Friday, March 22nd, 2013 02:13 pm
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Goals for Pesach vacation:

  1. recover from today's minor periodontal surgery (on which more later)
  2. submit complete revised final book files (text & cover) for press
  3. finish (if not actually order printing of) L&E's ketubah
  4. do enough shopping and cooking to keep us thoroughly fed on vegetables and animal proteins
  5. take [ profile] justom to 1st-night seder
  6. tie up a bunch of pending travel details for Hawaii trip with Mom (suddenly just a month away now!)
  7. update my personal website
  8. do my project for Skillshare's Teach Yourself to Code: One Month Rails
  9. have [ profile] jessruth over for a day of serious closet purge
  10. go over to [ profile] jessruth's for an organizational day in exchange
  11. review my final book proofs (text & cover) and ship jacket files to new bindery
  12. see [ profile] la_vie_en_rosie & R when they are in town Wed/Thu
  13. if possible, have next date with ZZ :-)
  14. visit Boston next weekend (though it may be shorter than I originally thought, due to all the above)

Chag kasher v'sameach!
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[ profile] lyonesse and [ profile] bluepapercup were doing an #upgoer5 meme, explaining one's profession using only the "ten hundred" most-used words (inspired by xkcd). So I did too.

"I work for a school, putting things that parents and teachers need to know up on the computer so they can find it out. I also take pictures and moving pictures to show parents what fun things their kids do in school, or sometimes I write about things that are going on in the school. Then I share those stories and pictures on the computer, such as on the Face Book. And sometimes I help make pretty paper things that we send out to the houses of parents and friends of the school, so that they will like us and send us money."
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Had a really nice Boston trip to [ profile] justom's family Christmas, and also managed to see two shows AND get in a lot of excellent social time with excellent people (even though I had to miss Staxmas to get my return bus the evening of the 25th, in order to be at work today). We were holed up on the South Shore with the family from Sunday night to Tuesday. [ profile] justom's little nieces are 3.5 now, and we had a great (if slightly raucous) time, especially once they figured out they could get us to give them piggyback rides all over the house ;-)

And then there was the art project I made for [ profile] justom's present, which I felt was awesome enough that I finally inaugurated my "professional blog" with a post about it. Go see!
Art Gift Project: The First Folio Panels

See also Pinterest:
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I need (in my workplace capacity) an ASP programmer to help me think through and build a couple of webform/transaction pages. Gentle readers, can you refer me to someone with clue in this area? We'd ideally want them to be NYC-local so they could come in to discuss the project in person, but if it's a friend-of-a-friend, I could deal with them remotely.

Craigslist ad with details:

ASP.NET developer (short-term to possible long-term) (Upper East Side)

UES private school seeks ASP.NET developer (C# preferred but VB also OK) for custom web application and possible database integration.

Part-time, contract basis. We have a specific short-term project need (probably 10-15 hours over the next 6-8 weeks) but will have more over the coming year, so are looking for someone with whom we can build a freelance relationship. We will want to meet with you in person to review the project scope and specs before moving forward, but most of the work may be done remotely.

Please email resume, cover letter indicating position of interest, links to 2-3 sample projects if available, and desired hourly rate.

(I wrote the ad, so if it sounds glaringly dumb and like I have no idea what I'm actually talking about, so be it. Just help me. ;-)
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10. Last day of work before Passover vacation = veritable ghost town and leaving promptly at 5:30pm
9. Ordered flowers for my mom, to be delivered tomorrow to the rehab center (where she's recuperating from hip replacement surgery, you morons)
8. Picked up library books (one on reserve, a few more at random) for vacation
7. Obtained (with discount coupon from [ profile] jessruth, huzzah) three nice bottles of wine to take to two seders
6. Picked up the belated Chanukah gift my brother sent me, and it's a PONY WITH FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS FOR EYES -- WiFi, 32GB, and complete with very Erica-colored lime green Smart Cover. Wow.
5. Reading Little Women, which I haven't read in years and am finding very nourishing
4. Taxes are successfully filed both for Honorable Menschen and for myself
3. Refunds total right around $2000 (yay being unemployed for two months?), which makes me feel better about paying for TurboTax
2. I have all day tomorrow to tackle laundry and grocery shopping -- and eat chametz and kitniyot at my leisure
1. I have decided to adopt an even less onerous de-chametzing process than usual, simply assigning all chametz (overt and residual) to the non-Jewish half of the household.
0. Speaking of whom, [ profile] justom was home by 9pm! Hooray!


Monday, February 6th, 2012 07:43 am
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I've been wanting for days and days to write some stuff about what's happening on my interior landscape, but have been too busy churning out actual work (made some updates to my website, though, alongside working on the big book project). So, in lieu of content, you get some of the interesting things that have come up in the past several weeks.

Design & typography

Beautiful and colorful, both from This Is Colossal:
The Chromatic Typewriter:
A Massive Black Field of Cut Steel Plants Hides a Colorful Secret:

The Met has a new section on their (recently overhauled) website called "Connections", a long series of thematic presentations with voiceovers by various Museum personnel and specialists. It's really nice.

