Saturday, January 16th, 2016 02:51 pm
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[ profile] arisia is happening right now. And I am not at it, obviously, but reading the posts of everyone who is, and feeling a little bit of the echo of what it would have been to be there. So, thank you all for that.

But the new Lois McMaster Bujold book is out today (e-book version only; hardcover will be released Feb. 2). So I bought that this morning, and will try to read some of it this afternoon while sitting on the nursery floor watching Babykins play. Right now she is napping and we are making a token effort at cleaning/tidying.

(This also means no MuffinButtons at the con this year, again, obviously. Someday soon, I need to figure out how to sell off the approximately 1000 already-made buttons I have in my inventory.)
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Happy new year!

I've never bothered with this meme, but since this is almost certainly the longest list I will ever have for a single year, and it makes for a nice year-in-review, I'll try it. ;-)

Somerville, MA (rang in 2014 chez [ profile] ablock and family)
Brooklyn, NY
Boston, MA (Arisia)
Merrillville, IN
Lexington, MA (chez [ profile] mercurysparkle and [ profile] kalessin!)
Cambridge, MA (wedding weekend)
Manchester, VT (mini-moon)
Malden, MA (chez [ profile] vettecat and family!)
Brookville, PA (waypoint with U-Haul)
Spring Green, WI (kicking off Epic Road Trip Honeymoon)
Plymouth, MN
Interior, SD (Badlands Interior Campground)
Cody, WY (Pahaska Teepee)
Yellowstone National Park (Norris Campground)
Idaho Falls, ID
Winnemucca, NV
Lodi, CA (chez Mom)
San Francisco, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Pacific Grove, CA
Santa Maria, CA
Death Valley, CA (Panamint Springs Campground)
Las Vegas, NV
St. George, UT
Kanab, UT
Flagstaff, AZ
Sedona, AZ
N. Flagstaff, AZ
Lordsburg, NM
Roswell, NM
Fort Stockton, TX
San Antonio, TX
Conroe, TX
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Decatur, AL
Gallatin, TN
Lexington, KY
... and continuously back in Merrillville, IN, since July 4.

And while not every night of 2014 was shared with [ profile] etrace (we lost a bunch of January), every one of those places was, which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of travel, I should point out (since people have been asking me) that we're not planning on coming to Arisia this year. I'll miss you all, but it's just not in the cards -- no time off yet from the new job, still catching up on finances, and so on. On the plus side, though, there will still be Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat services at Arisia thanks to intrepid hosts [ profile] mbarr and [ profile] crewgrrl. (But no MuffinButtons. If you need some, place your orders now for pre-con delivery!)
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Dear friends, I have so very much I would like to write about these days, and no time or energy to do it. My grand plan of using train time to compose journal entries on my phone has been pretty much sabotaged by the ongoing issues with my hands (oh yeah, more on that later too); I can thumb-type successfully for a while, but holding my hands up in the requisite position makes the numbness and tingling worse. So, yuck. But right now I am waiting for some files to copy, and nothing else will function until I finish freeing up some disk space, so I will finish this draft I started earlier. :-)

Anyway, but Arisia! )

Next weekend (Jan. 31-Feb. 2) I am going to IN for the very last "visit". It will be EMom's 80th birthday and he's planning a family reunion/birthday party for her, with (God willing) all her grandkids and great-grandkids in attendance. But then he will return with me to NYC on Sunday night and be here, HERE!, with me, for the duration. Which is to say, for another 2 months until he can take me home.

And also the wedding is three weeks from today. OMG.
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I was about to say "belated con report", but it's really only been two days since I got home, even though it feels like about 6.

Things that were awesome about this Arisia for me: lots )

Things that were less awesome: few and minor )

But, seriously, that's kind of all I can think of. It was pretty fab all around.

So I've pretty much made up my mind to sign up for vending at Lunacon in mid-March. :-)
And now I have done three loads of laundry and it's time to go to bed.

Arisia or bust!

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 12:12 pm
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Stayed up til 1:30am last night finishing complete revised page proofs on the book project. Now I can leave for [ profile] arisia with a clear conscience! Then I got up this morning and spent another ~3 hours getting the button supply ready to print up.

Here is what my anticipated Arisia schedule looks like: I should really copy this into the master calendar for future reference, too )

So if you want to run into me, you have some idea of where to find me!

I have some additional stated goals for this Arisia (interestingly, all of them self-care related):
  • To pack myself off to bed as early as I damn well feel like it, instead of feeling socially obligated to stay up until 3am
  • To get in some hot tubbing, in either the Renaissance (where I will have a room key) or the Westin (where I won't, so only if with others who do)
  • To treat myself to an actual restaurant meal on Saturday night, between 7pm close of dealer's room and the 10pm Chantey Sing

    So if you feel like joining me for either of those latter two things, speak up. :-)

    PS: I keep forgetting to ask: is anyone interested in buying a full-length full-circle brown polarfleece cloak from me? I bought it from Cloak & Dagger five or six Arisias ago, and I love it, but it turns out to be a bit too bulky/warm for my personal costuming needs, so I've probably only worn it out of the house three or four times total. I paid about $120 for it on sale. I'd love to get $50 for it. Let me know, and I can haul it with me.
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    This coming Sunday is a major work event for which my entire department is working late nights all week trying to get ready.

    The weekend after that is Arisia, when I'll be working 9-hour days at the MuffinButtons vendor table. I am super excited about this, but have also decided that my priority outside of vending hours will be... going to sleep as early as I damn well feel like it. (Maybe I'll get up at 6am on Sunday morning and catch the *end* of the DJ/80s dance, which I totally forgot about last year and kicked myself for missing.) Any other early birds who want to hang out for breakfast in the lobby around 9-10am, please do -- I found that that was one of my favorite times of the con last year.

