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I would have liked to make this two separate entries, but don't really have time to split them out, so here it is all intermingled, gentle readers.

Obviously the biggest thing that happened in Aria's life this month was losing her Grandma Elsie on April 2, which sadly she won't even remember. But the second biggest thing was her first plane trip, to California to visit her other grandma, April 22-28. Her 21-month birthday was Grandma Bobbie's 74th birthday, April 26.

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While we were in CA, we measured her at 33" and 26 pounds. (Edited to add: Checking back entries suggests that this is the same height the pediatrician measured at 18 months, which seems unlikely, with a 1lb weight gain, which is plausible. Next official measurements aren't until her 2yr visit in July.)
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Apparently it usually does take me 3 weeks to get this posted, but down the line I won't care how belated it was, so here it is. :-)

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 07:46 am
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So, [ profile] jessruth and her lovely L are getting married, and the original plan was to have a big formal wedding in central PA (where L is from) in June of 2017. We were planning to roadtrip out there; all was in the works.

However, then the election happened, making things highly uncertain for same-sex couples. And also various medical issues in both their families that are going to make traveling difficult over the next several months. SO, they decided to have a City Hall wedding in NYC on Tuesday, Dec. 20, with assorted celebrations in NYC/PA to follow as planned next June.

So I got an idea, and I looked at tickets, and I emailed JessMom, and I talked to [ profile] etrace... and we determined that I could manage coming out by myself on a SAME-DAY flight out and back. 11 hours of travel for 11 hours in NYC, more or less. (This squeaks in under [ profile] ablock's rule of not visiting anywhere for less time than it takes to get there and back.)

It's on SpiritAir, which is nervous-making, but hey, I am basically their ideal passenger for this because it's the one day in my life I can get away with NO luggage. I would have taken the United shuttle, but their latest return flight was at 8pm and Spirit's is at 10pm. (If it doesn't get delayed or, chas v'shalom, cancelled. But we'll just have to see.)

The thing about the City Hall wedding is that you can't schedule an appointment, you just have to show up (with your festive wedding party in tow if that's your jam) and wait in line until they call you. They open at 8:30am. But the earliest flight lands at 9am (LGA) and it'll easily be 10am until I can make it all the way downtown. JessMom said, "Look, if we get up to the front, we'll let people ahead of us!" I was thinking at first of trying to make it a surprise for Jess, but decided it's easier on logistics if it's out in the open -- plus then she gets the fun of knowing for the last week and a half that I will be with them.

Once I booked the ticket, I noticed a surprising depth of feels around this... I think I'm perfectly calm but it's really more like paralyzing excitement. :-} I'm nervous about the travel logistics (and about being on the run for most of 22 hours), but not as much as I would be if, say, I were trying to bring the fam along. And, while I don't normally think that I miss being in NYC, the prospect of actually walking on its streets for a few hours is mindblowing. But then, it's not like I will be there to Do Things, or see any people other than the JessClan. (Though anyone who's down around City Hall midmorning on Tuesday, you can find me there. ;-)

Plus, I've never used a teleporter before!

Plus, [ profile] jessruth IS GETTING MARRIED OMG OMG!
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Because this is exactly the kind of stuff that LJ (being, you know, a journal) is useful for recording:

I should start by noting that my friend Andy G (whom some of you remember from Brandeis) was visiting Chicago for a week around Memorial Day, and asked if he could come out and spend a day with us. He was staying most of the week with a friend way up in the north suburbs, but took the commuter train out here (about 25 minutes from our house, and just over an hour's ride from downtown) on Sunday morning. Aria and I picked him up and we all went to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Baby's first beach day! Then we came back toward our house, and went out for deep-dish pizza -- along with another mutual Brandeis friend, Dara, who was my hallmate one year and is now a radiologist and turns out to have started a locum tenens position right here in Crown Point (at the hospital where Aria was born), so she'll be here every other week for at least the next few months. Looking forward to hanging out with her again while she's here.

Then, last weekend, [ profile] ablock came to see us! He was planning a trip to Chicago for NANOG June 12-15, and on realizing that we're just an hour away, he asked if he should come out a day early in order to visit us. "YES!!!" I said. So he flew into Midway Airport on Saturday morning, and I drove there (right around an hour from us) and picked him up. After the requisite Dunkin' Donuts stop for Coffee Coolattas, we picked up a(nother deep-dish) pizza for lunch, and came back and hung out around the kitchen table for the afternoon, then around the patio for the evening while [ profile] etrace grilled steaks for dinner. Which meant I skipped the erev-Shavuot learning session I would otherwise have tried to go to at the shul... but, well, at least we had ceremonial cheesecake baked by nephew J.

Due to the 98-degree heat wave and the fact that we have only two window a/c units, we took Aria into our room so that Unca Pup could sleep on the floor in Aria's room instead of sweltering in the music studio. This sounded like a fine idea at the time -- we'll just put her down in the playpen/porta-crib that's in our room anyway! -- except for the part where she HATES the porta-crib and screams the minute you try to transfer her down into it. So, she wouldn't go to sleep, and wouldn't stay asleep, and I let her come downstairs with us while we ate cheesecake, and then I ended up trying to keep her in the bed with us all night, which meant I didn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time the entire night. UGH. It gave me a new appreciation for how well she sleeps in her own crib normally! :-P So we gave up on sleeping by about 8am, got up, made pancakes, hung out some more, and then I drove Pup to the 1:38pm commuter rail.

