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Overall I've been too crazed to journal, but today is weirdly slow* at work so I am taking a few minutes.
*(Edited to add: I suspected it was too good to be true. Of course the shit hit the fan on about 3 different projects as soon as I finished posting this, so, we'll hope I get out on time.)

Cards: mostly sent; I ordered 50, and carefully winnowed down my list to that number, but they actually sent me extras so I still have a dozen or so I can send (probably next week; gmar chatimah tovah!).

Honey cake: baked last night.

Challah: 4 small loaves (2 raisin, 2 plain) currently on second rise to bake later today. This year, I used the King Arthur recipe that I printed out last year but decided against for some reason. I made a double batch since it claims to make 1 9-inch round, let the dough rise overnight, and it looked beautiful this morning. Aria was super interested in the dough as I was rolling it into strands for coiling. "Cookie! Pizza! I hold it? I hold it?" I told her she'll be big enough to help me next year.

12lb. brisket in fridge, waiting to prep for Thurs afternoon. Sorry, [ profile] ablock, I fear my brisket-recipe allegiance is permanently switched! even though the simmered-in-wine version will forever smell like the essence of Rosh Hashanah to me.

Matzah ball soup: also tomorrow (using stock from freezer)

- brisket potatoes & carrots
- tzimmes (I actually found frozen diced butternut squash at Not-Our-Usual-Supermarket)
- salad

Guests: 1 (maybe 2?) Thursday night, 1 Friday night

Shul: by myself tonight (6:30pm) and tomorrow morning (9am); with Aria on Friday. She saw me put on a skirt this morning (since I'm going straight from work) and said "Mama you go shul today! I go shul!"

Still to review: Shacharit davening for first day (ack) and Haftarah. I went over the davening with the rabbi during Sunday school the last two weeks and it was OK - Yom Kippur is more direly in need of practice, but first things first.

Kittel: try on tonight, bring tomorrow morning.

Shanah tovah u'metukah!

Eating in

Friday, July 14th, 2017 05:11 pm
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One of the best things [ profile] etrace regularly does for me is roast me a chicken (over a bed of vegetables) every Friday night for Shabbat dinner. He's refined his technique over the past 3 years until he has it pretty much perfected. Which means it's kind of a pain in the ass relative to the "throw it in a pan and turn on the oven" I used to do, but he does it because he loves me, and it is fantastic. And while I love everything we do Friday evening -- lighting candles with Aria, opening a bottle of wine to go with dinner -- my hands-down favorite moment of the whole week is sitting down and pulling the beautifully roasted skin off my piece. NOM.

Hilariously: A few weeks ago he made a roast beef on some other weeknight, using the same pan he roasts the chicken in. And when it was done and Aria saw it resting on the counter under a sheet of tinfoil, she said "Candle time! Candle time!" No, lovey, I know it looks a lot like a chicken, but it's Tuesday!

Shul friends D (the lawyer) and R (also a lawyer) passed along some toys to us last weekend that their youngest grandchildren had officially outgrown... one of them being a little wooden Shabbat set: pretend candles, wine cup, and bread board with two loaves of challah "slices". I thought, Aria will get a kick out of the first two, but it's too bad I never make challah! Maybe I should get in the habit, just so she can have the full experience. Anyway, but we'll try them out tonight and see how it goes.

Shabbat shalom, y'all.

High Holidays

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 08:11 am
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My two favorite friends from synagogue are MH, the president, and EHF (hereinafter SCO#4), the chair of the ritual committee. Between them, they have been talking to me for ages (since I was pregnant with Aria; possibly even before that) about training me up to lead High Holiday services.

notes from the life of an amateur cantorial soloist )

I figure, if I memorized the entire Hamilton soundtrack in less than 2 months, I can do this. It's just Shacharit, right? Right? #17tammuz #tishreiiscoming

Wonder of wonders

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 05:08 pm
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We didn't actually go see Wonder Woman last Sunday when we had the babysitter. The morning of, as we were getting ready, Etrace said "I don't think we're going to be able to enjoy a movie if we're listening every instant for the phone to ring," so we shifted smoothly over to Plan B and went on a lunch date in the courthouse square in Crown Point (barely 5 minutes from the babysitter's house).

