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My outing to [ profile] etrace's Dead gig on 10/28 was fun. I was surprised to find that the room was more like a medium-sized coffeehouse than anything; the building is an enormous pole barn, but most of it is the brewery of course, so the tap room in front is just a small space with a bar, a dozen tables, and a couple of couches. I sat at the bar and drank their delightful Mad Cow Coconut Milk Stout (!) and had a bar burger, which was good, although not quite as awesome as I was expecting from [ profile] etrace's previous rave review. Etrace had gone to set up earlier in the day, so he got to come sit and eat dinner with me right up until showtime - almost like an actual date. :-) They played from 8 til 9:20ish and then had a break until almost 10pm, so I stayed to hang with Etrace through the break and left at the beginning of the second set to go pick up Aria. She had fun at the babysitters' too, so, win all around. <3

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Whew. Another whirlwind Boston weekend.

Oh, before I forget (since it already feels like weeks ago): I posted my July 4th notes (link to LJ version) on the date more appropriate, so as to try and get back in the habit of posting things more promptly instead of huge catch-up entries every several weeks.

So, Boston weekend, the third in four weeks )

ETA: The bus! Which took SEVEN HOURS to get from South Station to Penn Station! If [ profile] awhyzip hadn't packed me that fruit salad for the bus, I would have been a lot sadder by the time we landed. As it was, within a few minutes after I got home, I was standing over the stove literally eating sausages (okay kosher Moroccan lamb kebabs om nom) right out of the frying pan because OMG STARVING. I think [ profile] justom is right that in the summertime it's just not worth trying to leave in either direction before 6:30pm, because you can't get there before 10:30pm no matter what you do.

... So.

In some ways I saw a lot more people than I normally might, but conversely, not necessarily in a very focused way. I had several people say "When are you coming BACK so I/we can SEE you??" -- and the answer is, definitely not for a few more weeks, no matter how many social activities I will be missing next weekend! We're coming for sure Labor Day weekend for a wedding, but that's likely to mean time is pretty booked up. But it's possible there will be another visit in the interim. Will advise.
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  • The neighborhood of Chelsea is the epicenter of the global art world.
  • You can print off daily listings of gallery exhibits, events, and openings (this is, I'm sure, a no-brainer, but I'd never been aware of it before).
  • Head-to-toe black (turtleneck, knee-length tiered skirt,tights, motorcycle jacket) plus funky shoes constitutes Artist Drag.
  • "Are you an artist?" is completely a pick-up line.
  • Especially when uttered by guys clasping printouts of gallery listings in their hands.
  • I have crossed a line since moving to NYC where the peak audience for my attractiveness is men aged 45-55. Weird, but observable.

    Oh yeah, and I also learned some new stuff about the behavior of flat surfaces (e.g., paper) when folded on curved creases.

    Plus some things I already knew:
  • Math is cool.
  • The Demaines (père et fils) do incredibly intriguing work.
  • Geeks are reliably the most interesting people in the room to talk to.
  • [ profile] gremionis has cool friends, even if he never has any time to hang out with them. ;-)

    I took some pictures, too; will try to post them later this weekend.
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    This past Shabbat morning, August 6th, [ profile] tremontstshul had a farewell kiddush in my honor.

    I got to stand up and say a few words (it was Parshat Dvarim, get it??) -- although I wasn't sure if I felt more like the Israelites about to cross the Jordan (which, as I pointed out, in Italian is il Giordano), or like Moshe admonishing the Israelites by way of a historical overview of their sojourn. But it seemed to go okay.

    And there was lox, and real whitefish (lovingly deboned by B"H Model), and black-and-whites.

    There were also a couple of nice tribute parodies offered, which I found so delightful that I wanted to record them here for posterity and share with you all. One was written by father-of-[ profile] hilaritea to the tune of the Major General's song from The Pirates of Penzance:

    I am the very model of egalitarian orthodox... )

    Edited To Add, since someone asked: In fact, no, I don't consider myself Orthodox by any stretch. We noted that privately at the time of the dramatic reading. (But it does rhyme so beautifully with "paradox".)

