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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 08:01 am
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Happy 2018!

... See, this is why I never post, because all I wanted to do was make some quick notes about the fun things from the past month-plus. And by the time I get it all out, it's taken like 3 hours (cobbled together in 10-minute chunks).

Nevertheless... December 2017 highlights )
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My outing to [ profile] etrace's Dead gig on 10/28 was fun. I was surprised to find that the room was more like a medium-sized coffeehouse than anything; the building is an enormous pole barn, but most of it is the brewery of course, so the tap room in front is just a small space with a bar, a dozen tables, and a couple of couches. I sat at the bar and drank their delightful Mad Cow Coconut Milk Stout (!) and had a bar burger, which was good, although not quite as awesome as I was expecting from [ profile] etrace's previous rave review. Etrace had gone to set up earlier in the day, so he got to come sit and eat dinner with me right up until showtime - almost like an actual date. :-) They played from 8 til 9:20ish and then had a break until almost 10pm, so I stayed to hang with Etrace through the break and left at the beginning of the second set to go pick up Aria. She had fun at the babysitters' too, so, win all around. <3

Costco )

Netflix )

self-care )


Monday, November 6th, 2017 05:05 pm
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I've managed to incur several minor injuries lately. Nothing really gory in the details, but I'm putting them behind a cut (SO TO SPEAK) anyway, to spare the squeamish )

On the one hand (SO TO SPEAK), enough already. On the other hand, I have to feel like maybe this sequence is serving as some kind of proxy, drawing off the evil eye in tiny doses to forestall some far worse calamity that might have come down in an alternate timeline. Which makes me able to almost feel grateful about it. No permanent damage done, and so far everyone else is safe.

Ironically, Aria is in the stage of being super interested in boo-boos and Band-Aids (the ultimate toddler delight, being the intersection of boo-boos and stickers), to the extent of producing different phantom boo-boos every day. ("I got a boooooo-boo on my kneeeee! I need a Baaaand-Aid! A circle Band-Aid! No, a rectangle Band-Aid, Mama!"... even though when she gets real scrapes or bruises, she barely seems to register them.) So she's kind of fascinated when she sees one of us sustain an actual minor injury. But let me tell you, there is nothing sweeter than when your 2-year-old sees your Band-Aid and immediately insists on kissing it to make your boo-boo better. It almost helps.
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Apparently it usually does take me 3 weeks to get this posted, but down the line I won't care how belated it was, so here it is. :-)

10 goals from 2016 )

more things that happened in 2016 )

10 goals for 2017 )
My mom had back surgery on Wednesday for spondylolisthesis (basically, a slipped lumbar vertebra). When I heard from my stepfather Wednesday night, she was just out of surgery, recovering well, and due to be discharged (hopefully to the local rehab center) today or tomorrow. So that's all good so far. They think she might be off work for 6 weeks or so.

Also, since the 17th, my uncle Jim (my mother's brother-in-law) has been in Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto -- I am hazy on the initial progression of symptoms (but he's been dealing for over a year with low hemoglobin and significant fluid retention). My aunt has been sending regular updates by group email and on Facebook. He had an endoscopy trying to find and fix some hypothesized GI bleed; they were supposed to do a capsule endoscopy, but then they postponed that because his stomach had "a lot of blood oozing from under the skin". They can't figure out where it's coming from. He's supposed to be discharged today but go back "in a week or two" for another outpatient procedure to "measure pressure in the liver" (not sure if this means they suspect cirrhosis or what). One good thing is that my brother (who lives in Sunnyvale) has been able to come by and visit almost every day while they were going through all this.

Rough week for the California branch of the family!
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Around the end of September -- shortly after Sukkot -- I started experiencing some swelling in my hands (both hands equally), especially in the mornings.

Since then, it's turned into genuine stiffness/aching and been getting progressively worse, especially in the last week or so. Just today it's bad enough that I am having trouble typing, which was not the case even last Friday.

As someone who does computer-intensive work, I do experience some (OK, fairly chronic low-grade) tenderness in the forearms, mostly on the right, which is my dominant/mousing side. But I've never experienced anything in my hands before. I really don't even know where to begin with this!

more specific notes )

(I suppose sitting here typing to you all about it is counterproductive, but I need sympathy, dammit, if I'm even going to make it through tonight's band rehearsal. Advice based on either experience or training is also welcome.)

The gum surgery

Friday, March 22nd, 2013 11:24 pm
So I had what is generically called a gingival graft, where they remove tissue from the roof of your mouth to graft it onto a receding gumline.

Nothing terribly squicky behind the cut, but you never know, so feel free to skip )

Most annoying side effect: Somewhere in the last quarter or so of the process, my nose started to tingle like I was going to have to sneeze, and though I didn't, my nose has now been draining continuously since the minute I got up from the chair (and it's now been 12 hours and counting). I can only assume this is due to inflammation from the palate somehow impinging on my (often temperamental) sinuses, because I swear I didn't have any hint of rhinitis symptoms when I walked in there, and it's only on the left side (like both the surgical sites). Bleah. I really hope that clears up with the swelling in a day or two.


Friday, March 22nd, 2013 02:13 pm
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Goals for Pesach vacation:

  1. recover from today's minor periodontal surgery (on which more later)
  2. submit complete revised final book files (text & cover) for press
  3. finish (if not actually order printing of) L&E's ketubah
  4. do enough shopping and cooking to keep us thoroughly fed on vegetables and animal proteins
  5. take [ profile] justom to 1st-night seder
  6. tie up a bunch of pending travel details for Hawaii trip with Mom (suddenly just a month away now!)
  7. update my personal website
  8. do my project for Skillshare's Teach Yourself to Code: One Month Rails
  9. have [ profile] jessruth over for a day of serious closet purge
  10. go over to [ profile] jessruth's for an organizational day in exchange
  11. review my final book proofs (text & cover) and ship jacket files to new bindery
  12. see [ profile] la_vie_en_rosie & R when they are in town Wed/Thu
  13. if possible, have next date with ZZ :-)
  14. visit Boston next weekend (though it may be shorter than I originally thought, due to all the above)

Chag kasher v'sameach!
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10 goals from 2012 ( cf. original list: LJ | DW )
A mixed bag, but overall, progress was made. )

10+ additional achievements of 2012:
It was actually a good and stabilizing year for me, despite the ongoing crises in the world at large. )
11. ... And, oh yeah, turned 40 and had an awesome celebration to mark it.

10 goals for 2013:
Some that build on last year's, and some new ones. )

Wishing all of us a year of physical health, emotional growth, and spiritual abundance.


Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 01:22 pm
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So about this low-carb thing I mentioned in passing the other day.

Yeah. I started last week -- I was going to say Sunday night, when I had my 7-hour crazy bus ride, but since that was on the heels of fabulous waffles and cinnamon rolls from brunch, I suppose that really means it was Monday. So, just over a week now. [ profile] justom was going to be away the rest of that week, through Thursday, and I felt like that was a good time to be experimenting (not the only possible time, but a good time).

why? )
how? )
findings, to date? )

No, I don't expect to do this forever, but I feel like I should give it a solid couple of weeks before deciding anything further.

But right now I'm finishing a lunch consisting of a bed of lettuce (including beet and radish greens), a can of tuna, half a cucumber, and half an avocado -- dressed with sesame seeds and a little Bragg's Healthy Vinaigrette. What's not to love??

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