Talley's Folly, 2013

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 09:07 am
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So on Tuesday night, May 7, [livejournal.com profile] justom and I went to see Talley's Folly, featuring Danny Burstein and Sarah Paulson.

As many or most of you know, I was in [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst's 2005 production of this play back in Boston, so it's very close to my heart.

not really a review, just some personal commentary )

Food things

Sunday, June 20th, 2010 11:06 pm
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I am home from The Margaret Ghost! Today we closed our triumphant four-show run, successfully deconstructed and stowed all the set and props, and were safely ensconced at [livejournal.com profile] heliopsis' place eating Chinese food by 8:30pm. Go us.

So, on that note, have some anecdotes about food.

NYT on hyper-palatability and the processed foods industry:
How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains

Before Friday night's show, I wanted to go to Stone Hearth Pizza in Belmont Center, so that's what I did ([livejournal.com profile] trowa_barton and [livejournal.com profile] hotpoint were kind enough to join me). And OMG salad greens to die for. ) I might end up frequenting their Porter Square location rather more often than I would have anticipated. NOM.

And, since I had bought cucumbers well over a week ago that were spoiling in my fridge, between yesterday and this morning I finally made tzatziki. ) The destined use for this in my house is in a wrap with avocado, hummus, and possibly some arugula if I still have it. OM. NOM.

... Okay, bed now.
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Note: This has been cross-posted on the Margaret Ghost Producer's Blog, where there are a lot of new entries and you should go browse them if you take an interest in this production.

Note the second: The play opens THIS THURSDAY! Through Sunday only -- four shows! You should come! Belmont is pretty easily accessible even by public transit, and odds are I can give (or arrange) you a ride back to the Red Line afterwards :-)

So I'm playing Sophia Peabody Hawthorne, wife of Nathaniel. )
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So, as previously noted, I'm in one more play this summer: The Margaret Ghost, about the 19th-century feminist, journalist, social organizer, and Transcendentalist, not to mention Cambridge native, Margaret Fuller. (Performances: June 17-20 in Belmont, MA. Order tickets now. :-)

[livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst originally did this play back in 2006, but 2010 is the bicentennial of Margaret's birth (in fact this past Sunday, May 23, was her actual birthday), so the Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee came to [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst saying, "Wouldn't you like to revive this production for us as part of the bicentennial?" Well, sure, says we, and thus all 9 of the original cast members are reprising their roles this June!

Prior to this play, I had, as it happens, only ever heard of Margaret from the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House -- her ancestral home, right across Central Square from where I used to live -- because there's a food pantry there at which I volunteered for some years. [waves to Jess, my old volunteering buddy!]

From Wicked Local (Cambridge): "Buried twice: Rediscovering Cambridge icon Margaret Fuller"

From this Sunday's Globe: "A writer, thinker, and trailblazer"

Other dramatizations of Margaret's life include a reenactment by local character actress Jessa Piaia, and the play Charm, by Utah playwright Kathleen Cahill, which was recently premiered in Salt Lake City.

The Bicentennial festivities also include a number of exhibits and a monthly series of "Conversations" ("modeled after the “Conversations” that Margaret Fuller offered for women (and later men) in Boston in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s").

Amusingly, Victorian Trading Co. is selling a "Margaret Fuller Coat"?? Note that the body copy carefully does not say that it is actually modeled on anything Margaret personally owned or wore. >:-)

And: Never before published, the script of The Margaret Ghost is now available in a limited, commemorative edition in honor of the Bicentennial. This beautiful trade paperback (designed by [livejournal.com profile] gilana!) includes an Introduction by our director and an Afterword by the playwright.

a few more book-related notes )

More theater news!

Friday, August 7th, 2009 10:46 am
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J and I auditioned together this week for [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst's fall show Never After, a concert-style production of an original musical. Casting was announced today -- and we're both in! The first time we'll be in an actual full-length show together! It'll go up roughly 6 weeks from now -- two shows only, Sept. 25-26 -- on the main stage of the historic Somerville Theatre in Davis Sq.

And of course, Spike Heels goes up a week from tonight. (Gah! -- I mean, uh. We're totally on track. Yes.) It can be loosely described as a romantic comedy -- but one exploring heavy issues of feminism, sexual harassment, betrayal, class struggle, political philosophy, agency and objectification, and the nature of the teacher-student relationship. Also, shoes, cigarettes, tea, slow dancing, Pride & Prejudice, vampires, Jehovah's Witnesses, and scotch. Lots and lots of scotch.

Be warned that it's rated R for profanity (largely mine) and PG-13 for "adult situations" and partial nudity undress (also mine). But for those who don't find that too off-putting, it's smart and clever and sharp-witted and really funny, and it's going to be awesome. If you can make it, I hope you'll check it out. Even my in-laws are coming up to see it. :-) Reserve your tickets now! You can even prepay your tickets online for your Shabbat-friendly convenience. (I can't help you with the tznius issues, though.)

... And now, back to work, 'cause OMG.

quick notes

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 04:20 pm
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For those of you who've been asking, Spike Heels ticket reservations are now up!

(Official synopsis: "Pygmalion goes awry in contemporary comedy of manners which explores sexual harassment, misplaced amour and the possibility of a four sided love triangle." More spoilerific plot summary here, for those -- hi, Mom! -- who may or may not make it, but are curious what the fuss is all about... though that writeup really doesn't do it justice.)

