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In general:
  • Invest half an hour a day in doing something actually productive, instead of wasting 45+ baby-free minutes (before and after sleep) dicking around on Facebook &c.

  • The biggest problem there is Aria's still-unpredictable sleep schedule; the second biggest is that once I get up in the morning and sit down at the computer, I end up spending half an hour just to clear the decks (check email, pay bills etc) and then suddenly it's time to get in the shower and start my day. But, the last couple weeks at least (when she wasn't fluey and miserable), she's been sleeping through the night better, and that's been fantastic.

    I would love to say things like "Get more exercise", "Drum up more freelance work" and "Rebuild my personal/professional website". But for now I don't feel I would prioritize those above doing more art, really. "Have a monthly date night", maybe that's something to strive for. :-)

    December in review

    Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 08:01 am
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    Happy 2018!

    ... See, this is why I never post, because all I wanted to do was make some quick notes about the fun things from the past month-plus. And by the time I get it all out, it's taken like 3 hours (cobbled together in 10-minute chunks).

    Nevertheless... December 2017 highlights )
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    I would have liked to make this two separate entries, but don't really have time to split them out, so here it is all intermingled, gentle readers.

    Obviously the biggest thing that happened in Aria's life this month was losing her Grandma Elsie on April 2, which sadly she won't even remember. But the second biggest thing was her first plane trip, to California to visit her other grandma, April 22-28. Her 21-month birthday was Grandma Bobbie's 74th birthday, April 26.

    travel notes )

    While we were in CA, we measured her at 33" and 26 pounds. (Edited to add: Checking back entries suggests that this is the same height the pediatrician measured at 18 months, which seems unlikely, with a 1lb weight gain, which is plausible. Next official measurements aren't until her 2yr visit in July.)
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    Apparently it usually does take me 3 weeks to get this posted, but down the line I won't care how belated it was, so here it is. :-)

    10 goals from 2016 )

    more things that happened in 2016 )

    10 goals for 2017 )

    Introducing Aria

    Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 06:00 pm
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    (Oh, poor neglected LiveJournal. I still love you best, but that siren Facebook makes lazyposting so easy. I am backdating this by 3 weeks for ease of reference in future.)

    Aria Grace was born Sunday, July 26 (Tisha B'Av observed) at 3:50 a.m., healthy and strong.

    Photos )

    Just for fun (and in time for Rosh Hashanah), we'll be sending out birth announcements the last week of August. If you've moved since you last received postal mail from me, please PM me with your current mailing address. :-)

    Happy news

    Monday, April 13th, 2015 02:32 pm
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    I am remiss in not yet having posted here what I noted on Facebook almost 2 weeks ago:

    We're expecting in late July. It's a girl.

    ... However, I've also been posting about it to a select women-only filter since well before it became a reality -- first as "trying to conceive", and eventually "huh, this seems to be sticking". So although it seems like my posting habits this year have been highly sporadic, it's really been more regular than it appears. :-} I am very grateful to all those folks who have lent their support, interest, advice, and cheers while I ranted, worried, wondered, and gradually dared to hope. (If I'd had to deal with mainstream TTC/pregnancy/parenting forums, I probably would have gouged my eyes out early in the process.)

    So, 26 weeks today. I'm happy to say that I've been feeling very well all along and that everything seems to be progressing well and properly.

    additional notes )

    photographic evidence behind the cut )

    No, we haven't settled on any names yet. Our first pass at a "short list" is at least a dozen long (narrowed down from 30 or 40, narrowed down from infinity). [ profile] etrace suggested setting naming rights at $10 million...

    So, yeah. 2015 may manage to be even more life-changing than 2014 after all. :-)
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    My mom had back surgery on Wednesday for spondylolisthesis (basically, a slipped lumbar vertebra). When I heard from my stepfather Wednesday night, she was just out of surgery, recovering well, and due to be discharged (hopefully to the local rehab center) today or tomorrow. So that's all good so far. They think she might be off work for 6 weeks or so.

    Also, since the 17th, my uncle Jim (my mother's brother-in-law) has been in Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto -- I am hazy on the initial progression of symptoms (but he's been dealing for over a year with low hemoglobin and significant fluid retention). My aunt has been sending regular updates by group email and on Facebook. He had an endoscopy trying to find and fix some hypothesized GI bleed; they were supposed to do a capsule endoscopy, but then they postponed that because his stomach had "a lot of blood oozing from under the skin". They can't figure out where it's coming from. He's supposed to be discharged today but go back "in a week or two" for another outpatient procedure to "measure pressure in the liver" (not sure if this means they suspect cirrhosis or what). One good thing is that my brother (who lives in Sunnyvale) has been able to come by and visit almost every day while they were going through all this.

    Rough week for the California branch of the family!
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    I beg you all will pardon the somewhat rambly nature of this rundown:

    - Remembered to call my mom and check in. She had knee surgery a few weeks ago (she'd had both hips replaced previously, but this is her first knee operation). Then, while recovering (somewhat poorly, it turns out) at home, she fell and smacked her head on the bathtub (!), and thus got admitted to the rehab hospital for several days after all. Now she's back at home and doing better. We are playing a lot of Facebook Scrabble.

    - Made a couple different loaves of bread in the bread machine, and also Cheesecake Brownies which may be the new favorite thing around here. Recipes to come later. (Like, when it is done being a fast day OMG.)

    - Done a bunch of website work on two different freelance projects. It's remarkably enjoyable. One because it's actually fun, and one because I am charging them hourly so even when it's tedious I feel like it is worth my time...!

    - Done a bunch of updating on my own design portfolio website, with more to come.

