Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

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Lunchtime nattering while I eat [ profile] bridgetminerva's yummy spicy chili. :-)

Lots going on, of course. Let me explain. -- No, there is too much. Let me sum up. -- No, still too much. Let me skip the recap of recent goings-on (work, shul, social, musical) and make notes about things I'm actually thinking about, instead.

Both [ profile] bethr and [ profile] derspatchel now have the Best of The Electric Company 4-DVD set. This should mean I get to see it soon (not the least likely outcome being that [ profile] ablock will also buy it). Awesome!

Fans of my former employer, The MIT Press, will be interested to know that they have started a blog. They also have RSS feeds (available broken down by category) of their new releases. These have been syndicated to LJ as [ profile] mitpresslog and [ profile] mitpress_new (the complete feed), respectively. Go ye forth and enjoy. (Can be far behind? ;-)

After rewatching A Room With A View (one of my favorite movies ever) with Tiger Boy last weekend, I am now rereading it. I'd really forgotten how wonderful it is. Not just in that vicarious-trip-to-Italy way, not just in that lovable-engaging-characters way, but in that mind-and-heart-expanding chock-full-of-Romanticist-ideas way. It actually makes me feel like my old college-era self again, the one who fell in love with Wordsworth and Shelley and Goethe and Emerson. Guess I could add that to [ profile] lifecollage's call for inspirational reading.

The abovementioned entry has also introduced me to Your Money or Your Life, which I think I now have to read and integrate.

On the other hand (speaking of financial matters), I still want to buy a car, but am finding the activation energy* prohibitively high. (Yes, it'd be lovely to buy a Vespa or a bicycle instead, but I won't be able to take those on the Mass Pike every day, now, will I?) Would ideally have liked to make this happen in time to drive myself to the shul retreat March 3-5, but that looks unlikely. Grumble.

*Here's something I particularly want to know: When I do find someone selling a car I might want to buy, HOW exactly am I supposed to go about "getting it checked out by a reliable mechanic"? Say "Thanks for the test drive, now can I please borrow it for two days before I make a decision"? I am serious, I do not get this at all. Yet another sticking point.

poll for further car advice behind the cut, because this entry is already way too long )

And now, back to the Cryptoclub.

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