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President's Day weekend I had the opportunity to go into Chicago twice in three days, which is practically unheard-of.

Saturday night )

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Oh, you guys, you guys. I am overdue for about three or four more serious thoughtful entries, but July has flown by since the move. Or washed down the drain, or sublimated in the heat, or something.

Last weekend (for Shabbat Nachamu) I ran up to Boston for a stealth visit just to hang out with [ profile] xiphias, which was highly therapeutic. We went to the Border Cafe and the Deluxe Town Diner, and hiked around the DeCordova Museum (or technically around Flint's Pond, for two hours, before we doubled back and actually went into the museum park itself).

This past weekend, [ profile] happyfunpaul has been visiting from Boston (or rather, en route back to Boston), and as a result I have now met a bunch of the NYC filk crowd, first at a dinner foo on Friday evening and then at a housefilk in Harlem on Sunday afternoon. It seemed very wrong that [ profile] filkerdave was not present for either one, but I enjoyed meeting a lot of other new folks. *waves to [ profile] otherdeb and [ profile] sodyera -- oh, and [ profile] batyatoon, finally*

Also, on Saturday I went to see [ profile] justom's modern-dress production of Hamlet (which closed yesterday). Yup, still in love with him. Come back next month. The thing that was interesting about the production itself was the pacing, particularly of Hamlet, who basically delivered all his speeches (dialogues as well as monologues) in a rush, half the lines practically muttered under his breath, and punctuated with the occasional wild giggle, cackle or eyebrow-waggle. It transformed the whole process into a sort of manic free-association, not to say raving... yet there was method in't. And charisma. I tend to think of Hamlet as sort of a wet blanket, and this made me see for once how, within that little microcosm of the court at Elsinore, this oddball prince's force of personality could basically take over the room every time he showed up. I wasn't at all sold for the first scene or so, and then by the middle he had totally won me over.

New apartment is still all over boxes, but less than it was. Only about 10 more crates and boxes of books (mine, anyway) to deal with, and then maybe we'll be ready to hold an official housewarming.

Talley's Folly, 2013

Thursday, May 9th, 2013 09:07 am
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So on Tuesday night, May 7, [ profile] justom and I went to see Talley's Folly, featuring Danny Burstein and Sarah Paulson.

As many or most of you know, I was in [ profile] theatreatfirst's 2005 production of this play back in Boston, so it's very close to my heart.

not really a review, just some personal commentary )
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Mikado is officially over. It's been a total blast to work on. Plus, I made a pro blog post over the weekend about my program design work (which, if I may say so, was very well received) for this production: Designs for the Blue Hill Troupe’s 2013 Mikado

[ profile] justom's class is having its LA Showcase performances today, starting in just a few hours (2pm PDT)! Wish them broken legs, or whatever non-fate-tempting expressions of luck you prefer.

And speaking of California: holy crap, my trip with my mom is just 3 days away. I'm packing tonight. Assuming I ever get out of the office tonight.

*hurriedly buckles back down*
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Wow, nothing like four days of travel to knock me right off the LJ wagon. (Work conference in DC the end of last week, then a whirlwind Boston trip where I never got farther than 100yds north of South Station.)

So, yeah... but happily I'll be in Boston again this coming weekend with possibly more chance to see folks. Current plan looks like this:

  • Arrive Boston ~8:15pm (shabbat shalom!)
  • Possible quick swing through dinner chez [ profile] ablock
  • 10pm: Pirates of Penzance (Club Oberon). General admission, so if you want to join me, feel free to order a ticket ($20), and let me know so we can meet up. -- Oh, I meant to point out that the troupe performing it (The Hypocrites) is a company from Chicago who did the production of Cabaret a couple years ago that my little cousin was in (as the Littlest Nazi). Small theater world!

  • ~10am (ha, ha): services at [ profile] tremontstshul
    (I was briefly thinking of an outing to Picco before the matinee, but I'm actually planning to make it to shul and see my dear ones there, so maybe next time.)
  • 2pm: Hotel Nepenthe (Calderwood Pavilion, BCA). General admission, so if you want to join me, feel free to order a ticket ($20), and let me know so we can meet up.
  • 6:30pm: birthday festivities, Cambridge
  • ~10:30pm meet up with [ profile] justom and the denizens of La Mancha?

  • brunch plans, anyone?
  • 1pm: [ profile] theatreatfirst scriptreading
  • 6:30pm: return BoltBus Megabus

    In more personal theater news, I am auditioning tonight for the Blue Hill Troupe's fall musical, Grand Hotel. Not sure there's a solo role in there for me, but it sounds like they're going to do a fairly significant ensemble and therefore it's likely I will get to be in it somehow. Yay!

    Oh, and also a BHT contingent (including me) is performing a FREE half-hour set of lesser-known G&S favorites this Thursday evening as part of the 2012 Make Music New York festival. We'll be at the Seward Park Library (Lower East Side) between 6:15 and 7:45pm. NYCers, come on down!
  • Kink...stopper

    Thursday, June 7th, 2012 08:49 am
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    Last night I attended a "Kinkstarter" fundraiser cabaret for [elided]'s upcoming debut musical Dogboy & Justine. I'm going to miss the production (one weekend only, when I'll be away), but [ profile] chuckro has been hyping evangelizing it :-) and he and [ profile] jethrien were performing in the cabaret last night, so I wanted to make sure to go.