And yesterday, we drove 2 hours south to Indianapolis to meet up with [ profile] jesse_in_boston and [ profile] jedilora (plus her dad) and 3-year-old R, who had driven out from Boston for the SCA 50th Anniversary event June 18-25. We met for pancakes (at the delightfully named Hotcakes Emporium Pancake House Restaurant) and it was SUCH a pleasure to see them.

Plus, [ profile] etrace has other good friends in Indianapolis that we never see, and it turned out they were going to be free yesterday afternoon/evening, so we went to see them afterwards. After a brief interim stop at the Holliday Park playground (Aria's first real baby-swing experience, though the slides were too hot to try out), we hung out at their lovely house, where Aria spent fully two hours toddling around nonstop (until she fell over for a 20-minute nap). Then we all went up to the nearby Broad Ripple neighborhood, walked a little bit of the Monon Rail Trail and through the Indianapolis Art Center sculpture grounds, and ended up at La Piedad for casual Mexican dinner. A long but really nice day.

In unrelated news, today is [ profile] etrace's first Father's Day, yay! We're going out for prime rib in a couple hours -- an early dinner -- and invited my dad to come join us. Right now, baby is napping (making up for yesterday) and now that I've gotten all this out, I'm going to lie down for a few minutes too. <3
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In contrast to last year's list (LJ | DW), this one will be impressively short. :-)

Merrillville, IN
New Buffalo, MI (Valentine's/anniversary weekend)
Crown Point, IN (St. Anthony's Hospital, maternity ward :-)

... I really think that was it, unless I am forgetting any major adventures.

Apparently I never did a proper "year in review, year in preview" entry for 2014/2015. (cf. 2013/2014 edition, which seems a million years ago: LJ | DW) I guess I could argue that if I do one every other year, I'm still covered, content-wise? Kind of?
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Happy new year!

I've never bothered with this meme, but since this is almost certainly the longest list I will ever have for a single year, and it makes for a nice year-in-review, I'll try it. ;-)

Somerville, MA (rang in 2014 chez [ profile] ablock and family)
Brooklyn, NY
Boston, MA (Arisia)
Merrillville, IN
Lexington, MA (chez [ profile] mercurysparkle and [ profile] kalessin!)
Cambridge, MA (wedding weekend)
Manchester, VT (mini-moon)
Malden, MA (chez [ profile] vettecat and family!)
Brookville, PA (waypoint with U-Haul)
Spring Green, WI (kicking off Epic Road Trip Honeymoon)
Plymouth, MN
Interior, SD (Badlands Interior Campground)
Cody, WY (Pahaska Teepee)
Yellowstone National Park (Norris Campground)
Idaho Falls, ID
Winnemucca, NV
Lodi, CA (chez Mom)
San Francisco, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Pacific Grove, CA
Santa Maria, CA
Death Valley, CA (Panamint Springs Campground)
Las Vegas, NV
St. George, UT
Kanab, UT
Flagstaff, AZ
Sedona, AZ
N. Flagstaff, AZ
Lordsburg, NM
Roswell, NM
Fort Stockton, TX
San Antonio, TX
Conroe, TX
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Decatur, AL
Gallatin, TN
Lexington, KY
... and continuously back in Merrillville, IN, since July 4.

And while not every night of 2014 was shared with [ profile] etrace (we lost a bunch of January), every one of those places was, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of travel, I should point out (since people have been asking me) that we're not planning on coming to Arisia this year. I'll miss you all, but it's just not in the cards -- no time off yet from the new job, still catching up on finances, and so on. On the plus side, though, there will still be Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services at Arisia thanks to intrepid hosts [ profile] mbarr and [ profile] crewgrrl. (But no MuffinButtons. If you need some, place your orders now for pre-con delivery!)
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The last two weeks of the trip were kind of a "long tail" with more visiting and less sightseeing, resulting in a much smaller batch of photos. Thus, Weeks 5-6 are in a single album:
Full trip photos (all in one album) are here:

Week 5 (June 22-28): San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, and Gallatin, TN )

Week 6 (June 29-July 4): Nashville, Lexington, and then -- just like that -- back home again. )

Total statistics: 43 days, 19 states, almost 8,000 miles. Seven national parks -- and at least that many Denny's.

... And at the end of it all, we both still found ourselves going, "Finally, NOW we can spend some nice uninterrupted time together." ;-)

So, now begins the "after we get back" portion of our lives, which is to say, students and clients ([ profile] etrace) and freelance projects and website updates and applying for jobs (me) and getting a bunch of house stuff squared away, and... family cookouts on the back patio, and birthday dinners ([ profile] etrace's nephew turns 20 tomorrow), and long walks around the pond in the mornings with the dogs.

It's pretty freaking great.

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