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Because this is exactly the kind of stuff that LJ (being, you know, a journal) is useful for recording:

I should start by noting that my friend Andy G (whom some of you remember from Brandeis) was visiting Chicago for a week around Memorial Day, and asked if he could come out and spend a day with us. He was staying most of the week with a friend way up in the north suburbs, but took the commuter train out here (about 25 minutes from our house, and just over an hour's ride from downtown) on Sunday morning. Aria and I picked him up and we all went to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Baby's first beach day! Then we came back toward our house, and went out for deep-dish pizza -- along with another mutual Brandeis friend, Dara, who was my hallmate one year and is now a radiologist and turns out to have started a locum tenens position right here in Crown Point (at the hospital where Aria was born), so she'll be here every other week for at least the next few months. Looking forward to hanging out with her again while she's here.

Then, last weekend, [ profile] ablock came to see us! He was planning a trip to Chicago for NANOG June 12-15, and on realizing that we're just an hour away, he asked if he should come out a day early in order to visit us. "YES!!!" I said. So he flew into Midway Airport on Saturday morning, and I drove there (right around an hour from us) and picked him up. After the requisite Dunkin' Donuts stop for Coffee Coolattas, we picked up a(nother deep-dish) pizza for lunch, and came back and hung out around the kitchen table for the afternoon, then around the patio for the evening while [ profile] etrace grilled steaks for dinner. Which meant I skipped the erev-Shavuot learning session I would otherwise have tried to go to at the shul... but, well, at least we had ceremonial cheesecake baked by nephew J.

Due to the 98-degree heat wave and the fact that we have only two window a/c units, we took Aria into our room so that Unca Pup could sleep on the floor in Aria's room instead of sweltering in the music studio. This sounded like a fine idea at the time -- we'll just put her down in the playpen/porta-crib that's in our room anyway! -- except for the part where she HATES the porta-crib and screams the minute you try to transfer her down into it. So, she wouldn't go to sleep, and wouldn't stay asleep, and I let her come downstairs with us while we ate cheesecake, and then I ended up trying to keep her in the bed with us all night, which meant I didn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time the entire night. UGH. It gave me a new appreciation for how well she sleeps in her own crib normally! :-P So we gave up on sleeping by about 8am, got up, made pancakes, hung out some more, and then I drove Pup to the 1:38pm commuter rail.

And yesterday, we drove 2 hours south to Indianapolis to meet up with [ profile] jesse_in_boston and [ profile] jedilora (plus her dad) and 3-year-old R, who had driven out from Boston for the SCA 50th Anniversary event June 18-25. We met for pancakes (at the delightfully named Hotcakes Emporium Pancake House Restaurant) and it was SUCH a pleasure to see them.

Plus, [ profile] etrace has other good friends in Indianapolis that we never see, and it turned out they were going to be free yesterday afternoon/evening, so we went to see them afterwards. After a brief interim stop at the Holliday Park playground (Aria's first real baby-swing experience, though the slides were too hot to try out), we hung out at their lovely house, where Aria spent fully two hours toddling around nonstop (until she fell over for a 20-minute nap). Then we all went up to the nearby Broad Ripple neighborhood, walked a little bit of the Monon Rail Trail and through the Indianapolis Art Center sculpture grounds, and ended up at La Piedad for casual Mexican dinner. A long but really nice day.

In unrelated news, today is [ profile] etrace's first Father's Day, yay! We're going out for prime rib in a couple hours -- an early dinner -- and invited my dad to come join us. Right now, baby is napping (making up for yesterday) and now that I've gotten all this out, I'm going to lie down for a few minutes too. <3
The snow started Saturday evening and continued through this morning. Forecast total of 10-14" (not sure how that translated to reality, but [ profile] etrace's weather gauge measured 7.5 inches as of ~10am Sunday morning, and it's been snowing pretty continuously since). So I got over my East Coast blizzard envy from watching everyone's snow days last week. :-)

This morning:

Work: Still open, but half-hour delay!
Snow: *continues falling in inch-wide flakes*
Me: ...
Nephew: Hey, I shoveled your car out.
Me: <3 *drives carefully to work*
Boss: Well, I HAD to get here, 'cause I have like 50 projects on deadline!
Me: Great, can you pass anything to me, 'cause I have literally none?
Boss: Um, maybe? Let me get back to you.
Me: *finds 2 small projects and completes them*
Boss: *crickets*
Me: Sigh.
Boss: *gets on conference call*
Me: *gets on LJ*
Work: Hey, at least we're ordering in pizza for everyone who made it!

... I swear, I am really loving this job and everything they've had me do. I could just do with some *more* of it.

Settling in

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 01:30 pm
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I thought I would have tons of time to write once I was here, and the answer is probably that I *do* have time to write, but I have not really felt the inclination.

I have instead spent a lot of time doing crosswords, reading Game of Thrones, watching Game of Thrones, drinking coffee, dicking around on Facebook, practicing/learning songs for performing with [ profile] etrace's band, cooking breakfast and/or dinner, baking bread (mostly bread machine, but also some handmade focaccia that turned out OK), petting the dog(s) and cats -- and snuggling with my husband, generally marveling at the state of my life.

Yeats wrote, "Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing."

I think this is a time not so much of growth as of... rooting in.

