Monday, May 15th, 2006

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Oh, so much happening all the time, so little leisure to write about it. I reflect, I sometimes begin to compose, but I fail to actually write.

On the other hand, I finally, finally got my hair cut this weekend. Not so's you'd notice... but *I* notice. Whew. (For those who would notice those three inches, I present a pictorial tribute to my longer hair, behind the cut = before the cut ).)

Thesis Boy can go back to being Tiger Boy, as he has not only successfully defended but in fact turned in the dissertation. However, he then had exactly two days before flying to Orlando to present a paper (related work, fortunately) at this robotics conference. (Him: "But I could still submit thesis revisions when I get back..." Me: "NO! YOU ARE DONE!") I am flying down to join him Thursday afternoon, whereupon we will attempt to cram four theme parks (plus DisneyQuest and Cirque du Soleil) into roughly 73 hours. Aww yeah.

And in two more weeks we go to the Princeton Reunions. And a week after that, he graduates. Oh, and also, he has now accepted the postdoc at Harvard for next year, so that's official. *grin*

My own work proceeds apace. I finally sent The Cryptoclub to press on Friday, so it's onward and upward. Besides the books and covers and ads, tomorrow we have our first-ever shareholders' meeting and I got to design the annual report, so that was exciting. And in case I haven't mentioned, we're now looking to hire someone under me, so those of you who have (or know anyone with) layout chops... come on, guys, help me out here. :-)

Also, Honorable Menschen is holding tenor auditions next Monday night (or by appointment). You don't necessarily have to be Jewish, although the gig may interest you less if you aren't.

Meanwhile, we had had a Lag B'Omer barbeque scheduled at shul tonight, with a rain date of tomorrow night. However, this being roughly the sixth (is that all?) in a predicted 9-day stretch of rain, we have instead postponed to next Tuesday. This means I am freed up to... attend another shul meeting, of the "Long-Range Planning Committee" (a.k.a. the vision thing). So it goes. And here I go.

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