In not altogether unrelated news, a UK study shows that an outburst of expletives can help reduce pain. :-)

Also also: besides Festival@First 6 tonight (8pm at Unity Church, College Ave), we're going (probably with Dr. & Mrs. [livejournal.com profile] arijw) to see Half-Blood Prince tomorrow evening (Sunday 7/26, 6:15pm at the Loews Boston Common). Anyone?
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Yeah, okay. I'm not driving out to Concord. Maybe if it eases up this afternoon, I'll go for a while. (This would also mean I can take to the Post Office all the stuff that I need to mail.)

Meanwhile, I'm staying in my bathrobe and making buttons. :-)

In other news, I didn't get cast in [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst's Much Ado About Nothing, which is a bit disappointing, but does free me up to do other things. Visit family between now and April, for instance, but also -- maybe possibly think about doing Ruddigore with [livejournal.com profile] mitgsp starting in February. So I've got that on the CD player.
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One of the few good things so far about the play being over: I have my "autumn" silk scarf back (it's been on duty for the past month as my Act III sash). I expect to find myself wearing it every day for the rest of October at least.

The fact that most of us went to see [livejournal.com profile] gilana and [livejournal.com profile] ironpoet in Shakespeare in Hollywood the very next afternoon helped ease the transition slightly.

Unfortunately, I missed [livejournal.com profile] coraline's birthday party and [livejournal.com profile] elements's housewarming, both on Saturday afternoon/evening. But I was glad I made it over to [livejournal.com profile] justom's on Sunday evening before going home to collapse.

I am sad when I dwell on certain things I will (already) miss. But otherwise the post-show withdrawal has not set in too hard yet.
If nothing else, I have some Margaret-related books in which to wallow at my leisure.
I think I need a couple days of getting to bed by 10:30pm.

It seems too soon to start scheduling further reunion gatherings, but it is on my mind. :-}
Don't forget that [livejournal.com profile] ablock is hosting a joint belated-October-birthday party on 11/4, to which all and sundry are invited.

The [livejournal.com profile] pmrp Tomes of Terror live staged radio dramas take place in a week. The Monday show is looking more likely for me. EDIT: ... To work house, that is. :-)

The [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst Cabaret takes place in just over a month.

The inimitable [livejournal.com profile] journeystar offered to help set me up for tickets for The Onion Cellar. 8-) I'm looking at a party of table seating for Thursday 12/14, 7:30pm. Will advise those who have expressed interest.
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It seems I have time for a public/general update about once a month. I suppose that's sensible enough.

Shul: Talk Like A Pirate Day was observed with a kosher bARRRRRR!beque on Sept. 19, although I forgot to wear my pirate hat for the occasion. I have finally updated the exciting Tremont St. 20s&30s fall calendar of events. There is much rejoicing. I have not yet laid out the holiday edition of the shul newsletter. Woe. Maybe we can mail it in time for Yom Kippur?

This weekend is Rosh Hashanah. Dinner chez [livejournal.com profile] ablock on Saturday night. I'm doing my backup-choir gig in Swampscott that I've done every year since 1997. (That makes this the TENTH, people. How is that even possible?) I've gotten a couple of very nice Rosh Hashanah cards (from [livejournal.com profile] vettecat and [livejournal.com profile] sdavido and from [livejournal.com profile] redknight, thanks!), which makes me want to send some myself for a change. Until I realize that there's absolutely no way this is going to happen. At least by tomorrow. Oh well. :-} While the choir thing is fun (and relatively lucrative), every year I think more and more that I miss the opportunity to direct my High Holiday energies inward. Maybe next year.

Honorable Menschen performed for Havurah on the Hill at the Vilna Shul last Friday night. Somehow, I also got recruited on the spot to lead the service (the regularly scheduled person never showed up). It was fun; slightly terrifying, amazing, and a great privilege, but mostly fun. Oh yeah, and Mayor Menino was there and we got our picture taken with him. Perfect for our upcoming CD (tentatively scheduled for a Chanukah 2007 release date!)....

In other performance news, The Margaret Ghost is less than a month away, and getting sharper all the time. I am tremendously excited about it. I'll also be performing in a Theatre@First-based Cabaret Night at First Church, Dec. 1 and 2.

In theater-watching news, we're going tonight to see New Rep's The Pillowman at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. (What kind of stupid organization provides a PDF as the target for their main Directions link?? Geez. Even if they are right on Arsenal Street.) We're also going to the Three Apples Storytelling Festival on Sept. 30, and Corteo on Oct. 5 (erev my birthday). (My actual birthday dinner will be held in the shul sukkah.)

Columbus Day weekend, we're going down to Princeton for a mutual friend's wedding reception. And I still have no idea what I'm doing for Thanksgiving. But hey.

... Oh yeah, and work is frantic (but productive) and home is mostly unpacked (though I spend very little time there awake, it's generally joyful) and the car is running fine (gas is suddenly down from $3 to $2.37 a gallon!), and life is good. L'shanah tovah tikatevu.

Sunday matinee?

Monday, July 10th, 2006 03:21 pm
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I just made a reservation for this Sunday's (7/16) 3pm matinee of [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst's much-vaunted summer one-acts festival.

Since I'm a member, I get 2 tickets. Who wants to accompany me (and doesn't already have their own membership)? 8-)

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