Thursday, December 15th, 2016 07:46 am
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So, [ profile] jessruth and her lovely L are getting married, and the original plan was to have a big formal wedding in central PA (where L is from) in June of 2017. We were planning to roadtrip out there; all was in the works.

However, then the election happened, making things highly uncertain for same-sex couples. And also various medical issues in both their families that are going to make traveling difficult over the next several months. SO, they decided to have a City Hall wedding in NYC on Tuesday, Dec. 20, with assorted celebrations in NYC/PA to follow as planned next June.

So I got an idea, and I looked at tickets, and I emailed JessMom, and I talked to [ profile] etrace... and we determined that I could manage coming out by myself on a SAME-DAY flight out and back. 11 hours of travel for 11 hours in NYC, more or less. (This squeaks in under [ profile] ablock's rule of not visiting anywhere for less time than it takes to get there and back.)

It's on SpiritAir, which is nervous-making, but hey, I am basically their ideal passenger for this because it's the one day in my life I can get away with NO luggage. I would have taken the United shuttle, but their latest return flight was at 8pm and Spirit's is at 10pm. (If it doesn't get delayed or, chas v'shalom, cancelled. But we'll just have to see.)

The thing about the City Hall wedding is that you can't schedule an appointment, you just have to show up (with your festive wedding party in tow if that's your jam) and wait in line until they call you. They open at 8:30am. But the earliest flight lands at 9am (LGA) and it'll easily be 10am until I can make it all the way downtown. JessMom said, "Look, if we get up to the front, we'll let people ahead of us!" I was thinking at first of trying to make it a surprise for Jess, but decided it's easier on logistics if it's out in the open -- plus then she gets the fun of knowing for the last week and a half that I will be with them.

Once I booked the ticket, I noticed a surprising depth of feels around this... I think I'm perfectly calm but it's really more like paralyzing excitement. :-} I'm nervous about the travel logistics (and about being on the run for most of 22 hours), but not as much as I would be if, say, I were trying to bring the fam along. And, while I don't normally think that I miss being in NYC, the prospect of actually walking on its streets for a few hours is mindblowing. But then, it's not like I will be there to Do Things, or see any people other than the JessClan. (Though anyone who's down around City Hall midmorning on Tuesday, you can find me there. ;-)

Plus, I've never used a teleporter before!

Plus, [ profile] jessruth IS GETTING MARRIED OMG OMG!

Exploding into being

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 05:16 pm
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(getting this posted while on the hurry-up-and-wait front here in the office)

So, a few weeks ago I had started to write up some freeform musings to post about my life and what I was going to do with it, since, as [ profile] justom and I are giving up on the idea of our relationship as primary, it opens up a sort of vast panorama of how to shape the next steps or phase of my life.

Interestingly, though, I find that a bunch of the ideas that I started knocking around have already sort of resolved themselves in the meantime.

life logistics: moving )

personal enrichment: Russian )

personal enrichment: music )
I don't know who my mischievous angel in the Brandeis Alumni office is, but they clearly looked down, saw us living 2 miles apart and said, "You know what would be a kick in the head? Let's send Erica to Ridgewood B, suite 440."

There are more topics to ponder on the life-expansion front (e.g., work thoughts, possible travel plans, other underdeveloped areas for fun and personal growth), but I feel like this is enough richness to be going on with.

The bad news is, I do NOT think I can plan to come to Boston the weekend of the 22nd/23rd. Sorry, gang. Too much complexity, and I feel we're likely to need that time to view apartments.

I did, however, sign up definitely for the G&S Sing-Out in Rockville, MD, over Labor Day. :-)

Art galleries

Monday, October 29th, 2012 11:54 pm
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So this past Saturday, [ profile] hahathor was going to be in town, and proposed a get-together to go gallery-hopping in Chelsea. I have not really done this before (last winter, I went once to one gallery in Chelsea for the Demaines' origami exhibition, and as a follow-up, the sweet Jewish guy who picked me up there (!) took me out on a date to the Front Street Galleries on the First Thursday gallery walk in DUMBO... but that's it).

We fortified ourselves with brunch first at Rafaella's (quite charming, and the $14.95 prix fixe includes one brunch cocktail!), then made basically one circuit of 21st-to-22nd St. in the next 2 hours.

Highlights: cut for length; geekery abounds within )

Which we declared a good stopping point and went off to lunch at Patsy's for good measure.

