Monday, January 23rd, 2006

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Next weekend is the GSC ski trip, so I'm supposed to take off this Friday. Yay!
But in the meantime, I'm going to be working flat-out for 4 days straight trying to get the last 4 chapters of this book done. Boo!
So [ profile] ablock loaned me the Pupmobile for today to save me 2 hours' commuting. Yay!
But I woke up and the sky was completely filled with this dense white stuff. Boo!
But having the car meant at least I stayed dry. Yay!
But it took me an hour (twice the normal timeframe) to drive from Cambridge to Wellesley. Boo!
But after crawling several miles up the Pike, I at least managed to circumvent getting on 128 (where even the *on-ramp* was backed up) and cut around to 16 instead. Yay!
And I eventually got here in one piece. Yay!

As I said to [ profile] ablock and [ profile] kalessin last night, "I'm at the point where I could go BUY a car... IF I had any time to go shopping for one!" Oy vey.

Weekend was good, though. Our '80s dance rocked. Next year, we're getting a lighting budget. *grin*
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I think this is the first 12-hour workday I've put in, in a very long time.

I took a couple of short breaks, like lunch, but really I've been working pretty solidly, too. And I got through almost half of the killer Chapter 12, which means I have a good chance of making it through the rest of this book by the end of this week.

And now I can't decide which I need more, food or massage. :-}

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