23 months

Friday, June 30th, 2017 08:03 am
chanaleh: Mama with Aria, age 18 months (aria-18mos)
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I measured Aria at 34" earlier in June. My mom keeps reminding me that projected adult height is twice the height at 24 months; mine was 35" and I turned out almost exactly 5'10", so I'm betting she'll be right about there on both counts. So we'll see what the official doctor recording says next month.

Her verbal skills are developing every day; it's the auditory equivalent of watching a camera lens slowly sharpen focus.
"I did it!"
"I can't reach it!"
"I don't know, Mama!"
"I want it! It's mine!"
(in answer to a question) "...I think so!"
"What's happening?"
"Oh dear! Oh no! What we gonna do??"

Of course, she's learning via mimicry. When she wants to be picked up out of the crib, she puts her arms up and croons "Come here, sweetheart" in exactly the tone I say it to her in the same context. It's a little freaky. ;-)

She can, needless to say, climb right out of her crib now by herself anytime she feels like it. She also opened her own bedroom door a couple times; I got some doorknob covers (the kind that are supposed to be loose enough to make it hard for little hands to get a grip) but they don't fit our knobs correctly, so it's more like putting a big pencil grip on it for her. However, it does make it harder for me to turn so I can only assume it's harder for her as well.

She's suddenly gotten much more sociable in her playing: it's not enough for us to sit nearby, she wants us to come and engage on her level. "Play with me, Dada!" "Mama sit! Sit on the floor!" It's incredibly precious to come home at lunchtime and find Etrace seated at her little table in the living room, with a funny hat perched on his head, having a tea party or helping her build block towers or whatever. He is the best. <3 <3

I put up a sign at my work the middle of last week inquiring for babysitters for occasional evenings/weekends. I would have been happy with someone's teenage kid, but instead I got an inquiry from a woman in the next department over from mine, Amanda. She's maybe in her early 30s and has 2 little kids (girl aged 6 and boy 3.5), but used to be a nanny and would be happy to watch Aria for a few hours here and there, either at our house or theirs (in Crown Point less than 15 minutes away). I took her over there last Sunday afternoon for a quick meet-and-greet, and the 6-year-old took a real shine to her and showed her every toy in the house. I had to tear Aria away after 45 minutes. :-) We're planning to use this resource to go see Wonder Woman this Sunday -- the 11:45am show so we can retrieve her by naptime. A 3.5-hour outing might be ambitious for the first time out, but I feel like she'll be in good hands.

My mom is coming July 22 to spend Aria's birthday week. We don't have a super firm plan of what to do for her actual birthday (Wednesday the 26th) -- last year we just had a sandwich platter and a cake for us and the 3 grandparents in the afternoon. I think I would like to take her over to the county fair to see the animals. But I should call my dad and see what he's up for joining, too. That week's already kind of filling up; I feel like it's practically over before it's even here.
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