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My outing to [ profile] etrace's Dead gig on 10/28 was fun. I was surprised to find that the room was more like a medium-sized coffeehouse than anything; the building is an enormous pole barn, but most of it is the brewery of course, so the tap room in front is just a small space with a bar, a dozen tables, and a couple of couches. I sat at the bar and drank their delightful Mad Cow Coconut Milk Stout (!) and had a bar burger, which was good, although not quite as awesome as I was expecting from [ profile] etrace's previous rave review. Etrace had gone to set up earlier in the day, so he got to come sit and eat dinner with me right up until showtime - almost like an actual date. :-) They played from 8 til 9:20ish and then had a break until almost 10pm, so I stayed to hang with Etrace through the break and left at the beginning of the second set to go pick up Aria. She had fun at the babysitters' too, so, win all around. <3

Another milestone reached in October: I am finally a card-carrying Costco member in my own name. Etrace and MomTrace split an Executive membership for several years, and she was always the primary member. We weren't sure if the membership would be transferable even in case of decease, but it was up for renewal this month anyway, so we went and had it changed over. Etrace had to pull up the obituary on his phone, but apart from that they were like "Sure, we do this all the time, oh and also sorry for your loss". So now he's the primary member but I actually have my own card and can, in theory, go buy bagels anytime I feel the need. :-D Or, more to the point, gas. Although it's sufficiently inconvenient (at least at evening rush hour) that I'm going to have to plan ahead to save that $3 per tank.

We finally watched Wonder Woman several weeks back. I liked it, but wasn't as wowed by it as I thought I would be. Was it more impressive on the big screen? I had heard it was startlingly Christian in its plotline, for all its Greco-Roman trappings, and that was my biggest takeaway at the end. Etrace: "Really? I didn't get that." Me: "...The Last Temptation of Diana? Only begotten son of God the Father, sent to save the earth from the Horned Adversary?"

Now we just have to find time to watch Stranger Things now that season 2 is out! We watched the first two episodes on Sunday 10/29, and another two yesterday afternoon (all during Aria's naptime), but that's been it so far.

I really want to color my hair one of these days. Have been wanting to for months, honestly, but there is never time; or rather, there is always something more pressing to do with a spare hour and a half. The last time I did it was apparently January 2014 (right before Arisia and a month before our wedding), because I ordered two boxes then and still have one left. Maybe I will manage it on Buy Nothing Day, since I'm off work.

I had booked a massage appointment for one of Aria's Sunday mornings at preschool, but then I had to move it out another week, and then I decided to cancel it outright. I really just don't have money in the budget this month, alas. Maybe in January. But it's less urgent than it was -- my arms have been much better lately, either spontaneously or because I now have the shiatsu massager that I can apply as needed, hooray.

I did make a dentist appointment, though! The place I had started going (right near my office) but didn't really like that much, has closed their practice -- which makes an excellent excuse to call up the place in Crown Point that my co-worker recommended as spectacular. They can't see me until late January (my last appointment was June 21 so I couldn't go before late December anyway). But the woman on the phone was super nice, so I'm encouraged.

Date: Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 03:28 am (UTC)
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Granted, my back takes a beating from the work I do, but at the same time, I can attest that time and treasure spent maintaining it pays back in spades. I keep my chiropractor on speed dial for just that reason.

Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 07:19 pm (UTC)
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I love to hear these slice-of-life entries!

Does your massage place take spafinder gift cards? If so, maybe you will get one for Hanukkah...just saying...

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