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Friday, July 14th, 2017 05:11 pm
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One of the best things [ profile] etrace regularly does for me is roast me a chicken (over a bed of vegetables) every Friday night for Shabbat dinner. He's refined his technique over the past 3 years until he has it pretty much perfected. Which means it's kind of a pain in the ass relative to the "throw it in a pan and turn on the oven" I used to do, but he does it because he loves me, and it is fantastic. And while I love everything we do Friday evening -- lighting candles with Aria, opening a bottle of wine to go with dinner -- my hands-down favorite moment of the whole week is sitting down and pulling the beautifully roasted skin off my piece. NOM.

Hilariously: A few weeks ago he made a roast beef on some other weeknight, using the same pan he roasts the chicken in. And when it was done and Aria saw it resting on the counter under a sheet of tinfoil, she said "Candle time! Candle time!" No, lovey, I know it looks a lot like a chicken, but it's Tuesday!

Shul friends D (the lawyer) and R (also a lawyer) passed along some toys to us last weekend that their youngest grandchildren had officially outgrown... one of them being a little wooden Shabbat set: pretend candles, wine cup, and bread board with two loaves of challah "slices". I thought, Aria will get a kick out of the first two, but it's too bad I never make challah! Maybe I should get in the habit, just so she can have the full experience. Anyway, but we'll try them out tonight and see how it goes.

Shabbat shalom, y'all.

One year

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 12:34 pm
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I meant to acknowledge this (here and not just on Facebook) closer to the occasion, but... two Saturdays ago, Valentine's Day, was our first wedding anniversary.

Being as it was also a holiday weekend (clever of us to plan it that way), we drove up to New Buffalo, MI, for a two-night little getaway. Two consecutive steak dinners and an in-room two-person whirlpool. :-) Due to the snow, we didn't really go anywhere else... mostly stayed in our room, snuggled up watching TV and eating bonbons (literally). But that was perfect.

So we saw Chamber of Secrets and Serenity (#anniversarygeekaway)... and then the majority of the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary retrospective on Sunday afternoon. Which was actually perfect too, because I really did want to see it, but at home we don't do broadcast TV, and even if we did I would never have sat in front of it for four hours, but that's exactly what we got to do.

The thing was, as I said to [ profile] etrace once we got there: it's kind of a big deal for me to reach the first anniversary and be able to know that I still feel overjoyed and contented and thrilled about everything. "Yeah, I actually wondered about that," he said. Longtime readers will know why it's a big emotional hurdle for me to get past. But... we are here, and life is still the same: wonderful. Our life.

(But I was still glad we hadn't saved any frozen wedding cake to choke down. That's one tradition that I am permanently over.)

So, here is to the next year, and the next and the next, with the best and truest partner I ever had or could hope for. The one whose face (and brain and heart and everything else) makes me smile. The one I can't wait to go home and have lunch with every day. Like right now. :-)
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Heavens defend me from ever being one of those proudly-incompetent "LOL I let my husband handle that" women.

However... it is at times wonderfully strange and reassuring to find myself partnered with one of the few people in the world genuinely more smart and capable than I am.

This insight brought to you by the pizza I tried to make on the baking stone the other night, where a confluence of factors* meant I hadn't a prayer of sliding the thing off the peel onto the hot stone, in any condition. When I came and fetched the experienced pizza-peeler, he immediately came up with four or five different approaches to try... a couple of which I wouldn't have thought of at all, none of which I had thought of yet, and at least two of which were needed in combination to do the trick. No condescension, no panic. Just "okay, let's see what we can do with this."

A small example, but it made me feel well taken care of. :-)

* The previously frozen (homemade) dough was too wet and sticky; I stretched it out too thin; I hadn't put down enough cornmeal (especially around the edges) despite using twice as much as on the previous attempt; and I then put on too many heavy toppings (spinach, mushrooms, and turkey sausage -- I didn't regret that choice a bit).

Married life

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 07:40 am
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We've been married almost a month. Four weeks this Friday!

In that time, I've been rereading A Civil Campaign and then Pride and Prejudice, because it's been so delightful reading about other people's successful culmination of their improbable but eminently suitable matches. :-)

It had been some time since I read P&P (I thought about picking it up when [ profile] theatreatfirst staged it two years ago, but apparently I never did). And nearing the end, I got to this quote from Mr. Bennett on learning that Elizabeth actually wished to marry Darcy:

"I know your disposition, Lizzy. I know that you could be neither happy nor respectable, unless you truly esteemed your husband; unless you looked up to him as a superior. Your lively talents would place you in the greatest danger in an unequal marriage. You could scarcely escape discredit and misery. My child, let me not have the grief of seeing *you* unable to respect your partner in life."

And reading that, I stood there (on the subway) and went, Oh. My God. That's it. That's me. That's exactly what happened to me the first time. Discredit and misery.

... And now, five and a half years later, I'm standing on this opposite shore where all the pieces have at last, miraculously, somehow come together into their right relation, a new wholeness.

(I came home and explained this to [ profile] etrace, and he was like, "Wow, no pressure." ;-)

In short, everything would be pretty great right now were it not for my working 10-hour days (plus another 90+ minutes a day commuting). BUT... as of Friday, I will have only 1 week left (gah!) to the big website launch, 3 weeks left at my job (we actually found me a replacement yay!), and 5 weeks til we move.

I booked the U-Haul last night (10' truck) for Thursday, April 17. So the horizon really is in sight. (-- I mean, scheduling my own personal exodus during Passover... why not?)
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I woke up at 5:30 today -- worse than usual, I've been getting to 6 or 6:30 and occasionally even to the 7:15 alarm of late -- so hey, I'm using the time to finish up this long-overdue entry.

Reply to this meme [by yelling (or even saying gently) "Words!"] and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

It's taken me several days -- perhaps because I got rather more rambly than was strictly necessary! Having seen this meme go by a whole bunch in the meantime, I find that I tend to prefer (aesthetically) the responses that stick to one reasonably pithy paragraph per word. But the words that [ profile] lillibet gave me are pretty major themes in my life, obviously (heh, almost all of them are existing tags in my LJ, for that matter), so I just wrote on... and here they are.

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