The snow started Saturday evening and continued through this morning. Forecast total of 10-14" (not sure how that translated to reality, but [ profile] etrace's weather gauge measured 7.5 inches as of ~10am Sunday morning, and it's been snowing pretty continuously since). So I got over my East Coast blizzard envy from watching everyone's snow days last week. :-)

This morning:

Work: Still open, but half-hour delay!
Snow: *continues falling in inch-wide flakes*
Me: ...
Nephew: Hey, I shoveled your car out.
Me: <3 *drives carefully to work*
Boss: Well, I HAD to get here, 'cause I have like 50 projects on deadline!
Me: Great, can you pass anything to me, 'cause I have literally none?
Boss: Um, maybe? Let me get back to you.
Me: *finds 2 small projects and completes them*
Boss: *crickets*
Me: Sigh.
Boss: *gets on conference call*
Me: *gets on LJ*
Work: Hey, at least we're ordering in pizza for everyone who made it!

... I swear, I am really loving this job and everything they've had me do. I could just do with some *more* of it.
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So there's this hurricane en route.

Which is going to sweep through NYC later today and then on up to Boston Sunday morning, by which time it may have downgraded to Tropical Storm.

Also, you may have incidentally noticed, we're moving scheduled to move on Sunday.

Yes, we know this is suboptimal.

No, we don't know if the move will really be able to take place. We have to call the movers tonight and see what they say. (When we called them Thursday, they said "Oh yeah, totally going ahead! Unless we can't, of course, in which case we can't reschedule you until Sept. 6, so basically you're screwed!")


Either way, we still have to finish all the packing today just in case, so anyone [local enough to travel safely!] who wants to come over this afternoon and help pack the kitchen, plastic-wrap furniture, etc. will be rewarded with pizza. Probably from Pescatore. :-)

Also, we have a stereo, possibly a vacuum cleaner, and undoubtedly some other fun things (four pounds of potatoes??) still to give away!

Which reminds me also: WTF do I do with an entire box of tech trash (cables, external disk drives, etc)? I have three dead laptops I need to dispose of, I know I can take those to MicroCenter or something, but the rest? (That is, in the next 24 hours with minimal time investment on my part.) reuse?


Thursday, June 9th, 2011 12:54 am
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In honor of Day 2 of Shavuot, we've run down to Newport for a couple days. Back Friday. :-)

The lightning show covering most of the drive down here was tremendously impressive.
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Whoa -- I meant to post this yesterday (when I cleverly took the T to work so I could stay normal hours even though they closed school at 1:30pm!), and it kind of got away from me. Anyway, happy February!

TUE 2/1
(7-10pm auditions for [ profile] mitgsp's Yeomen of the Guard. Auditions are Feb 1-3; performances April 29-May 7.) Sadly, no, I don't think I can do this. I really want to do Yeomen. But I have other precluding commitments.

WED 2/2
SNOW DAY (srsly, this is the fourth in 4 weeks!)
I'm actually home all day and night, planning to get some useful work and house things done, but otherwise likely to go a little stir-crazy. If anyone is doing stuff walkable from my house (in the Davis Sq area), or wants to hang out, or maybe come over here later tonight, give a holler.
ETA: 12n SoundBites!

the rest of February )

Snow b'Shvat

Friday, January 21st, 2011 11:26 am
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I am home, due to the second snow day in two weeks. Crazy.

Really, it would probably have benefited me more to stay home yesterday nursing my cold*, and be able to go to work today, but whatever. Even with the cold, I did put in a fairly productive 10.5-hour day and take care of a bunch of loose ends, so that was good.

*(It was coming on even before [ profile] arisia, so it's not really con crud. This is why I begged off early from all the parties to sleep as much as possible.)

I do have some work stuff I should do from here, and then I am going to take an hour to clean my filthy kitchen. Not to mention drinking vast quantities of tea.

I had meant to drive out to the Acton Jazz Cafe after shul tonight, to see a 9pm show of the jazz quartet of one of my high school choirmates (from Indiana), who is now a professional jazz saxophonist living in Newport and teaching at URI. However, with the snow, I will have to see if I feel un-lame enough to dig out my car before Shabbat, or if I am just going to take the T to shul and forget it. :-/

One more note: Today (16 Shvat) is the 15th anniversary of my conversion to Judaism. Yowza. :-} I am sponsoring the kiddush at [ profile] tremontstshul tomorrow, in honor of that as well as my get.

