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In general:
  • Invest half an hour a day in doing something actually productive, instead of wasting 45+ baby-free minutes (before and after sleep) dicking around on Facebook &c.

  • The biggest problem there is Aria's still-unpredictable sleep schedule; the second biggest is that once I get up in the morning and sit down at the computer, I end up spending half an hour just to clear the decks (check email, pay bills etc) and then suddenly it's time to get in the shower and start my day. But, the last couple weeks at least (when she wasn't fluey and miserable), she's been sleeping through the night better, and that's been fantastic.

    I would love to say things like "Get more exercise", "Drum up more freelance work" and "Rebuild my personal/professional website". But for now I don't feel I would prioritize those above doing more art, really. "Have a monthly date night", maybe that's something to strive for. :-)
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    Apparently it usually does take me 3 weeks to get this posted, but down the line I won't care how belated it was, so here it is. :-)

    10 goals from 2016 )

    more things that happened in 2016 )

    10 goals for 2017 )


    Friday, September 2nd, 2016 08:25 am
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    My work IT department has apparently been doing some review of employee network use recently, because yesterday while I was meeting with one of my close coworkers, they came to his desk to "uninstall some unauthorized software" -- Spotify. Ooh, he was pissed.

    And today I discover that they have blocked LiveJournal categorically on the grounds of "Adult Content" (apparently "Time-Wasters" is not a category in Barracuda). Bah.

    ... But not Dreamwidth. >:-)

    Does this mean I will have to post more often instead of reading? Time will tell, true believers! (It certainly means my DW reading page will get more traction, since I've been using LJ exclusively up til now for reading.)

    Shabbat shalom!

    Editors, help...

    Thursday, May 12th, 2016 04:50 pm
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    This poor sentence is trapped in the wrong language. It is in Marketingspeak and needs to be in English. Can someone please help me translate it?

    “Throughout the organization, efforts are being redeployed around member-focused initiatives.”

    ("Members" = our customers. This line would be tolerable if it were a marketing-internal document, but it's actually being published in a major customer-facing piece of collateral. NO NO NO NO NO just no.)
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    This one goes to eleven!

    Ten Eleven things I did in 2015:
    Have A Baby is highest on the list, but not the only thing! )

    Ten Eleven things I would like to do in 2016:
    each of which could probably make for a whole entry by itself )
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    The snow started Saturday evening and continued through this morning. Forecast total of 10-14" (not sure how that translated to reality, but [ profile] etrace's weather gauge measured 7.5 inches as of ~10am Sunday morning, and it's been snowing pretty continuously since). So I got over my East Coast blizzard envy from watching everyone's snow days last week. :-)

    This morning:

    Work: Still open, but half-hour delay!
    Snow: *continues falling in inch-wide flakes*
    Me: ...
    Nephew: Hey, I shoveled your car out.
    Me: <3 *drives carefully to work*
    Boss: Well, I HAD to get here, 'cause I have like 50 projects on deadline!
    Me: Great, can you pass anything to me, 'cause I have literally none?
    Boss: Um, maybe? Let me get back to you.
    Me: *finds 2 small projects and completes them*
    Boss: *crickets*
    Me: Sigh.
    Boss: *gets on conference call*
    Me: *gets on LJ*
    Work: Hey, at least we're ordering in pizza for everyone who made it!

    ... I swear, I am really loving this job and everything they've had me do. I could just do with some *more* of it.

    Job search front

    Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 03:02 pm
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    So, while I'm not in a huge hurry to find a job, I am interested in getting going, as I have enjoyed not worrying about money for the last several years and am keen for us to stay in that zone. :-}

    So far, in the last couple days, I have:
    - updated my resume (including expanding it from one to two pages, finally bowing to the times and/or my actual 20+ years of work experience) and associated suite of documents (writing samples, references)
    - updated and made public my resume on
    - applied to four jobs, three of them at the same place (the local newspaper)
    - perused Craigslist and (nothing promising at the moment in either place) as well as Monster and LinkedIn
    - answered one email from a recruiter
    - glanced at online PHP/SQL programs (this is an area I'm thinking seriously about pursuing further training)
    - applied for instant online ordination from the Universal Life Church Monastery (not directly job-related at present, but I've kind of always wanted to do it and figure it might be a direction in which I could expand)

    On the to-do list:
    - update my website and online portfolio
    - add some content to my professional blog
    - do the next round of revisions on a book layout job
    - work up a new design piece on commission
    - on the home front, start working with [ profile] etrace on our new and expanded business plan, marketing plan, and website

    Additional creative (not job-related) projects I would like to do soon:
    - add [ profile] etrace's trip photos to the Epic Road Trip Honeymoon album on Flickr, and add captions to the photos
    - pick up again the habit of morning pages (from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way)
    - for that matter, actually read The Artist's Way
    - beta-read my friend Michael's musical that he just sent me
    - overall, stay off Facebook in order to spend more time creating and/or writing (but LJ is OK, because it's more like actual writing ;-)

    But right now I'm going to go take a long walk. Back later.
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    ... I mean, a full-time housewife!
    ... I mean, a full-time freelancer! :-D

    Because my last day at work was Friday. One more milestone down.

