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Posting this on Monday morning (Labor Day, 9/2), but backdating to last night for consistency. :-) I am late because I was away at the Victorian Lyric Opera Co.'s 5th Great Gilbert & Sullivan Sing-Out in Rockville, MD, where I had a smashing time and whence I got back late Sunday night. Sorry that I wasn't foresightful enough to stay over an extra night and visit any of my other awesome DC/MD peeps... I do miss you, and would love to come another time soon, but I also am SO GLAD to be at home with a leisurely day today. :-}

Anyway. Let the Month of Yontifs begin! )
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Things that have been happening lately:
  • Awesome visits from out-of-town friends (with more on the schedule).
  • One band gig. Not a lot of audience, but some nice photos. Next one is Sunday evening, Sept. 29 -- watch this space!
  • Work is kicking my ass. We have entered crunch mode before start of school. I expect it to be running at high gear from now until approximately Chanukah (= Thanksgiving)... except for the part where we have off roughly half of the month of September, due to holiday timing, which will both ameliorate and exacerbate the strain. At minimum, I'm gonna need to get my butt into work closer to 8am all the coming week or two, because there is no freaking way I can hope otherwise to get everything done that I need to by start of school. Gah.
  • Coworker crush still operative. Awkwardness resulting from certain ill-advised episode* at department retreat 5+ weeks ago finally beginning to die down. (*Seriously, though, I asked for permission a good 12 hours ahead of time, and got it, so it wasn't like I jumped him out of the blue.)
  • Handful of dates, non-dates, or semi-dates with various people at various levels of interest.
  • A few surprising episodes of breakup grief being triggered by various things, particularly a couple of the aforementioned *-dates. Okay, THAT part is not exactly surprising, but it's always surprising when things suddenly rise up at you, isn't it?
  • Awesome beach day yesterday with ZZ.
  • Some well-received design work for BHT. Also for shul (new member welcome booklet for high holidays). So it begins.
  • Oh hey, I sold another art piece online recently (this one). I love when that happens.
  • Working on G&S music for Rockville (Ruddigore and Grand Duke). Also, there was a Pirates of Penzance living-room sing in Brooklyn today, which I did just for fun.
  • Did I mention that I have a paid gig for the High Holidays? Singing backup again, basically, for the services at Ohel Ayalah. It means I'll have to trade off some time when I'd otherwise be at T&V singing with the choir, but it'll be nice exposure and a really fun thing to do... and I will get to sing one of the three iterations of Kol Nidrei. Solo. For reals. For a congregation of like 200+ people.
  • Sleep has been poor of late (my body has decided 5 hours at a stretch is all it wants to take in... sort of like when my phone battery was wearing out, and couldn't take or hold enough charge anymore. That, at least, I could replace and give it a whole new lease on life). Running on fumes seems to be catching up with me, as I started to feel noticeably iffy today, and need to go to bed within the next hour in an effort to stave it off.
  • Got back more seriously on the no-sugar wagon for the past week or so. Not sure if this was related to today's crash or no, but I ended up carbing it up tonight just to see. After which, I am feeling slightly better, so I dunno.
  • Booked trip to see my dad (and hopefully some assorted friends) in Indiana the first days of Sukkot, Sept. 19-22.

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I apparently still need to unpack my paper calendar; it wasn't until I woke up this morning, checked my email, and found all my mailing-list "monthly reminders" that I went "Oh Lord, it's really August now?"

Highlights: housewarming this Sunday evening; Bliss Jockeys gig August 10; G&S Sing-Out in MD over Labor Day weekend )

Exploding into being

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 05:16 pm
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(getting this posted while on the hurry-up-and-wait front here in the office)

So, a few weeks ago I had started to write up some freeform musings to post about my life and what I was going to do with it, since, as [ profile] justom and I are giving up on the idea of our relationship as primary, it opens up a sort of vast panorama of how to shape the next steps or phase of my life.

Interestingly, though, I find that a bunch of the ideas that I started knocking around have already sort of resolved themselves in the meantime.

life logistics: moving )

personal enrichment: Russian )

personal enrichment: music )
I don't know who my mischievous angel in the Brandeis Alumni office is, but they clearly looked down, saw us living 2 miles apart and said, "You know what would be a kick in the head? Let's send Erica to Ridgewood B, suite 440."

There are more topics to ponder on the life-expansion front (e.g., work thoughts, possible travel plans, other underdeveloped areas for fun and personal growth), but I feel like this is enough richness to be going on with.

The bad news is, I do NOT think I can plan to come to Boston the weekend of the 22nd/23rd. Sorry, gang. Too much complexity, and I feel we're likely to need that time to view apartments.

I did, however, sign up definitely for the G&S Sing-Out in Rockville, MD, over Labor Day. :-)

Fun things

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 12:34 am
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I started my Russian class tonight! It's just a 6-week mini-course, but should be enough to wrap my brain around some stuff. Tonight was all about learning to decode the alphabet. That will provide plenty of fodder for practice (the instructor suggested half an hour every day if we want to make good progress). I left with that delightful "my brain is full" feeling.

