Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

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"OMG you must archive 30 GIGS of material off the server TONIGHT or the backup will fail!"

The emergency is especially acute because we had terrible server death today and can't afford for tonight's backup to fail out.

The real point, however, is of course that I am behind on my archiving responsibilities and that's why the server is so bloated in the first place.

Really, I love my job and my workplace, but this does not help assuage my perception that Boss #1 generally thinks I do a crappy job. 'Cause if that's not really what she thinks, she certainly doesn't go out of her way to dispel that perception. :-P

I was planning to do a public update soon, but this wasn't really the context I had in mind.

Better a Tuesday night than a Friday, I suppose.

... OK, next CD is done.
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While I'm here madly zipping and burning files, which entails a lot of "hurry up and wait", I can darn well sit down and write that long-overdue LJ update.

Home: Lurking readers may be surprised to learn that -- after 10 years living alone in the same small apartment -- I moved this month to Union Square, Somerville. I am no longer a Cambridge resident! In fact, it's been quite the year of big changes. Last fall, new job; last winter, new cell phone; this spring, new car; this summer, new apartment! (If you need my new address and/or phone, please send me e-mail.) The unpacking proceeds slowly; we are both already really tired of living amid these huge piles of boxes. Otherwise, though, I'm really liking the new living situation. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Work: Overall still great, despite the fact that I'm here at 10pm. We hired me a subordinate last month, which is a new and terrifying fascinating experience. She's great, though.

Acting: I got cast in the next [livejournal.com profile] theatreatfirst production, a play called The Margaret Ghost. While this is a play almost no one at all has ever heard of, it's a really worthwhile script -- especially if you, like me, have barely heard of Margaret Fuller but spent your formative years totally hooked on Emerson and Hawthorne and other 19th-century New England literary figures. I shall be playing Sophia Peabody Hawthorne, which is interesting because I really hadn't thought of it as a role I should play, going into auditions; and when I read for it (since everyone read whatever parts they were asked to read), I wasn't at all sure my interpretation was what our illustrious director was looking for. ;-) But I guess I did all right! As it's a smaller part, it gives me a distinctly lighter rehearsal schedule over the next 2 months -- plus I get to play opposite [livejournal.com profile] jason237, which will be a treat. And watching [livejournal.com profile] desireearmfeldt develop the title role will also be a treat. Opening night is October 13; mark your calendars now!

And now I am very tired, so after burning one more book to its CD archive, I am going home for dinner and bed. (Boy, am I glad I bought beer yesterday, that's all I have to say.)

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