    On Day 1 (Monday) I did what I thought was the majority of my taxes, only to find out that I was facing almost $2000 in taxes (federal + state) due to having earned almost $7500 in freelance income in 2013. So I spent the bulk of yesterday going back through my 2013 credit card statements to claim Every Single Possible Deductible Expense, with the help of a shiny new OpenOffice spreadsheet, and succeeded in getting that tax bill down to about $700. Go me!

    Also, [ profile] taylweaver had us over for lunch this past Shabbat, and [ profile] jessruth came over on Sunday to help us start packing (and eat lentil stew and homemade cookies). And we packed another 5+ cartons of books last night, with more to come tonight.

    Also, yesterday was Death of Windows XP Day. Sniff!

    Married life

    Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 07:40 am
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    We've been married almost a month. Four weeks this Friday!

    In that time, I've been rereading A Civil Campaign and then Pride and Prejudice, because it's been so delightful reading about other people's successful culmination of their improbable but eminently suitable matches. :-)

    It had been some time since I read P&P (I thought about picking it up when [ profile] theatreatfirst staged it two years ago, but apparently I never did). And nearing the end, I got to this quote from Mr. Bennett on learning that Elizabeth actually wished to marry Darcy:

    "I know your disposition, Lizzy. I know that you could be neither happy nor respectable, unless you truly esteemed your husband; unless you looked up to him as a superior. Your lively talents would place you in the greatest danger in an unequal marriage. You could scarcely escape discredit and misery. My child, let me not have the grief of seeing *you* unable to respect your partner in life."

    And reading that, I stood there (on the subway) and went, Oh. My God. That's it. That's me. That's exactly what happened to me the first time. Discredit and misery.

    ... And now, five and a half years later, I'm standing on this opposite shore where all the pieces have at last, miraculously, somehow come together into their right relation, a new wholeness.

    (I came home and explained this to [ profile] etrace, and he was like, "Wow, no pressure." ;-)

    In short, everything would be pretty great right now were it not for my working 10-hour days (plus another 90+ minutes a day commuting). BUT... as of Friday, I will have only 1 week left (gah!) to the big website launch, 3 weeks left at my job (we actually found me a replacement yay!), and 5 weeks til we move.

    I booked the U-Haul last night (10' truck) for Thursday, April 17. So the horizon really is in sight. (-- I mean, scheduling my own personal exodus during Passover... why not?)
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    Things that have been happening lately:
    • Awesome visits from out-of-town friends (with more on the schedule).
    • One band gig. Not a lot of audience, but some nice photos. Next one is Sunday evening, Sept. 29 -- watch this space!
    • Work is kicking my ass. We have entered crunch mode before start of school. I expect it to be running at high gear from now until approximately Chanukah (= Thanksgiving)... except for the part where we have off roughly half of the month of September, due to holiday timing, which will both ameliorate and exacerbate the strain. At minimum, I'm gonna need to get my butt into work closer to 8am all the coming week or two, because there is no freaking way I can hope otherwise to get everything done that I need to by start of school. Gah.
    • Coworker crush still operative. Awkwardness resulting from certain ill-advised episode* at department retreat 5+ weeks ago finally beginning to die down. (*Seriously, though, I asked for permission a good 12 hours ahead of time, and got it, so it wasn't like I jumped him out of the blue.)
    • Handful of dates, non-dates, or semi-dates with various people at various levels of interest.
    • A few surprising episodes of breakup grief being triggered by various things, particularly a couple of the aforementioned *-dates. Okay, THAT part is not exactly surprising, but it's always surprising when things suddenly rise up at you, isn't it?
    • Awesome beach day yesterday with ZZ.
    • Some well-received design work for BHT. Also for shul (new member welcome booklet for high holidays). So it begins.
    • Oh hey, I sold another art piece online recently (this one). I love when that happens.
    • Working on G&S music for Rockville (Ruddigore and Grand Duke). Also, there was a Pirates of Penzance living-room sing in Brooklyn today, which I did just for fun.
    • Did I mention that I have a paid gig for the High Holidays? Singing backup again, basically, for the services at Ohel Ayalah. It means I'll have to trade off some time when I'd otherwise be at T&V singing with the choir, but it'll be nice exposure and a really fun thing to do... and I will get to sing one of the three iterations of Kol Nidrei. Solo. For reals. For a congregation of like 200+ people.
    • Sleep has been poor of late (my body has decided 5 hours at a stretch is all it wants to take in... sort of like when my phone battery was wearing out, and couldn't take or hold enough charge anymore. That, at least, I could replace and give it a whole new lease on life). Running on fumes seems to be catching up with me, as I started to feel noticeably iffy today, and need to go to bed within the next hour in an effort to stave it off.
    • Got back more seriously on the no-sugar wagon for the past week or so. Not sure if this was related to today's crash or no, but I ended up carbing it up tonight just to see. After which, I am feeling slightly better, so I dunno.
    • Booked trip to see my dad (and hopefully some assorted friends) in Indiana the first days of Sukkot, Sept. 19-22.

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