There's a fancy steakhouse we'd been wanting to try, but Google said they didn't open til noon and we had arranged to drop Aria off around 11am. So we first tried to go shoe shopping (also closed Sundays, alas), then went for donuts and coffee at the local donuts-and-comics shop, like ya do. (Etrace: "Dessert first?" Me: "This is breakfast! Then we'll have lunch!" They were quite good donuts, especially when surrounded by Star Wars and Marvel paraphernalia. Would nom again.) Next, a nice grownup lunch where we actually got to chat about things other than our child in a leisurely fashion. And then we browsed the Antique Mall next door for another 20 minutes, until I got too antsy and we headed back to get her.

We got back there right around 2pm, and all of them (mom, kids, and Aria) were playing contentedly with blocks on the living room floor. Aria jumped up and ran to the door calling "Mama! Dada!" and then remarked, perfectly calmly, "You came back!" Amanda said Aria was perfectly fine the whole time and never got anxious in the slightest. Really good to know.

The next few weekends are pretty busy (nephew J's birthday and, oh yeah, we should try to hold a garage sale one of these Sundays), and then my mom will be here July 22-29. Maybe *she'll* be willing to watch Aria solo for a couple hours one afternoon/evening....

ETA: While I'm here, I should note that Tuesday was July 4, and after a quiet day at home, we went over to Etrace's cousins' house (also in Crown Point) for a small toddler-friendly cookout and fireworks. Aria was way more interested in the swingset, sand table, playhouse, and toy cars (the ride-in kind) than in the fireworks; maybe next year. Myself, I had never seen home fireworks that actually go *up in the air* and explode like real grownup fireworks, so I was impressed! I said to Etrace that we never had anything like that growing up, all we ever got were the little ground works like snakes and sparklers and smoke bombs and camellias; he said "That's because that's all that was legal in Indiana until 2006." That explains that! We bailed out at 9pm to take Aria home to bed, but driving home we could see other people's home fireworks displays all around us. It reminded us of arriving home from our roadtrip honeymoon 3 years ago on July 4, seeing fireworks all along the horizon for the final several miles as we drove north up I-65 at twilight. <3
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I owe a significant update about the past week, but right now I am baking for tomorrow night's seder, and since I had to go looking for this yet again, here is my go-to recipe:

Almond Torte )

Also, I plan to make the brisket recipe that [personal profile] gnomi posted last month, to wit:
Put brisket in pan, fat side up. Slather it with chopped garlic and sliced onions (I do the onions in rounds). Bake it uncovered at 350 for an hour. After that hour, put in potatoes, carrots, and up to a cup of water (depending on how much brisket sauce you like). Cover it tightly in aluminum foil and bake for an additional two hours. (You can turn the oven down to 300 for the last two hours of cooking, but it's not necessary.) Remove from oven, slice, and eat.

Second night, we are going to the community seder at the Reform temple (Beth El) that is right near our regular congregation. So hopefully that will be fun.

Chag sameach, everyone.

Tisha B'Av

Sunday, August 14th, 2016 01:23 pm
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The 10th of Av is Aria's Hebrew birthday. Last year, like this year, it was the observed date of the fast of Tisha B'Av since the actual 9th of Av fell on Shabbat. Last year I missed the candlelight reading of Eicha because I was at the hospital in hour 17 or so of "early" labor. (I was reliving my own version of Lamentations though.) Last night I missed it because it was competing with baby bathtime/bedtime and I just couldn't face the logistics of driving 40 minutes each way to shul and back. But it's still on my mind.

I'm not fasting, either, to be honest. I thought about trying, but my brain is so foggy already these days that I just can't face spending a day in the fasting zone. I need to be able to do things.