    The other was written by [ profile] la_vie_en_rosie and her spouse, RLS formerly of the Menschen, in the vein of Eishet Chayil (A Woman of Valor), which is a passage from Proverbs traditionally sung on Friday nights to the woman of the household:

    Erica Chayil )

    I was absolutely tickled.

    A number of other people very dear to me were specially present, and we had lots of singing, and a fair quantity of Scotch, and it was a lovely sendoff. Thanks to all those of you who were there.

    (And if you missed it, it looks like I'm still going to be in town after all for the Community Shabbat Dinner on August 19th, so you can sign up for that. There'll probably even still be some Scotch left.)

    Maine vacation

    Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 07:31 am
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    Just to make sure it doesn't go unrecorded:

    Sometime in April, the irrepressible [ profile] jessruth said "I'm going to plan a solo getaway vacation for this summer." Me: "Let me know if you decide you want company..." Her: "Really? I didn't think you'd have time with everything going on this summer!" So... within a week or so, she had picked out the Cliff House in Ogunquit as our girls' spa vacation destination! She found a cheaper package rate for the weekend of July 7-10, so we went ahead and booked it, even though it was likely to be prime apartment- and job-hunting season for me. :-}

    So we went! )

    On the whole, not QUITE as epic as our great 1999 Cruise to Bermuda... but a worthy successor!

    I took pictures, I'll try (bli shevua, without vowing, as the yeshiva bochur says) to get them posted before departing on this weekend's second-round apartment-hunting trip to NYC.
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    Well, first, some shameless promotion of others: two cool things I'm going to. This Thursday night, Jews in Science Fiction, brought to you by The Future Rabbi Josh Breindel ). And Saturday afternoon is the closing matinee of MITG&SP's Pirates of Penzance. )

    Now the self-promotion:

    This Saturday night, December 13th, my first official vocal recording will be released: Honorable Menschen's debut album, By the River. I sing solos on 2 of the 12 tracks. Plus I designed the cover and all the associated graphics. Thus, if you are a fan of me, you should own this album. ;-) Also, there's a concert. The concert is free. FREE! With FREE REFRESHMENTS! Come on down to [ profile] tremontstshul [directions here] between 8pm and 10pm! And if you pre-order a CD and come to the concert to pick it up, you can save a couple bucks over buying it in cash that evening. -- Or if you simply can't make the concert, but expect to be in Boston anytime in the next 6 weeks, you can still pre-order it "for pickup" and I'll hand-deliver it to you, saving you the shipping, because I love you. (Or else you can feel free to wait and buy it on iTunes later. Yes, really. I'll post the link to that when it's up.)

    This Sunday, December 14th, there is a Chanukah Art & Craft Fair where I will be selling MuffinButtons as well as my Judaic graphic artwork (and, yes, Honorable Menschen CDs, and I might have Falling August CDs to give away if you ask in advance). And [ profile] mizarchivist and [ profile] anotherjen and [ profile] chaiya [in absentia] and [ profile] red_queen and many other cool people will all be displaying and selling their cool stuff. Admission is free. FREE! With FREE REFRESHMENTS! Come on down to [ profile] tremontstshul [directions here] between 10:30am and 1:30pm!