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Saturday, June 5th, 2010 11:37 am
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You *know* it is humid when MY hair gets frizzy.

In related news, that lightning storm at 3:15am was a thing of awesomeness to behold... except for the part where I would rather have been, y'know, *sleeping* during that time.
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So, as alluded to on Facebook: This past Shabbat afternoon (the tail end of Chanukah) found me in the Urgent Care getting diagnosed with pyelonephritis. It's basically a complication of untreated TMI ). Fever of 100.9, up from 99.2 before bed Friday night.

I narrowly escaped getting sent to the Cambridge ER for IV antibiotics: "... You should be out in a couple days." "I *what*???" Two minutes later: "You're not having any nausea, right? Okay, you'll probably be OK with a 14-day course. No, actually, we'll make it 7. Get this filled." So [ profile] justom took me home and I spent 8 hours flat on the couch watching movies while my fever broke, then slept for the next 10, laid around for the next 10, etc.

And today I'm back at work. Trying to take it easy, but back on my feet. Modern medicine +1.

... Not bad timing for the Snowpocalypse, really. If I had to drop out for two days, those were good ones. It did blow away all my plans of getting family Xmas presents wrapped and shipped Saturday night, but hey.
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At noon, I postponed tonight's planned [ profile] tremontstshul picnic (Weeks Footbridge, 6:45-8:15pm) to tomorrow, on the strength of 40% chance of thunderstorms.

At 5:15pm, I looked out my office window at the GLOWING blue sky with fluffy white clouds and thought, "Grrr$%@&*! It figures..."

At 6:15, I watched the sky go TOTALLY DARK, and at 6:30 the raindrops are starting to blow fiercely against my office window.


... Of course, now I have to leave the building in the thick of the storm, but whatever. VINDICATED!
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Yeah, okay. I'm not driving out to Concord. Maybe if it eases up this afternoon, I'll go for a while. (This would also mean I can take to the Post Office all the stuff that I need to mail.)

Meanwhile, I'm staying in my bathrobe and making buttons. :-)

In other news, I didn't get cast in [ profile] theatreatfirst's Much Ado About Nothing, which is a bit disappointing, but does free me up to do other things. Visit family between now and April, for instance, but also -- maybe possibly think about doing Ruddigore with [ profile] mitgsp starting in February. So I've got that on the CD player.

Gah! No time!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 02:10 pm
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(ergo, what better use of 10 minutes than to post to LJ?? It seems like the farther behind one gets in posting, the less it feels OK to just throw random asides up by way of entries... maybe I'll try to do more of that instead of waiting to compose paragraphs-long updates. But, for now, here I am.)

These days I am busy with a dozen or so major projects, some paid, some volunteer. (The wintertime urge to sleep 10 hours a night is Not Helping; how can I get more hours in my day except by cutting them from the night??) For what feels like weeks, I've been skimming LJ but only rarely able to take time to make comments... or, for that matter, to click on cut-tags. Please know that I have thought of you and responded with laughter, hugs, tears, indignation, or moral support, as appropriate.

Last Thursday's Major Snowstorm meant it took me 3 hours to drive back from Concord to Cambridge -- whereupon we, fools that we are, went to tour the Hotel Marlowe for wedding purposes. (It was gorgeous, but that's a story for another time.) This Sunday's Major Snow Ice Freezing Rain Storm was much better in that I did not have to leave the house At All (even Menschen rehearsal was cancelled), which meant I could stay inside cozily working and cooking (an excellent fish chowder) while Tiger Boy voluntarily went outside to dig out my car like the best husband-to-be ever. :-D

Chanukah, which was nice enough, slipped by all too quickly, and now there's nothing left but the plunge toward 12/25. (Have to finish shopping and shipping for family presents, eek! [ profile] jessruth and [ profile] mbarr will each be coming up from NYC, yay! Have to typeset a 500-page book before then, eek! Going to Virginia to the TigerParents Dec 27-31, yay! Returning for First Night, yay!)

And now, back to everything else I was doing. :-}

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