This coming weekend is my Brandeis reunion. I am going in with medium-low expectations, which I think should mean that it's a good and low-key time. (Worst case, I can hang out by myself and read/write/explore/chill, all of which are fine things, and maybe call some folks in for auxiliary socializing as needed.) I also signed up to read Torah for egalitarian Shabbat morning services, which it finally occurred to me to find amusing (because when I was there, literally half my lifetime ago, I couldn't even begin to imagine being able to read). I'm actually a little out of practice, with how little leyning I've done in the last year and a half; I'll be cramming on the bus.

Since I'm not going with [ profile] justom to Santa Fe the following weekend, I am going after all to Newport with the Blue Hill Troupe. It's their "Out-of-Town Show" (one reprise performance only of this spring's Mikado production), but it sounds like it is basically a Troupe retreat, complete with beach party (oh yeah, and set build and strike), which I think is going to be smashing fun. I'm riding up with my friend Michael, who is driving, and then returning Sunday afternoon in time for the matinee of My Name is Asher Lev.

There's a G&S "Sing-Out" marathon in Rockville, MD, over Labor Day weekend. My buddy Sam is encouraging me to sign up. It sounds fun -- especially remembering what an awesome time I had at the marathon at Brown that Adorable David took me to a few years back -- but I have this nagging feeling like I might need or want to be somewhere else over Labor Day. (I need to sign up in the next 2 weeks if I want to apply for any principal roles.) Anyone have alternative suggestions? Or should I go for it?
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A little late 'cause I was busy traveling and otherwise distracted the last 2 days. Happy re-chametzing, everyone!

Includes the long-awaited Hawaii trip with my mom, starting Thursday, April 25 )
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While watching Boardwalk Empire with [ profile] justom last night, I finally sat down and re-posted or adapted a bunch of work-related content to my pro blog. Going back years. A lot of years. :-) I think there's still art stuff I am missing that I need to add, but will review more later.

Off to catch the MetroNorth to do (what has become) my annual Gilbert & Sullivan performance with Robbie Harris at Temple Israel Center in White Plains (the one where the cast comprises 15 rabbis, cantors, and cantorial students, plus SCO#1 and me). I talked my friend Michael from the Blue Hill Troupe (who lives in Westchester Co. and is a great baritenorbass) into doing it, so that's going to be fun. Though of course I am also specially looking forward to hanging with SCO#1, who is on his way down from Boston right now. :-) This year, also, it's more of a "revue" format, so I get to sing a bunch of solos, trios, and duets (as well as chorus in the complete Trial by Jury). w00t!
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Sorry, a little late -- I've basically been away from the computer since Aug. 30!

I think I'm reaching a saturation point for this month where having a half-dozen things in parentheses on a given date is LESS helpful, and that I just need to keep my focus on the things I am ACTUALLY doing, instead of trying to keep straight in my head all the other things that are also happening that I have ruled out attending. :-)

Wake me up when Se... oh, never mind. )
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I am going to try to get back on the wagon of posting short snippets or individual thoughts to LJ every day or two, rather than wait until I build up a "whole entry" about some more involved topic. (Three things make a post? as [ profile] magid says.)

Part of the problem I have here is a natural reluctance to post more than one entry a day. If LJ or DW had an awesome "schedule post" function like WordPress has, I could pre-post five days' mini-entries in a row, and they'd be there. But it doesn't, so I don't. :-/

Facebook, OTOH, is always there for the easy link, embed, share, or micro-post. Oh, Facebook.

Anyway, so here are some thoughts I have been having about the Blue Hill Troupe... )

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I'll be in Boston next Friday through Monday (Labor Day) for [ profile] brass_rat and [ profile] awhyzip's wedding. Oh, and I am also collaborating with [ profile] farwing on doing their ketubah. It needs to go to the printer, like, Sunday night, so I am hoping the final Hebrew text gets to me by then. :-)

Besides High Holiday choir stuff, I will be spending September doing another small-scale G&S production with [ profile] teddyleevin, this time of The Gondoliers, as Vittoria and/or Inez. Three shows: a concert version for the G&S Society on Friday night 9/14, then two fully staged performances on Fri and Sat nights 9/28-29. Anyone want to come and sing chorus with me? We need people of all voice parts!

family and travel notes )

In my latest adventures with the New York Public Library, I am reading Infinite Jest, which I am enjoying, although not (yet) in the life-changing way that others seem to find. Impressive, though, yes, and complex and engaging yes. At 1079 pages, counting almost 100 pages of elaborate footnotes, it's kind of told by accretion. In Dave Eggers' foreword, he mentions that it took him about a month to read. I seem to be managing about 100 pages a day, which may mean I don't have to schlep it with me to Boston next weekend. :-) It's hard to fathom that I am really not even halfway into it, which maybe I will grasp the depths more adequately as I go on.

Work is being good but psychologically taxing in a variety of ways. It's reached that point in the summer where I feel like I have almost entirely lost track of what year it is, because "this year" (school-wise) already means 2013 and "next year" is likely to mean 2014.

Shabbat dinner at our house tonight... which I had better go start doing some prep work for!

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