    Lastly, for you northwest suburbanites, the Menschen are also performing next Friday night 12/19 at Temple Emanuel in Andover. 6:30pm! We're probably performing in Chelsea the morning of Sunday 12/21, as well -- ping me if you want details on that.
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    Here's a meme that was going around again recently.
      Five random idiosyncratic things about me you probably don't know:
    1. I have to have at least two kinds of shampoo and three kinds of conditioner in my shower at all times. (Not always the same two or three kinds, although I certainly go through phases. But I have to have an active rotation.)
    2. I have never lived in a house with cable television.
    3. I have a thing for radiant heat. Saunas, hot tubs, sunbathing. (This is apparently one of the traits I inherit from my dad. Unless I was a salamander in some previous life.)
    4. Breakfast just does not taste as good unless eaten in pajamas. Bathrobe is an acceptable second-best. But the only reason to put on the day's actual clothes before breakfast is pressure of time, and I hate that. (I make an exception for breakfast or brunch out.)
    5. I am drawn to objects that use text as a decorative motif. E.g.: My cookie jar is green glass with the words for "cookie" in a dozen languages embossed on it. My old coworker Sadi said this was because I was a typographer at heart. I believe it.
      Five more facts about me which I consider obvious but are apparently not universally known:
    1. I converted to Judaism at the age of 23. (Really, it amazes me that more people do not know this. But I 'pass' extremely well.)
    2. I grew up in northwest Indiana, about an hour outside of Chicago.
    3. I have only one sibling (my brother Rick, two years younger than me) and four cousins (two on each side, all girls).
    4. I graduated high school at 16 and college at 20.
    5. Every job I have had since graduating college has had to do with books (retail or publishing).

    ... And now, I'm off to meet Tiger Boy at Burdick's. :-)
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    Two places you can see me perform in the next 2 weeks!

    December 1 & 2, 8:00 PM

    To Benefit [ profile] theatreatfirst's 2007 Season and First Congregational Church of Somerville

    The Performances:
    Friday, December 1, 8:00 PM
    Saturday, December 2, 8:00 PM
    $12 adult, $9 student/senior/children
    Admission includes the show and a scrumptious spread of desserts and treats, beverages, and fun!

    Please join us as we kick off the December holidays with a cabaret of festive Broadway tunes and seasonal favorites. Many of your favorite Firsties will be there to serenade you, along with singers from the Church. Besides yours truly, we have a stellar roster of performers including -- among many others -- the golden-throated [ profile] heliopsis (seriously, if you have never heard this man sing, you should come just for that; it's a treat) and the illustrious Dr. [ profile] mangosteen (ditto).

    This show is appropriate for all ages (notwithstanding my "thrillingly scandalous" Sally Bowles costume in the opening number ;-) -- so bring the kids and grandfolks, too!

    Sunday, December 10, 5pm

    Smith Hall at Harvard Hillel: 52 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge (directions)

    Get in the Chanukah spirit a little early this year as Harvard's RECKLEZ KLEZMER BAND joins local a cappella sensation Honorable Menschen! Come join us for singing, dancing, and noshing aplenty!

    Long day today

    Sunday, March 12th, 2006 09:57 pm
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    Recording session #2 with the Menschen, 10am-2:30pm. T from Porter to Harvard, bus to Family Opera rehearsal, 3:30-6:45pm. Oy.

    But we got through recording 2 more songs, and rehearsal is the first in the performance space. So those are good things, however tired I am getting.

    One of the dads in the cast was watching me play with the Treo during announcements, and suddenly asked me, "Hey, have you ever been a hand model?" Which ranks high on the list of remarks guaranteed to warm my girlish heart. ;-) I told him my hands are too big for modeling: jewelry, for instance, wants to be displayed on the tiniest hands possible, to make it look bigger (I learned this from [ profile] jessruth)! But it was still nice.

    I have more little updates I keep meaning to add, but only so much I intend to try to do on the Treo. Maybe tonight.
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    GIP: New icon of blissful respose, courtesy of Dr. [ profile] mangosteen. Ten bonus points to the correct identifier of the subject line. (Also, perhaps, to the identifier of the occasion of the photo, although my theory is that it was this past year's Rosh Hashanah dinner; chez [ profile] ablock, certainly.) The full shot, for those interested.

    Net connectivity restored.
    New office taking shape.
    Dinner with [ profile] navrins tonight, before he skips town yet again. :-) Laundry will just have to wait a while longer.
    City of Cambridge Holocaust Commemoration tomorrow night.
    Making Israel Out Of Ice Cream Thursday night for Yom Ha-Atzma'ut.
    Visiting [ profile] jessruth this weekend, huzzah!

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