I really, REALLY need to do this again.
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Bucket of water for flushing: check. Batteries and flashlight: check. Stash of candles and matches: check. Gas stove/oven: check. Fridge turned down to coldest setting: check. Milk frozen to a predictable slush: check (our fridge has definite cold spots).

I am told that the power lines in Manhattan are mostly underground, so we should actually be pretty good -- unless the power station downtown gets flooded out!

Nevertheless, school's closed preemptively today, and indeed until further notice, as we will follow the NYC public schools. Transit closed last night at 7pm, which meant we made the disappointing-but-prudent choice to skip our dinner plans on the Lower East Side, and stayed home. And I made tortilla casserole and pumpkin muffins (actually pumpkin-cranberry-walnut-white-chip muffins, brought to you entirely by Trader Joe's), and spent time uploading photos to Flickr, and got calls from both my parents making sure that we were safe and prepared and not being evacuated from NYC (we're not -- just the immediate perimeter, and we're pretty far inland).

It's actually all good timing, personally, because I woke up yesterday with the I'm-getting-a-cold sore throat, which turned into sniffles right on cue late last night. So I was in bed by 11 and slept the clock round, which was great.

Right now, it's so quiet here, it's like Christmas. (Literally, not metaphorically.) No rain yet, but the wind has picked up.

I have lots more on my stuff-that-would-be-great-to-get-done agenda for today: some cooking, mostly computer work. This may include a number of catchup LJ entries, so if you're wondering why a sudden spate, that'll be totally why. (And if they don't come, it may well mean the power went out, because guess what, no power = no router = no Internets.)

I also do have to make some updates remotely to the website for work, which -- look! I CAN! So I'm going to go do that for now.
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[posting this "backdated" several days later, so we'll see if that does the right thing on LJ as well as DW.]

Quiet 4th of July, the first one in years I haven't spent in Boston. It being a Wednesday made it a little weirder, as there's just no way to mentally pin it to either "weekend", but that also made it stand out more on its own, in a way.

Slept in, had some good home time, did some good freelance work. Then we went over to watch 1776 (first time I'd ever seen the movie version!) with [ profile] crewgrrl and [ profile] mbarr, and paused it near the end to trot down to Riverside Drive and watch the fireworks over the Hudson.

I got a little tipsier than I expected. First it was the "barleywine style" Bigfoot Ale, which I brought and liked (even though [ profile] justom pronounced it nasty), and fully expected it to hit like a hammer when I chose to have a second one. But only after that did [ profile] pecunium show up and ply me with rum and homemade mead, so I blame him. ;-) But no ill effects, so whew.

And there were lots of good people there, including [ profile] shirei_shibolim and [ profile] terriqat's little one, who has reached new heights of adorable with the stage of "curious look... electrifying grin" and also "sit up... lean forward.... faceplant".


Friday, June 8th, 2012 08:52 am
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Well, I did it again, posted to FB as the expedient thing when this is a perfectly reasonable thing to write an LJ post about.

There was a shooting last night at Columbia. Or rather, three bodies were found stuffed in a car on W. 122nd, between Broadway and Claremont. [ profile] gustavolacerda posted about it, living near enough to happen on the scene and thus be interviewed by the TV crews. :-/

ABC News: "3 men fatally shot, execution style, in car near Columbia"

FoxNY: "Triple shooting by Columbia University and Manhattan School of Music in Morningside Heights"

Columbia Spectrum Spectator: "BREAKING: Three dead from gunshot wounds on 122nd between Broadway and Claremont"

Columbia Spectator, update: "Three men found dead in car parked across from Knox Hall"
Predictably, this is the most comprehensive story thus far. I'm oddly amused by the second paragraph, though: "The news rattled Morningside Heights, a neighborhood in Manhattan's second-safest precinct."

I have no idea if this is likely to make national news, but as I did just post it to Facebook, my family will hear about it, and presumably freak out. :-/ But the thing is, somehow, execution-style drug-trade murders in my neighborhood (and properly speaking, this doesn't even count as "our neighborhood", in NYC terms) don't actually trouble my feelings of "safety" as much as, say, muggings or stranger rapes. Which, on reflection, I think is the case because I can say to myself "They were involved in something. It doesn't increase my personal odds of getting shot."