    - Played my first official gig with [ profile] etrace on Saturday night: mostly our usual band, except that we were backing a local guy with an Elvis tribute act. (I sang backup vocals. Which I don't think of as a major feature of an Elvis act, and they hadn't either, until their first rehearsal, which [ profile] etrace went to without me, then came home and said "We need you!" Turned out to be surprisingly important on a bunch of the songs.) It was for a private birthday party, so just an hour-long set, but it was fun. And if we do more gigs with this guy, I will also get paid, not just [ profile] etrace. :-)

    - Observed my little brother's 40th birthday on Sunday. 40! (By "observed" I mean "forgot to mail his card until the day before, so it would be late as usual, and then thought all day about texting him but never when the phone was at hand, so that didn't happen until the next day either". But it sounds like he had a good time anyway.)

    - Finished rereading Book 2 and watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones, and begun rereading Book 3 and watching Season 3. a little nattering, nothing spoilery, I think )

    - Attended the Eicha reading (that is, the Book of Lamentations, for Tisha B'Av) last night at my new synagogue in Munster. [ profile] etrace regretfully stayed home because his back was hurting and I was afraid we'd be sitting on the floor the whole time (turned out more than half the group sat in their regular chairs, though). But I walked in and several people immediately went "HEY GREAT TO SEE YOU WELCOME BACK", which was nice. And the reading was good, though it also made me miss the [ profile] tremontstshul experience, squeezing 80 people into the basement vestry with dripping wax candles and no air conditioning and several of my favorite people doing the readings. Also, here they did the whole book in the same standard Eicha trope instead of doing chapter 3 to its own trope. I take this as a sign that I am supposed to learn it for next year the way I want to hear it done. Y'know.

    - Opened an Etsy shop for my Judaica prints. :-} This is basically a retread of the items for sale on my own Judaica page, but I thought it would be interesting to experiment with the Etsy marketplace. Worst case, I won't sell anything between now and December (when the listings expire) and I will pull everything down. Yes, I know I would benefit from having actual photographs of the framed pieces -- planning to work on that in the coming weeks. It'd be nice to do some actual new pieces, of course, too.

    OK, gonna go count down to dinner now. "Sunset" is reportedly at 8:01pm here; that's the guideline to use, right? Or is it "full dark"? I can't find the fast times for this region listed anywhere, only the Shabbat times.
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    Things that have been happening lately:
    • Awesome visits from out-of-town friends (with more on the schedule).
    • One band gig. Not a lot of audience, but some nice photos. Next one is Sunday evening, Sept. 29 -- watch this space!
    • Work is kicking my ass. We have entered crunch mode before start of school. I expect it to be running at high gear from now until approximately Chanukah (= Thanksgiving)... except for the part where we have off roughly half of the month of September, due to holiday timing, which will both ameliorate and exacerbate the strain. At minimum, I'm gonna need to get my butt into work closer to 8am all the coming week or two, because there is no freaking way I can hope otherwise to get everything done that I need to by start of school. Gah.
    • Coworker crush still operative. Awkwardness resulting from certain ill-advised episode* at department retreat 5+ weeks ago finally beginning to die down. (*Seriously, though, I asked for permission a good 12 hours ahead of time, and got it, so it wasn't like I jumped him out of the blue.)
    • Handful of dates, non-dates, or semi-dates with various people at various levels of interest.
    • A few surprising episodes of breakup grief being triggered by various things, particularly a couple of the aforementioned *-dates. Okay, THAT part is not exactly surprising, but it's always surprising when things suddenly rise up at you, isn't it?
    • Awesome beach day yesterday with ZZ.
    • Some well-received design work for BHT. Also for shul (new member welcome booklet for high holidays). So it begins.
    • Oh hey, I sold another art piece online recently (this one). I love when that happens.
    • Working on G&S music for Rockville (Ruddigore and Grand Duke). Also, there was a Pirates of Penzance living-room sing in Brooklyn today, which I did just for fun.
    • Did I mention that I have a paid gig for the High Holidays? Singing backup again, basically, for the services at Ohel Ayalah. It means I'll have to trade off some time when I'd otherwise be at T&V singing with the choir, but it'll be nice exposure and a really fun thing to do... and I will get to sing one of the three iterations of Kol Nidrei. Solo. For reals. For a congregation of like 200+ people.
    • Sleep has been poor of late (my body has decided 5 hours at a stretch is all it wants to take in... sort of like when my phone battery was wearing out, and couldn't take or hold enough charge anymore. That, at least, I could replace and give it a whole new lease on life). Running on fumes seems to be catching up with me, as I started to feel noticeably iffy today, and need to go to bed within the next hour in an effort to stave it off.
    • Got back more seriously on the no-sugar wagon for the past week or so. Not sure if this was related to today's crash or no, but I ended up carbing it up tonight just to see. After which, I am feeling slightly better, so I dunno.
    • Booked trip to see my dad (and hopefully some assorted friends) in Indiana the first days of Sukkot, Sept. 19-22.

    Hawaii trip notes

    Monday, May 6th, 2013 07:41 pm
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    Backdated to May 6 for archival purposes, even though it took me until June 10 to actually post.

    Note: All the accompanying pictures are here, on Flickr, if you want to scroll along; click through to the individual images if you want to read the captions and scroll through one at a time. They're occasionally a little out of sequence, because Mom's camera and mine were not synced up on the timestamps! I've tried to re-sort them manually, but it's not perfect. Hers are the ones with the timestamps in the corners. Anyway, you'll figure it out.

    Full travelogue below )

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