Of historical interest, courtesy of [ profile] c1: a film about Linotype (click to read about/see the trailer if you don't know what that is) that premiered in NYC this past weekend:

"How to Build a Newsroom Time Machine": Typesetting and layout the old-fashioned way, or, what "on the pasteboard" really means (probably also courtesy of [ profile] c1, though it's been so long I forget!):


Gotham Writer's Workshop offers FREE writing classes! (well, one-hour workshops, but it could be fun):

An old one from Neil Gaiman about how to get published and/or how to get an agent:


Scaling back consumption in service of happiness:
See also:

(srsly, read only the ones that you find interesting! Skip the rest!)


Unbelievably beautiful:


Not really so insightful, but several people pointed me at it:


Scotch tastings in NYC:

Star Wars

I forget who pointed me at this, but I am totally loving it (and I'm on about page 52 of 600+ and counting -- they just got up to Episode IV last month).
Darths & Droids is an "RPG screencap comic" that re-envisions Star Wars: Episode I (The Saga Begins) as a roleplaying campaign. Apparently inspired by DM of the Rings, but funnier in terms of making sense of the weaknesses of the source material.

This reminds me that I also wanted to post this link when it first came to my attention several months ago:
Secret History of Star Wars: A Tribute to Marcia Lucas


Jewish Sacred Theatre – Its Components and Its Means:

A handy nuts-and-bolts link on kashering your kitchen:

Geeking out

Monday, January 30th, 2012 10:23 pm
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Sometimes I think I should really just take up programming. I apparently have a much neater sense of code than plenty of the geeks I know.

Earlier this month I had to take an ASP script and re-write it by hand to be a different script. Gah.

Then I took a ColdFusion page and moved all the bits around to be a completely different page. Cut-and-paste programming my specialty.

Today, for completely unrelated work reasons, I registered myself as an Apple Developer. (No, I haven't in fact developed anything for iOS, whyever do you ask?)

Right now, I'm downloading the Java SE Development Kit by way of the Android SDK so I can fix the memory issues on my phone.

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  • The neighborhood of Chelsea is the epicenter of the global art world.
  • You can print off daily listings of gallery exhibits, events, and openings (this is, I'm sure, a no-brainer, but I'd never been aware of it before).
  • Head-to-toe black (turtleneck, knee-length tiered skirt,tights, motorcycle jacket) plus funky shoes constitutes Artist Drag.
  • "Are you an artist?" is completely a pick-up line.
  • Especially when uttered by guys clasping printouts of gallery listings in their hands.
  • I have crossed a line since moving to NYC where the peak audience for my attractiveness is men aged 45-55. Weird, but observable.

    Oh yeah, and I also learned some new stuff about the behavior of flat surfaces (e.g., paper) when folded on curved creases.

    Plus some things I already knew:
  • Math is cool.
  • The Demaines (père et fils) do incredibly intriguing work.
  • Geeks are reliably the most interesting people in the room to talk to.
  • [ profile] gremionis has cool friends, even if he never has any time to hang out with them. ;-)

    I took some pictures, too; will try to post them later this weekend.
  • Marie's Crisis

    Saturday, December 31st, 2011 11:53 am
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    Last night my friend Sam took me to Marie's Crisis Cafe, which is this singalong piano bar in the West Village. Just a dark, crowded basement with a piano in it and a guy playing show tunes. For six hours at a stretch. Mostly from memory. (He's like the Mike Bromberg of Broadway, only less surly.)

    ...With people packed six deep around said piano, singing at the gleeful top of their lungs. Not karaoke style; there were a few times the room hushed down for soloists (mostly the staff), but in general it's a free-for-all. Here's a NYT feature that gives you a little more of the feel of it (warning: autoplay sound).

    Stupid me somehow didn't expect it to be standing-room only (I didn't understand why they enforced coat-check of all bulky coats and large bags, until I got downstairs and saw it). So after 3 hours, lurching up the stairs to the coat check with absolutely no voice left, I felt like I'd been beaten with a stick. But in a good way.

    The thing about it was that, like playing Encore, it is only really fun for people who possess a large mental library of songs they can belt out at a moment's notice. (The same could be said of something like skiing; there's a distinct skill base you have to have under your belt first, in order to grasp the joy of the full experience.) Happily, however, this is a skill set I have well in hand. There were a few times when I wished I could quickly conjure up lyrics on my smartphone (left, alas, upstairs in the coat check), and a few songs I'd never even heard before; in general it definitely revealed some gaps in my musical theater knowledge. But I proudly held my own more than half the time.

    And this brought to mind an insight I had a few years ago, about my habit of listening to songs or soundtrack albums over and over again until I've committed them to memory. (I particularly indulge in this tendency when alone in the car -- commuting was great for this purpose -- and conversely feel guilty when I happen to have passengers and blithely forget to change the CD once it starts over.) What I realized is this: I'm a vocalist. When I listen to a four-minute song 30 times in a row on a 2-hour car trip, it's not perseveration. It's practice. I'm internalizing them.

    Which is what lets me show up and go tune-for-tune with a raucous basement full of gay men semi-professional singers in New York City late on a Friday night. And love every minute. <3

    Oh, and in case I don't get to it later: Happy New Year, everyone!
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    Shabbat shalom from Dreamwidth, y'all.

    Oh, and because I have only pimped it on Facebook and Google+ so far, see my chief creative accomplishment of this week:

    video behind cut, because I am tired of waiting for it to load every time I view my journal page, and I bet you are too! )

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