19 months!

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 11:36 pm
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[backdated a bit out of shame]

Look, a new userpic!!

I forgot to note last month that she was just starting to grow out of all the 18-month size clothes, right on schedule. Her shirts were mostly still fitting, but all the pants were getting noticeably too short. I boxed up most of the 18-month stuff in one go and brought a bunch of the 2Ts out of the dresser. Weirdly, it turns out that all of her 18-month pants were a skinny legging style; about half the 2T ones are cut the same way and those all fit her perfectly now; the other half are cut like bell-bottoms and they're all too big and too long! But now she has plenty to wear. The 2T shirts are visibly better-fitting on her too. The 18mo cotton pajamas are cut narrower and are a little too small, but the fleecy pajamas are cut a bit larger and still fit OK. Every time I put an 18mo garment on her that proves to be just a little too small, I take it back off and pack it into the box.

We are now solidly in the phase of "new words every single day". She likes Blue's Clues and will ask for it -- "Kooz kooz?" accompanied by the requisite flashing pawprint hand gestures. Two-syllable words, too: I'll tell her "We're going to have hot dogs for dinner" and she says "Hotdogs!" and then when we're actually at the table she will say it again and again. When she wants you to take something, she presses it into your hands and says "Tankyou!" and then sometimes dances away muttering "Welcum, welcum, welcum..."

Over the last few weeks she's developed a taste for Ritz crackers, which she calls "cookie". For a while, that is, crackers were "cookie" and any kind of sweets (cookies, cake, donuts) were "cake". She has since learned what real cookies are, and suddenly begs for them all the time. If going to the kitchen cabinet and saying "Cookie? Cookie?" doesn't produce fast enough results, she will open the cabinet, drag the box out onto the floor, and pull out one of the sealed packs, by which time one of us is usually there to assist!

Her naptime has crept steadily downwards to approximately 3:30pm, sometimes even 4 or 4:30pm. This of course means she doesn't want to go to bed at 9pm when she's just woken up at 5:45 or 6pm. Be interesting to see how the time change shakes things up this time around.

Also in the last couple weeks, she's developed this mad thirst. We normally give her a bottle when it's time to go to sleep (either naptime or bedtime), but suddenly she wants two or even three bottles in a row. At bedtime, she'll suck down the first bottle, and just when I think she's settling down to sleep she will crawl off my lap, grab the empty bottle, walk over to the door in the dark, and start saying "Milk? Milk? More milk? Peez milk? Okay! Okay milk!" And she HOWLS if denied. It's a bit maddening, but adorable. I've started watering down the milk so she's only getting 10oz of milk in 15oz of liquid. But of course it also means she's waking up soaked to the sheets at 5am most of the time.
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