Wishing a meaningful fast to those who are observing, though.
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On March 20 we got "real" portraits taken at JC Penney -- now I wish we'd started doing it months earlier! It was so fun and the pictures came out beautiful. March 23 was Aria's first Purim -- we sort of dressed her up as "grunge rocker" for megillah reading at CBI on Wednesday night, but not really for the Chabad Purim seudah at the Federation on Thursday night. Still, she loved getting to crawl around some big open space and see the other little kids. She is standing up all over the place now, and will sometimes let go long enough to stand by herself for a few seconds -- but when she turns away, she falls over. Daddy thinks she's ready to take a step any day now. Her 3rd & 4th teeth have been peeking out since the beginning of March, but still haven't fully descended; not the front top teeth but the "fangs" (lateral incisors?) to the sides. Grandma Elsie says Daddy had "fangs" too and that's where she gets it. She's getting 1 meal of solid foods at lunchtime most days (sometimes a second in the evening) -- rice cereal plus a vegetable -- so far she likes green beans best, then butternut squash. Avocado gets a funny face!! Aria likes to hold and chew on Mama's big water glass (while I hold her and hold it for her); she will take real sips (but then sometimes dribbles all the water back out onto herself). Her favorite chew toy is still Sophie the Giraffe; she actually lights up when she sees it.

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My husband is a music teacher. He was a music teacher when I first met him 20+ years ago. I've gone to see him perform in bands. More recently, I have performed with him in bands. I've seen videos of him playing in high school talent shows. He made me this recording for my birthday last year. We have in the house an entire room dedicated to housing what must be 20 musical instruments (piano, organ, accordion, numerous guitars and bass guitars, an upright bass, ukulele, mandolin, percussion...), where he receives students two or three days a week.

But somehow, it's discovering him in the music room one December evening after dinner, noodling around on the piano playing jazz Christmas carols, that really makes my heart go "Holy shit, I married a musician." :-)


Rosh Hashanah menu

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 05:04 pm
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This Rosh Hashanah I've done something that I usually do for Passover, namely: say to myself for the last few weeks/days, "Aah, I'm not going to really do too much in terms of preparations, I'm just going to go to the thing [usually seders; in this case shul] and plan a little additional grocery shopping and that'll be it," and then wake up this morning going "OMG HOLIDAY IS COMING! MUST DO RITUAL THINGS!"

So I got up and frantically baked two raisin challahs and a honey cake and started a pot roast, which will stay on the stove until we get home from shul around 8:30pm.

[ profile] etrace said, "Busy day!" I told him that is standard pre-holiday practice. :-) I just... didn't fully plan on it ahead of time.

It turns out that food matters; that in particular, holiday food matters for holidays; and that something in me yearns for that, even being here now, especially being here now. So it may not be [ profile] ablock's brisket dinner with 18 of my closest friends (one of which was the source of this userpic)... and I admit I do miss that. But it's me making some kind of yomtov in my new home, in my new family. And that's the sweetest thing there is.

L'shanah tovah u'metukah!

It's 2014!

Monday, January 6th, 2014 06:50 pm
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So, [ profile] etrace and I are back in our respective (for now) homes, after a fantastic 12-day stretch in the same space in the second half of December.

This included some time in Boston, during which we had to balance visiting time with wedding-logistics time and actual downtime... so I apologize to everyone we didn't manage to get over and socialize with. In particular, we missed the NYE party I had meant for us to attend, because after dinner that evening I started feeling pretty wiped out and, even if I had been up to the walk through the 15-degree weather, just not up to facing the Wall of People awaiting us on the other side of it. ([ profile] etrace: "Er, well, now you know how I feel pretty much All The Time." Me: "Yes, but when I feel that way, it is a sign that I'm physically unwell!") So I will hope we can catch some of you fine folks at Arisia, instead. Maybe in small doses at the MuffinButtons table. :-)

I am overdue for a real entry and will try to get some updates together in the next few-to-several days... but it's been (surprise!) awfully busy with wedding stuff and Blue Hill Troupe stuff and of course actual work stuff eating my life.

Unfortunately for my lurking/reading public, however: it also came to my attention over the break that posting my calendar publicly may be... unwise at this juncture. So one of my 2014 resolutions/changes is that I am going to post the calendaring entries friendslocked going forward. Of course, I encourage all my readers to either create a LiveJournal account or create a Dreamwidth account so I can grant you reading access. But I think once I move in April, anyway, it may be time to phase myself over to the Google calendar system... the end of a long and fruitful era.

Wishing all of us a year of physical health, emotional growth, and spiritual abundance.

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