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I did something novel today: work from home!

I had a book I had to work on that was in Quark 3.32 for PC, and it had to stay there because it depended on a certain proprietary XTension that would only work in same. Needless to say, nowhere at MITP does there exist such a platform... but in my Luddite household, that's what I've still got installed, naturally. So I took the files home, did the formatting changes I had to do, and made PDFs of all the files (two separate versions of each chapter).

Of course, then I had to sneakernet them back to the office so I can print them out. So I'm back here. :-)

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Monday mishmash

Monday, July 19th, 2004 05:19 pm
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Weekend in nanoreview: shul, impromptu dinner, party flyby, not enough sleep, shul, rehearsal, T@F again, dinner date, extra-swell party, almost enough sleep, shul, rehearsal, rehearsal, impromptu semi-party, not enough sleep, but well worth it.

Brandeis folks: [ profile] mattblum is here! Arisia folks: [ profile] c1 is here! (Would it be passive-aggressive to add the latter to the filter of... yeah, yeah it would. Never mind.)

Special fun bonus Cambridge goings-on in the next two weeks, perhaps to make it up to us for the pain of the DNC:

Date with [ profile] xiphias on Tuesday. Date with KB on Wednesday. I shall attempt to make a date with someone plans with some-many to see Much Ado perhaps Saturday Sunday night. (Er, and do all my freelance/volunteer layout projects sometime between now and then.) Life is good.

Tickets for Chicago/IN have been booked: Aug 7-12, yay. Also, yay for more button orders!

Lion: We open a week from Friday, and close a week from Saturday. (Fortunately, [ profile] hauntmeister will be videographing, for the benefit of all of you who have to miss it.) Important notes: Curtain is at 6:30pm for both shows. There will be no advance ticket reservations; at the door only. $8; it's here (the place will make a lovely Chinon, I must say). Andrea says it's a large enough space that we need not worry about selling out. Still, come by 6 to get your tix. Also, have begun plotting a party for after the Saturday show; you may all expect to be invited, but watch this space for details. ;-)

Full dress run tonight, in costume. It seems masochistic to say this, but I find at the end of a full run-through that I then want to run the whole thing immediately again so as to correct what went suboptimally on the first pass. And so we will. But not tonight.

But first, off to bleed for jweiss ARCTAN. :-)

My Life in 15 Minutes

Tuesday, July 6th, 2004 11:20 pm
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Inspired by [ profile] dragonfriek via [ profile] m15m. Because, really, what did I have to do tonight that was better than this? (Okay, and make buttons for [ profile] invisible__girl and [ profile] dphilli1, but I did that first.)

It's a damn good thing all my co-stars are so fucking cute. )

Edit: I'm still making revisions here and there, so read it again the next time you come back. :-)

Back at work

Monday, June 28th, 2004 10:48 am
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Happy birthday, jweiss!

Only 200 e-mail messages to sift through at work. Of course, 30 of those were spam (the spam that *didn't* get pre-filtered out), so even easier.

Things I learned at Saturday night's most fabulous and life-affirming party:
(1) Apparently, and despite all campaigning and common sense, I am still not entirely over [deleted]. Dammit, dammit, sonofabitch.
(2) But I have wonderful and supportive friends, old and new. (This is not a news flash, but still noteworthy.)
(3) There are other, less destructive crushes that still persist 12 years later.
(4) The [ profile] roozle-[ profile] sunspiral estate numbers among its marvels a Room of Requirement. (Bet you didn't know that, eh, guys?)

Things I learned yesterday from [ profile] eesti:
(1) Divan, chemodan, sakvoyazh, Kartina, korzina, kartonka...
(2) Russian lessons before bed do not promote restful sleep.

Quick lunchtime update

Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 02:22 pm
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1776: I enjoyed it, not having any previous benchmark :-) notwithstanding somewhat low energy overall and a Thomas Jefferson who looked remarkably like [ profile] mrmorse in profile. Evan was spectacular. Sunday in the Park with George: The performances were technically excellent, but maybe lacking something overall, because the show didn't move me as much as it seems to move other people whose theatrical opinions I respect. Lag B'Omer Raffle: We raised over $5,000 for the shul. Less than we need, but that was a healthy start. Lag B'Omer BBQ: A success. Atlanta: Tickets bought, need hotel reservation. [ profile] msmidge's ketubah nearly finalized! Sacramento: Possibly the fourth week of June. Tickets pending. Chicago: Possibly the first week of July. Boys, assorted: Nothing new to report. Carsten: No, I didn't shoot him, I shot near him. :-) Concert: motzei Shabbat on the 22nd, please come! Shul: Yet another meeting tonight, and another this Sunday morning. *sigh*

My left eye has been hurting since I left the office last night. It's like I have an eyelash in it, except there's no foreign object visible and no amount of rinsing is making it better. I can't have simply scratched it, because the scratchy feeling floats around from side to side the way an eyelash does. Arrgh.

Okay, back to work.
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Though there certainly are people who had particular external reasons for bad experiences, the general impression seems to be that this convention was a strikingly good time.

No, really, this is my SHORT version. )


Tuesday, October 28th, 2003 11:03 pm
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... to steal a subject line from [ profile] drsnark. Better than "Misc.", anyway.

1. My friend Jennifer had her baby on Saturday! It's a girl! Baby naming this coming Shabbat, so I will venture out to Minyan Shalem.

2. Carsten came over for a while last night. I was glad to see him. I think I may have managed to get his mind off Arisia for about five whole minutes. It's unclear, though. :-)

3. Went to Grill 23 tonight for [ profile] ablock's birthday dinner. It was, as we say, Varray Nice. I had a gorgeous beef tenderloin in a port wine reduction. Wow.

4. There was more, I know there was... Oh! The nice lady from the BJFF called me this morning to inquire as to whether I might like any more tickets for The Hebrew Hammer. Why, yes I would, I said, and promptly bought another 15. So this assuages my guilt over pre-reserving a majority of the tickets before my group even got a crack at them :-) Additional (or tentative) folks who are still interested, let me know!

Quote for the week

Tuesday, October 7th, 2003 10:35 am
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From Puzzability's Say What?:
W.H. Auden said, "Geniuses are the luckiest of mortals, because what they must do is the same as what they most want to do."

It was a very decent birthday. Although I was glad I'd gotten all my celebrating in on Saturday, because I wasn't thinking very much about it being my birthday while in synagogue most of Monday :-) As someone said on Saturday night, though, "Lucky you, you get a brand-new soul for your birthday!" And that was kind of a cool way to think about it. New year, clean slate.

speaking of celebrating... )

Postscript: Also, I am now officially down nine pounds in the six weeks since this pair of entries. Without even trying. (I think Yom Tzom Kippur helped cancel out the party indulgence, in more ways than the spiritual.) It feels pretty good, though. I should start walking to and from work more often.
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(which I went to last night with C)

Believe it or not, it was a very pleasant time and 100% psychodrama-free. Right through to the end.
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Suddenly Torcon is here, and everyone's talking about getting on the road for Toronto (or, as it happens, calling me from the road). And now I'm vaguely sad that I'm not among them.

It was my choice, it was the right choice, and I made it for the right reasons. Still. :-)

In that spirit, I just paid my membership for Noreascon 4... and then I syndicated the [ profile] noreascon4 blog to LJ for everyone's convenience. Enjoy! (Though you might want to wait a day to befriend it, if you're going to, so it doesn't take over your friends page with the first 15 retrieved entries...)

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