I've been overextended and undernourished for so long. There'll be time enough to Get Things Done later this year, when we start to work in earnest on growing the business and searching for an outside job for me. Right now, if I want to sit on the porch in my pajamas for two hours every morning, I totally can, and that's kind of the best thing in the world.

(Though I do think it would be good to pick up again the Artist's Way practice of "morning pages": writing three pages of drivel every morning without fail, in order to clear out the internal static and make room for actual creative work/focus.)

Some productive things I have successfully done... )

Also, sometime late last week we went "Hm, we seem to have invited 50 people over for lunch next Sunday, better start figuring out what we're doing for them," so there's been a flurry of list-making and menu-planning and inventorying and shopping.

Coming soon is the related realization "Hm, we seem to be about to leave on this five-week cross-country roadtrip, perhaps we should make sure we've tied up any loose ends, reach out with a rough idea of schedule to the people we hope to see, stuff like that."

... And here we are!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 09:45 pm
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I am an Indiana resident again.

notes on the last ~10 days )

It's beginning to feel like home. Like I am already becoming the person who lives here, with [ profile] etrace, and not the person who lived in Brooklyn just a week ago.

And as I said wonderingly to [ profile] etrace on Sunday... "Is it weird to be this happy?"
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Well, first my jaw would about hit the floor. And then after a few seconds I'd be shrieking, "KEVIN! What the hell are you doing in Boston? Is the family with you??"

And hopefully I'd immediately cancel all my plans for the night and we'd go out for a few beers. 'Cause that's pretty much how I roll.

This is also more or less what I would expect to have happen with anyone I actually *dated* many years ago, as opposed to simply having a mad unrequited crush on for 8 of the first 16 years of my life. But, first love it is.

Snow b'Shvat

Friday, January 21st, 2011 11:26 am
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I am home, due to the second snow day in two weeks. Crazy.

Really, it would probably have benefited me more to stay home yesterday nursing my cold*, and be able to go to work today, but whatever. Even with the cold, I did put in a fairly productive 10.5-hour day and take care of a bunch of loose ends, so that was good.

*(It was coming on even before [ profile] arisia, so it's not really con crud. This is why I begged off early from all the parties to sleep as much as possible.)

I do have some work stuff I should do from here, and then I am going to take an hour to clean my filthy kitchen. Not to mention drinking vast quantities of tea.

I had meant to drive out to the Acton Jazz Cafe after shul tonight, to see a 9pm show of the jazz quartet of one of my high school choirmates (from Indiana), who is now a professional jazz saxophonist living in Newport and teaching at URI. However, with the snow, I will have to see if I feel un-lame enough to dig out my car before Shabbat, or if I am just going to take the T to shul and forget it. :-/

One more note: Today (16 Shvat) is the 15th anniversary of my conversion to Judaism. Yowza. :-} I am sponsoring the kiddush at [ profile] tremontstshul tomorrow, in honor of that as well as my get.
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Why I am still subscribed to the e-mail newsletter of the congregation in which I grew up back in Indiana:

Someone I knew -- not so much from high school, but certainly from youth group, altar service, etc. -- died yesterday of breast cancer. Not someone I knew well or have thought of much in years, but... *splutter*. She was 37 -- i.e., 2.5 years older than me.

As it happens, her funeral will be on Friday 6/1, when my mom and I will already be in the area for my grandmother's funeral on Saturday 6/2. Hmm. (I'm flying to Chicago this Thursday morning, will return Monday afternoon 6/4.)

... In other news, I had an utterly lovely weekend, but it seems that should have a separate entry. :-/

I blame [ profile] missmhart

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 11:59 pm
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... for talking on Saturday night about her chronic weakness for bass players. ;-) Sunday morning I had a dream about one of my exes -- the bassist, naturally, back in Indiana, the only person to ever make me think for more than 30 seconds about moving back there. the details of the dream are not so important, nor is my nattering on about affairs long gone by )

(Oh yeah, so, the book that's eaten my life for the last six weeks was duly shipped off to press today! w00t! [ profile] queue and I left early [read: a whole ten minutes to 5pm] for drinks to celebrate. Tomorrow... on to the Cryptoclub! Oh, also my third book cover is coming out next month. :-)

(On the other hand, I have apparently lost my hat. The Best Hat in the World. I had it walking from the office, and I thought I had it waiting for the train, but I think it was gone by the time I got to Diesel, and I didn't notice for sure until leaving Redbones. Crap. My life is already colder for the lack of it. Wonder if the commuter rail has a lost & found?)

Homes, and Yeoms

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005 04:54 pm
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Meme: The sum total of towns in which I have lived (defined as "for more than four weeks at a stretch"):

Dayton, OH (1972-1973)
Hobart, IN (1973-1974)
Valparaiso, IN (1974-1989, with some overlap through 1992)
Waltham, MA (1989-1996) (3 different residences including one summer sublet, plus 4 different Brandeis dorms)
Cambridge, MA (1996-present)

I am tempted to start spinning out alternate theories as to future increments on the list, but it is painful to contemplate, so I will not.

Dilemma: [ profile] zacheiss, [ profile] maputi_pirate, et al. are trying to recruit me into the chorus of Yeomen. It would undoubtedly be really fun... but I'm also thinking that if I don't give myself some downtime between shows, I may regret it.

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