Oh yeah, and I also learned some new stuff about the behavior of flat surfaces (e.g., paper) when folded on curved creases.

    Plus some things I already knew:
  • Math is cool.
  • The Demaines (père et fils) do incredibly intriguing work.
  • Geeks are reliably the most interesting people in the room to talk to.
  • [ profile] gremionis has cool friends, even if he never has any time to hang out with them. ;-)

    I took some pictures, too; will try to post them later this weekend.
  • Happy new year, 5772

    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 12:31 pm
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    Things I have done in the past... wow, 2 weeks:

    This got long. )

    Today I should finish sending my second batch of R"H cards, do some more cooking, apply to some more jobs, and -- oh yeah -- invite people to come have birthday cake with me tomorrow night! 8:30pm, our house. There will also be a dinner outing beforehand for the trayf-inclined, 6:30pm at Dinosaur BBQ. To clarify: all b'day festivities will be in the UWS/Harlem area; sorry, Boston gang!!
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    Today is a day for getting things done and catching up in various ways, which at the moment includes this LJ post. (I got some of the more pressing things done earlier this week, partly as a result of bailing on getting together with [ profile] c1 on Thursday evening -- sorry, but it did help!)

    house things )

    I'm going to be vending at a Judaica [art and] Craft Show at Havurat Shalom (on College Ave.) on Sunday, March 6, noon to 6pm. I will mostly be selling my artwork (plus some jewelry and MuffinButtons) -- and have been working on a couple new pieces that are not yet up on my website, so you should all come by to check them out!

    work things )

    theatre things, or lack thereof )

    Last night I missed [ profile] sen_ichi_rei's birthday as well as the Hot Foods Party because an Honorable Menschen potluck got scheduled for the same night... and what do you know, it was a lovely time. We sat around and schmoozed, and then we got started singing -- Billy Joel and Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles and then Jewish liturgy and camp songs -- and it was overall the happiest I've felt in months about being in the group. So while I had meant to put in a cursory appearance and then zoom around to other events, I stayed until 11:30pm and then went home to bed, and I apologize to everyone I missed elsewhere.

    Lastly: I've been in a bit of a funk the last couple weeks, although it's better since I got some good amateur therapy from Barbara on Friday night before Shabbat services. :-) But also on Friday, it happened that I started browsing Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project blog, and believe it or not, just reading some of her posts actually made me start feeling a little better and more in control of life -- in other words, well, inspired. some of the good ones )

    And now I'm going to go clean the kitchen and run some errands before my afternoon slips away and it's time to head to Menschen rehearsal.
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    1. [ profile] gilana, call your office: Pantone consumer products!
    cut for shiny linkage )

    2. Out of the sheer kindness of her little heart, [ profile] sen_ichi_rei made me hand-knitted gloves! Fingerless gloves, perfect for computing! They are purple and green!
    cut for shiny photo )

    3. In unrelated news, as of this morning, my office has new carpeting which is blue and purple and -- not really any green, but still also pretty.

    4. Storyteller and local character Brother Blue passed away last night. Alav ha-shalom.


    Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 01:56 am
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    Our anniversary was two weeks ago already: August 31. Hard to believe. :-}
    Don't wish us a happy anniversary, though. Seriously, please just don't. I'll explain more later. Promise.

    We had rehearsal for Never After at 7pm that night, but we swung through Harvard Square beforehand for a (relatively) quick anniversary dinner at Om Nom Nom Nom, which we had a gift certificate for and had long been excited to try. The verdict: Meh. ) Ah well. It was still a nice thing and we were glad we did it.

    After rehearsal, we went home, ate two and a half slivers of our defrosted wedding cake (and merrily dumped the rest), got into bed early, and tried to focus on the happy memories from this past year. The bright spots, the joys large and small.

    One of those that I especially wanted to share with you all was something we saw in Provence on our honeymoon last October (which, I know, I never did post a travelogue of). There was an artist whose gallery we stumbled into in Vaison-la-Romaine half an hour before closing and liked so much that we were determined to buy something on the spot, but ran out of time trying to pick just one and ended up leaving without so much as a business card... and then we could never remember her name for months afterwards, so we couldn't even locate her on Google! After reminiscing about it this time, though, I finally remembered enough to piece it together and find her, and it's Ansatu Schlumberger. Go on, click through. I promise it will brighten your day. It did mine.

    Meanwhile, this past weekend was [ profile] ablock's Camp Wedding, which, despite the chill and dreary weather (all the more excuse for marvelous log fires, bourbon, and an emergency trip to the Eddie Bauer outlet :-) and the rather punishing lack of sleep (due to the all-night-every-night slumber party), was a rollicking good time for all concerned. I mean, they had Golem as their wedding band. How awesome is that?
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    personal context, both spiritual and vocational, for This Kind Of Thing and why it's grabbing my focus right now )

    [ profile] magid pointed to Yonah Lavery's awesome Talmud Comics, the blog for which I have also now syndicated as [ profile] talmudcomics. I already emailed the artist to order a poster version of this one.

    By way of the New Vilna Review: The Museum of Psalms (really more of an art gallery, it sounds like) in Jerusalem.

    The Jewish Virtual Library has a section on Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress.

    In case there is anyone in the world who does not know about these (because apparently there still are such people), it is my duty to share my two favorite leyning (Torah reading/cantillation) resources: Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor gives you the names and melodies of all the tropes. Navigating the Bible gives complete text and audio (i.e., sung through the trope) of all the weekly Torah readings (as well as the Haftarah portions). (And of course, anyone who would like to do any reading EVER at [ profile] tremontstshul is always heartily encouraged to jump in and sign up. :-)

    Lastly, in lieu of my usual Friday Hebrew lesson for [ profile] justom, I commend to you all [ profile] balashon: The Hebrew Language Detective. (The LJ syndication feed is broken or outdated, but I submitted a request to fix it today.) It reminds me considerably of the work of Joseph Lowin (whose own site seems to be down or nonexistent) and the other topical Hebrew lessons at the amazing Jewish Heritage Online Magazine, one of my very favorite sites on the entire Internet. (To my mind, it's not far from this kind of etymological exploration to Edenics and the work of Isaac Mozeson, but I'll leave the really wacky stuff for another day. :-)

    And with that, I'm out of here. Shabbat shalom, y'all.

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