Naive? Discuss.
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  • The neighborhood of Chelsea is the epicenter of the global art world.
  • You can print off daily listings of gallery exhibits, events, and openings (this is, I'm sure, a no-brainer, but I'd never been aware of it before).
  • Head-to-toe black (turtleneck, knee-length tiered skirt,tights, motorcycle jacket) plus funky shoes constitutes Artist Drag.
  • "Are you an artist?" is completely a pick-up line.
  • Especially when uttered by guys clasping printouts of gallery listings in their hands.
  • I have crossed a line since moving to NYC where the peak audience for my attractiveness is men aged 45-55. Weird, but observable.

    Oh yeah, and I also learned some new stuff about the behavior of flat surfaces (e.g., paper) when folded on curved creases.

    Plus some things I already knew:
  • Math is cool.
  • The Demaines (père et fils) do incredibly intriguing work.
  • Geeks are reliably the most interesting people in the room to talk to.
  • [ profile] gremionis has cool friends, even if he never has any time to hang out with them. ;-)

    I took some pictures, too; will try to post them later this weekend.
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    I came home to NYC right after Christmas because I had to work, but [ profile] justom stayed in Boston and has been there the entire past 2 weeks, with a brief side jaunt to Lenox this past 2 days. He's coming home this evening.

    Last night I did dishes -- and I mean, literally, I had not washed a dish (other than rinsing out my daily coffee mug) in the entire 10 days. And I'd even made a dinner at home in that time: a one-saucepan tuna casserole which I proceeded to eat for three nights in a row.

    Left to my own devices, my philosophy on dishes is much like that for laundry: I will do them when (a) they get too annoyingly piled up or (b) I run out of a particular commodity, like spoons (or in this case, cereal bowls).

    I'm pretty sure I ought to feel guilty about this habit, but really, every time I got a glimpse of the stack of cereal bowls collecting in the sink, I instead got sort of an exultant feeling, like Muahahaha. It's kind of cool to have two weeks at home alone!

    But, we're good now. I also hadn't shaved in two weeks, so I took care of that too. X-D.

    Also, right now I'm going to go put chipotle chicken in the crockpot for tonight's dinner, which necessitates changing over all the visible utensils, so I promise there will be lots more dish-doing (and domestic companionship) in my near future.

    Shabbat shalom, and see (many of) you at [ profile] arisia in a week! ... Don't forget, we're having services (davening) on Friday night, led as always by me, at 5:30pm in an as-yet-undisclosed location (check back at the Facebook link or see flyers at-con). Oh, and also, I'm bringing the yeshiva bochur. :-) Also also, I will again be vending buttons -- I'll be taking pre-requests in an upcoming poll.
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    Pro tip: Crossposting from Dreamwidth requires different syntax for LJ user links. But it works, it works!


    Ten achievements of 2011: 2011 was the year I... )

    Ten goals for 2012:

    1. Finally replace the Treo 680 with an Android phone
    It's coming to be necessary for my professional cred as a web/social media maven.

    2. Go contra dancing at least once per calendar month
    This represents a sixfold increase over 2011, when I went a total of twice.

    3. Establish a habit of walking home from work at least once a week
    When I was unemployed on vacation for 2 months, I was walking miles every day and it was great.

    4. Implement new website for Ramaz
    A professional goal, not a personal one, but then the professional is personal, as they say.

    5. Host a Shabbat dinner
    With lots of singing. In NYC. Who wants to come?

    6. Take (and post) more pictures
    Documenting my experience of the city. You see things differently with a camera in your hand.

    7. Get net worth up over $100,000
    90% of this is locked up in retirement savings, as it should be, but still. It's reachable.

    8. Join the Frontstage side of the Blue Hill Troupe
    Hoping that next year's shows will be of more interest to me than Utopia. We'll find out this spring!

    9. Establish a partnership with the shared goal of having a family
    Let's acknowledge that there are lots of possible (and many mutually exclusive) subgoals under this, the exact combination of which will vary highly depending on the chain of circumstances, so I'm not really ready to unpack all of them right now. But I'm naming the intention.

    10. Complete a draft of a novel
    In some ways this goal feels the farthest away... and reaches the farthest back, since I wanted to Be A Writer from the time I could hold a pencil.

    Happy new year, 5772

    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 12:31 pm
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    Things I have done in the past... wow, 2 weeks:

    This got long. )

    Today I should finish sending my second batch of R"H cards, do some more cooking, apply to some more jobs, and -- oh yeah -- invite people to come have birthday cake with me tomorrow night! 8:30pm, our house. There will also be a dinner outing beforehand for the trayf-inclined, 6:30pm at Dinosaur BBQ. To clarify: all b'day festivities will be in the UWS/Harlem area; sorry, Boston gang!!

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