    It was on the whole a fun night (despite my missing the whole first set, due to getting there late and then not being able to figure out the secret back staircase that led to the event space!). Lots of good performances, including from [ profile] teddyleevin as well as the above, and it was fun to see [ profile] mnemex and [ profile] drcpunk there.

    However, it brought home to me one of the same points as did seeing Venus in Fur (which, being David Ives, was lighter and smarter than I walked in expecting, and then also surprisingly complex) with [ profile] justom this past weekend, which is: that I have built up a certain amount of baggage regarding all things BDSM, a kind of knee-jerk negativity, if you will, based on one or two specific past relationships. I will be glad to say more about that, but now is not the time (and a public entry is not the place ;-) -- so consider this a placeholder.
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    Last weekend kicked off Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee year (her actual 60th anniversary of coronation is not until June 2, 2013). I wish someone would make an elaborate parody steampunk-style website celebrating Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. :-) There are plenty of events in that vein going on now, though, of course.

    Last night was the Transit of Venus. Note that I am weirdly superstitious about the Transit of Venus as representing romantic upheaval -- specifically because the last one happened to coincide with my breakup [link to filtered entry, sorry to the rest of you] with [ profile] tenore, which was not the worst breakup ever in history, but was still pretty upsetting at the time. And it was around that time that I also first learned about the concept of Mercury in retrograde, which gets far more acceptance as a real phenomenon in many otherwise-rational circles than I would expect, so the two are kind of co-substantiated in my mind. So for many weeks I've actually been harboring some vague secret dread knowing that the next Transit of Venus was impending. But we appear to have lived through it with no ill effects, and possibly some extra snuggles to ward off the doom. :-)

    Also, last night I managed to see Shakespeare in the Park for the first time -- the season's very first preview performance of As You Like It -- and without even waiting in line for the free tickets! [ profile] justom messaged me midafternoon that there were apparently a plethora of unclaimed tickets due to glitches with the online reservation system. [ profile] justom already had plans to go see the new Will Eno play, and I was supposed to have dinner with my friend Amy who was passing through NYC, but I told her about the available tickets and we did that instead. At intermission I looked around the amphitheatre and said to Amy, "Hmm, I feel likeI must know someone else here!"... and it turned out later that [ profile] crewgrrl and [ profile] mbarr had also been there. Hee hee hee.

    *scurries off to work*

    Happy new year, 5772

    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 12:31 pm
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    Things I have done in the past... wow, 2 weeks:

    This got long. )

    Today I should finish sending my second batch of R"H cards, do some more cooking, apply to some more jobs, and -- oh yeah -- invite people to come have birthday cake with me tomorrow night! 8:30pm, our house. There will also be a dinner outing beforehand for the trayf-inclined, 6:30pm at Dinosaur BBQ. To clarify: all b'day festivities will be in the UWS/Harlem area; sorry, Boston gang!!


    Monday, September 19th, 2011 12:42 pm
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    Last night we were kept awake well past 5am by throbbing hip-hop bass lines from somewhere in the downstairs vicinity. Oy. Only after [ profile] justom went down and ascertained that it was in fact immediately downstairs (but unresponsive to knocking on their door, no surprise) did I think to apply the universal "cut it the f**k out" signal of stomping on the floor five times. This had the desired effect: it did come on again a bit later, but more quietly and not so cell-pervading, hardly worth getting up to register another complaint.

    So, rather than get up at 7:30am with [ profile] justom, I managed to stay in bed and mostly asleep until 10:30. I'm grateful to be on vacation and get to do that, but I feel awful for him today, poor love.

    Speaking of being on vacation, since I have the luxury of time right now, here's the recap of what else I did this weekend... )

    For today, I'd been thinking it would be a good day to get to a museum, but the Met is closed on Mondays, of course, and so is the Frick Collection. Maybe I'll try for the MoMA. Off to put some chicken in the crockpot and get rolling.

    P.S. I almost forgot to mention: 'tis the nineteenth of Septembarrrr, known across the seven seas as International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Avast!

    NYC apartment update

    Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 05:31 pm
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    We were down in NYC this weekend looking at apartments -- saw about 9 places in 2 days, ranging from a few nonstarters (tiny 1BRs) to a couple that we would definitely be happy with. However, at this point we're expecting to go back down in 2 weeks to view a second round, since we really would prefer an August 15 lease rather than August 1 anyway.

    Theatrical highlights from the weekend, in the meantime, included Death Valley (a zombie Western! it got reviewed in the Times this weekend!) at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn, and Master Class (about Maria Callas, a revival starring Tyne Daly, hooray for student rush tickets) on Broadway. I am almost, but not really, sorry to say that I enjoyed the second much less than the first.

    Many thanks to [ profile] jessruth for hosting us, even in partial absentia!

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