It's 2014!

Monday, January 6th, 2014 06:50 pm
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So, [ profile] etrace and I are back in our respective (for now) homes, after a fantastic 12-day stretch in the same space in the second half of December.

This included some time in Boston, during which we had to balance visiting time with wedding-logistics time and actual downtime... so I apologize to everyone we didn't manage to get over and socialize with. In particular, we missed the NYE party I had meant for us to attend, because after dinner that evening I started feeling pretty wiped out and, even if I had been up to the walk through the 15-degree weather, just not up to facing the Wall of People awaiting us on the other side of it. ([ profile] etrace: "Er, well, now you know how I feel pretty much All The Time." Me: "Yes, but when I feel that way, it is a sign that I'm physically unwell!") So I will hope we can catch some of you fine folks at Arisia, instead. Maybe in small doses at the MuffinButtons table. :-)

I am overdue for a real entry and will try to get some updates together in the next few-to-several days... but it's been (surprise!) awfully busy with wedding stuff and Blue Hill Troupe stuff and of course actual work stuff eating my life.

Unfortunately for my lurking/reading public, however: it also came to my attention over the break that posting my calendar publicly may be... unwise at this juncture. So one of my 2014 resolutions/changes is that I am going to post the calendaring entries friendslocked going forward. Of course, I encourage all my readers to either create a LiveJournal account or create a Dreamwidth account so I can grant you reading access. But I think once I move in April, anyway, it may be time to phase myself over to the Google calendar system... the end of a long and fruitful era.

Wishing all of us a year of physical health, emotional growth, and spiritual abundance.
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Got back late last night from an awesome Thanksgivukkaaronsbirthday weekend. Should be at least a couple of pics forthcoming.

Oh, and if anyone would like to offer me and [ profile] etrace a night or two of Boston-area crash space between 12/26-31, please let me know. :-) I have a couple of possibilities in the works but am trying to balance out available visiting time, transportation logistics, etc.

3 more nights of Chanukah! Only 18 days til etrace comes to NY! )
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Notes: Things in parentheses are always tentative. Things grayed out are things I want to remember are happening, but don't personally expect to get to.

Highlights: TWO visits, one in each direction! Also, Thanksgivukkaaronsbirthday! )
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Posting this on Monday morning (Labor Day, 9/2), but backdating to last night for consistency. :-) I am late because I was away at the Victorian Lyric Opera Co.'s 5th Great Gilbert & Sullivan Sing-Out in Rockville, MD, where I had a smashing time and whence I got back late Sunday night. Sorry that I wasn't foresightful enough to stay over an extra night and visit any of my other awesome DC/MD peeps... I do miss you, and would love to come another time soon, but I also am SO GLAD to be at home with a leisurely day today. :-}

Anyway. Let the Month of Yontifs begin! )
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I apparently still need to unpack my paper calendar; it wasn't until I woke up this morning, checked my email, and found all my mailing-list "monthly reminders" that I went "Oh Lord, it's really August now?"

Highlights: housewarming this Sunday evening; Bliss Jockeys gig August 10; G&S Sing-Out in MD over Labor Day weekend )

June 2013 calendaring

Thursday, May 30th, 2013 09:59 am
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Lots has been going on, and I ought to write a little more of the state-of-the-chanaleh, but since people have started asking about early June, I figured I'll go ahead and post this now, and write the rest in a day or two. Which is why it's a good thing there's not a lot on the agenda this weekend.

Also, I am trying out a new convention of graying out things that I am not personally attending but wish to remember are happening. Other events listed in parentheses are thus possible-but-not-super-likely, or at least not-yet-confirmed.

Busting out all over )

May 2013 calendaring

Monday, May 6th, 2013 08:31 am
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Slightly belated, now that I'm home! Dashing this off before I head in to work. Hawaii trip notes (and more photos) are forthcoming, but will have to wait a day or two as I dig out and get back to normal life. :-)

Quick Boston visit, Shavuot, Columbia graduation, and ... no idea yet what's up over Memorial Day )
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A little late 'cause I was busy traveling and otherwise distracted the last 2 days. Happy re-chametzing, everyone!

Includes the long-awaited Hawaii trip with my mom, starting Thursday, April 25 )

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