    The weekend after *that* is a Shabbat dinner with my synagogue choir, and special choir performances at both Friday night and Saturday morning services, in honor of Shabbat Shirah (the Sabbath of Song, so named because we read about the Israelites' crossing the Red Sea and their ensuing Song of the Sea). And, um, I got recruited to coordinate the dinner signups, which is cool because it's basically "put together a fancy signup sheet and then hound everybody until I hear from all of them, and then hound everybody some more until I get all their prepayments", at all of which I am an old hand, but... it takes some cycles.

    Also, the ASL 2 class (8-week sequel to the 6-week ASL 1 class I took in the fall) starts up tomorrow night.

    Also, I am lead program designer for the Blue Hill Troupe's spring show. The hard part of my job is more-or-less-almost done, but I still have to set up a bunch of article templates based on the design specs we've settled on.

    Also, remember that book project that I'm trying to get out the door? Maybe by the end of this month?

    Also, I, um, agreed to serve as production stage manager for Utopia Unlimited's next opera production, La Fille du Regiment, which is dress-rehearsing the last week of January for performances Feb 1-2.

    Basically, I've now decided that if there's anything I haven't already promised to do for someone in February, I am not doing it. (So, BHT yes, ASL yes, shepherding book through manufacturing yes, everything else no.) Seriously -- I had signed up to participate in the synagogue Purimshpiel, but I emailed them yesterday morning to back out, because no. I just don't need a whole new set of Sunday-afternoon rehearsals shoehorned into my month. Even if it is a short month.

    March will be Lunacon, and then -- holy crap, it'll already be Passover. Where does the time go?? (But, 10-day stay-cation!!)

    ... Speaking of Lunacon, I am thinking of vending there too, but I already bought a personal membership, and now the table fee comes with one (and they won't credit me for the existing one). Anyone want me to transfer a membership to them for this year? I'll sell it for the $30 I paid in October; they're already up to $50.
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    Since I am vending at [ profile] arisia, I can't carry all my cargo on public transit, so [ profile] ladymondegreen's household offered me a ride up from NYC. Only, when they got to my doorstep around 9:30 this evening, it turned out there was not in fact room in the laden car for both me AND my stuff.

    ... Which I'd kind of thought might turn out to be the case, honestly. So I buckled my MuffinButtons, crockpot, and food supplies into the front seat, cheerfully waved cargo and passengers goodbye 'til tomorrow, and headed back upstairs to book BoltBus tickets. I'm now getting an 8am bus out on Friday, so should be at the hotel shortly after 12:30pm.

    Which means I have an early morning. Boo! But at least I get a quiet night at home with [ profile] justom first. Yay! :-D

    (Booked a return bus for Mon evening while I was at it, on general principles, since they're already filling up for the holiday weekend. 5:30pm bus will give me plenty of leisure to finish up in the dealers' room, and get me home around 10pm. And hopefully some of my cargo can still hitch a ride home.)

    We'll just have to make up for the missed opportunity by singing show tunes together in a confined space for several hours some other time!

    See (many of) you tomorrow!
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    Phone and internets are down at my workplace. As many of you can imagine, this precludes 95% of the work I need to be doing. Thank God our internal servers are still accessible, or there would go the other 5%. Meanwhile, I'm poking at the Treo while things burn and copy on my desktop machine.

    In other news, due to a last-minute cancellation, MuffinButtons WILL be vending in the Arisia 2011 Dealers' Room! (when not prepping parties for [ profile] zigguratlabs, at least). Come by Table 28!

    **Special pre-con pitch: Is there a MuffinButton you'd love to see for sale? Comment here and I'll try to make it available at-con, no obligation! (Short and pithy; this isn't Nancy's Buttons. Nouns and adjectives are preferred. See the website link above for samples.)
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    I don't have much of a 2010 year-in-review at present, but for now I give you...

    January 2011 calendaring )

    Happy 2011, all. To borrow the idiom of my people: May you be sealed for a good and sweet year.
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    Some of the things worth being happy about today:
    1. The Arisia 2010 souvenir book (which I designed and produced) has been officially delivered to the printers!
    2. Last spring, I ordered a parka (one of those 3-in-1 "system" kinds with the zip-out insulated liner jacket) from Lands' End for $70 on end-of-season clearance. Startling news flash: Warm coats are good! )
    3. Modern medicine. Still.
    4. My boss, who is the Boss of Awesome (even though very occasionally the Boss of Tearing-Hair-Out), authorized me to work from home today, which I actually have been.
    5. Eggnog in my coffee (swapped in for milk; I bought a quart of it a couple weeks ago and finished it up this morning). You know how Starbucks sells eggnog latte this time of year? Like that, but with slightly less wretched excess.
    6. Staying in for movie-watching and Chinese takeout at [ profile] ablock & M's tonight.
    7. Just in time for Jewmas (speaking of which)... Sherlock Holmes opens tomorrow. When I saw the trailer for it over the summer, my first reaction was a slightly stunned, "Wow, I think that movie just hit me right in the fandom." Robert Downey Jr.! Hot hot steampunk detective action! 10am showing at Boston Common!
    8. Relatively quiet weekend ahead.
    9. I successfully mailed off half my family Xmas presents yesterday morning. Granted, that's only half, but it's half a load off my mind. (Further post on this topic brewing for later.) Now to go finish wrapping and find a post office that's staying open until 5pm today, for the rest!
    10. I am loved.
    And God bless us, every one.

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