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I would have liked to make this two separate entries, but don't really have time to split them out, so here it is all intermingled, gentle readers.

Obviously the biggest thing that happened in Aria's life this month was losing her Grandma Elsie on April 2, which sadly she won't even remember. But the second biggest thing was her first plane trip, to California to visit her other grandma, April 22-28. Her 21-month birthday was Grandma Bobbie's 74th birthday, April 26.

She was a trouper on the plane -- possibly better than Dada. The flights were about 4 hours each way (nonstop), so it helped that on the flight out, she slept for about an hour of it. The return flight was a bit shorter and more turbulent and she'd already napped in the car, so she got a bit restless before it was up, but we had snacks and videos and some new iPad apps and she made it just fine.

We didn't have or bring a crib for the trip; my mom put a twin-size air mattress on the floor, in the guest bedroom between the regular bed and the wall. I ended up sleeping on it with her most of the time, which actually worked out tolerably well. Plus, she was running around like crazy most of the time, but by 12:30pm would sack out cold on my shoulder while we were out for lunch, so napping was overall more successful than we'd dared to hope. The only really bad part was that I got sick (picked up something on the plane, I suspect), was running a 100.6 fever by Tuesday, and felt like death most of the week -- so I was napping as much as I possibly could, and going to bed with her at 8pm PDT so I could get up with her at 6am.

I'd been looking forward to letting her run around Grandma's lovely little backyard, but wasn't thinking about the fact that the primary attractive nuisance there is the koi pond, for which she would make a beeline every time we went outdoors. She absolutely would have dove in headfirst if allowed, but settled for kicking her feet in the water from the edge, for as long as I would consent to hold her there. So, not much outdoor relaxation time for Mama. It was cool all week anyway (highs around 72 mostly) so it wasn't like we could go swimming. We did take her one afternoon to the little Micke Grove Zoo nearby, which Etrace found more depressing than anything, but it did have monkeys and turtles which was plenty of excitement for Aria.

She is regularly making multi-word sentences: we were eating lunch one day and she handed one of her pickles back to me and said firmly "Mama eat the pickle". (Food note: she loves pickles and olives and even capers, to Grandpa Ernie's great delight. She continues to be our little raccoon/chemist and will dump all her food into her water cup, then the cup out into her tray, mix everything around with both hands, then finish eating it. Relatedly, perhaps, she has a sudden fondness for soup and will consume about 8 ounces served an ounce at a time, asking for more each time: "Peez soup!")

She settled on calling Ernie "Papa" (I still don't know where she picked that up), and my brother Rick "Wook" (the same as she calls Luke Skywalker, so maybe she's conflating a bit?).

The list of random words she suddenly knows is growing every day, including:
- clothes
- laundry
- laundry basket
- wash machine (apparently there's a theme here)
- necklace
- penguin
- sticker
- eggs (she went crazy for all the egg-shaped things in Target this month)
- coffee ("Mama coffee! Dada coffee!")
- Mickey (usually in reference to Minnie Mouse, but still)
- crayon, pen, pencil, marker (she loves all of these and knows which is which)

She has taken up singing to herself at odd moments (my mom: "Gee, wonder where she gets that?!"). It's a little disconcerting to hear the same snatch of "run-a-roun" a couple times in a row and realize she's singing "The wheels on the bus go round and round". She can also be heard counting to herself, at least up to 12 and Etrace swears he's heard her count to 15. She even gets most of her colors right most of the time now.

Still doesn't respond at all to "What's your name" or "How old are you", though, which (come to find out) are the two questions strangers invariably ask while traveling.

While we were in CA, we measured her at 33" and 26 pounds. (Edited to add: Checking back entries suggests that this is the same height the pediatrician measured at 18 months, which seems unlikely, with a 1lb weight gain, which is plausible. Next official measurements aren't until her 2yr visit in July.)
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