Thursday, September 21st, 2006

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It seems I have time for a public/general update about once a month. I suppose that's sensible enough.

Shul: Talk Like A Pirate Day was observed with a kosher bARRRRRR!beque on Sept. 19, although I forgot to wear my pirate hat for the occasion. I have finally updated the exciting Tremont St. 20s&30s fall calendar of events. There is much rejoicing. I have not yet laid out the holiday edition of the shul newsletter. Woe. Maybe we can mail it in time for Yom Kippur?

This weekend is Rosh Hashanah. Dinner chez [ profile] ablock on Saturday night. I'm doing my backup-choir gig in Swampscott that I've done every year since 1997. (That makes this the TENTH, people. How is that even possible?) I've gotten a couple of very nice Rosh Hashanah cards (from [ profile] vettecat and [ profile] sdavido and from [ profile] redknight, thanks!), which makes me want to send some myself for a change. Until I realize that there's absolutely no way this is going to happen. At least by tomorrow. Oh well. :-} While the choir thing is fun (and relatively lucrative), every year I think more and more that I miss the opportunity to direct my High Holiday energies inward. Maybe next year.

Honorable Menschen performed for Havurah on the Hill at the Vilna Shul last Friday night. Somehow, I also got recruited on the spot to lead the service (the regularly scheduled person never showed up). It was fun; slightly terrifying, amazing, and a great privilege, but mostly fun. Oh yeah, and Mayor Menino was there and we got our picture taken with him. Perfect for our upcoming CD (tentatively scheduled for a Chanukah 2007 release date!)....

In other performance news, The Margaret Ghost is less than a month away, and getting sharper all the time. I am tremendously excited about it. I'll also be performing in a Theatre@First-based Cabaret Night at First Church, Dec. 1 and 2.

In theater-watching news, we're going tonight to see New Rep's The Pillowman at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. (What kind of stupid organization provides a PDF as the target for their main Directions link?? Geez. Even if they are right on Arsenal Street.) We're also going to the Three Apples Storytelling Festival on Sept. 30, and Corteo on Oct. 5 (erev my birthday). (My actual birthday dinner will be held in the shul sukkah.)

Columbus Day weekend, we're going down to Princeton for a mutual friend's wedding reception. And I still have no idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving. But hey.

... Oh yeah, and work is frantic (but productive) and home is mostly unpacked (though I spend very little time there awake, it's generally joyful) and the car is running fine (gas is suddenly down from $3 to $2.37 a gallon!), and life is good. L'shanah tovah tikatevu.

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