Monday, November 6th, 2017 05:05 pm
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I've managed to incur several minor injuries lately. Nothing really gory in the details, but I'm putting them behind a cut (SO TO SPEAK) anyway, to spare the squeamish.

A week ago or so, I was starting to wash the dinner dishes and managed to break a drinking glass in such a way that I gouged a flap of skin out of the index finger on my right hand. Fortunately it was on the back of the finger, and on the lowest (proximal, thank you, Wikipedia) section, so once I taped it up with a Band-Aid it hasn't been too debilitating. It seems to be knitting up well but has that purple-seam look that's likely to mean some scarring.

This morning, on first exiting the bedroom around 7am, I managed to drop my iPad on my toe. Like, apparently it fell full-force onto one corner and hit ONE toe, the middle toe on my left foot. I stub my toes in the bedroom all the time, but this was something extra-special. Cursing, I limped out into the bathroom and when I saw that the toenail was bleeding, I burst into tears (somehow that makes it actually hurt worse than if there's no broken skin). Etrace followed me out to check on me, but once the initial freakout subsided and I could still wiggle all my toes, it seemed like no major damage was done. Again, taped it up solidly with a Band-Aid and went on my way. Still, OW. I've been elevating that foot at my desk all day and it's still throbbing. I'm a little afraid to look at it when I get home.

And then an hour later, when I was eating breakfast with Aria, she spilled some of her cereal milk onto the living room floor, and when I went to mop it up I managed to get some kind of a splinter that produced a half-inch scratch in the process. I got some of it out with tweezers, I think not quite all, but at least it's a very superficial scratch. So I went to work with three, THREE delightful Band-Aids, ah ah ah.

On the one hand (SO TO SPEAK), enough already. On the other hand, I have to feel like maybe this sequence is serving as some kind of proxy, drawing off the evil eye in tiny doses to forestall some far worse calamity that might have come down in an alternate timeline. Which makes me able to almost feel grateful about it. No permanent damage done, and so far everyone else is safe.

Ironically, Aria is in the stage of being super interested in boo-boos and Band-Aids (the ultimate toddler delight, being the intersection of boo-boos and stickers), to the extent of producing different phantom boo-boos every day. ("I got a boooooo-boo on my kneeeee! I need a Baaaand-Aid! A circle Band-Aid! No, a rectangle Band-Aid, Mama!"... even though when she gets real scrapes or bruises, she barely seems to register them.) So she's kind of fascinated when she sees one of us sustain an actual minor injury. But let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter than when your 2-year-old sees your Band-Aid and immediately insists on kissing it to make your boo-boo better. It almost helps.
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